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I’m so environmentally ahead of the curve.

iPad, Sketch Block, Glaze, ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

Part 2:
After an hour of sketching in the middle of Broadway, Mark consulted with Siri and off we went to a very nice vegan restaurant on Amsterdam and 82nd Street, Peacefood Cafe. I’m not vegan but it was Seriously Yum and if my friend Benedicte had been there I would have bought her a double chocolate cookie and a chocolate-dipped macaroon. After we fought our way out of our winter gear and settled down everyone took out their sketch books, ahem, and iPad.

I demonstrated for Mark a couple of my “techniques” – for Mia I used the vector tool in “fill” mode and drew the negative space and then the details.

For Svetlana I used the same tool (still “fill” mode) but drew her contour and how it was necessary to, without lifting the stylus, go back over the line so the shape would not fill. Both methods result in wonkiness and distortion and make me happy. (Maybe Mia and Svetlana aren’t too happy but….).

When the dishes were cleared away it was time to show the morning sketches to each other. In a few days check this out and you will probably see some of their art posted.

Now it was time to head to the last apartment building on the agenda – Central Park West and 74th Street. We discovered that the bleachers for the Thanksgiving Day Parade were already erected on the park side of the street. Taking advantage of the seating that stretched for about a zillion blocks we each chose alternate sketching subjects since it turned out that the view of the very tall building was not very enticing.

And then it was time to call it a day. Mia and I walked downtown and split up at Columbus Circle. I continued down 8th Avenue, the sun was setting, girls were wearing party dresses, tourists were hogging the sidewalks and shady characters were starting to make their appearance. I’m deep into J.D. Robb’s Lieutenant Dallas books (reading one after another for mucho months) so I pretended I was walking her streets as I made my way around sidewalk blockers, avoided taxis and tried to catch the green light (failed miserably) at each corner.


iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
#1&2 Sketch Club app,
#3 Sketch Block app
ArtRage app just for rough backgrounds (all).

Having coffee and breakfast in the train station and everyone is wearing shoes.
I purposely wore mismatched socks.

Today was iPat Air’s first public city sketching adventure and the not-large purse, never very heavy, felt much lighter.

I had a spectacular day, did zillions of drawings, met new people and walked 4.8 miles through the city. This is just the preamble. I think there will be, probably, two more blog posts wrung out of this day.

iPad; Sketch Block; New Trent Arcadia stylus. (ArtRage just for the rough background)

iPad; Sketch Block , Glaze, Sketch Club , ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

iPad; Sketch Block , Glaze, ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

If I’m going to fool around with my NEW iPad Air it might as well be with fruit.

iPad; Sketch Block , Glaze, ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

Clean shaven, hair neatly trimmed, t-shirt looked fresh. Two pieces of sturdy, nice looking luggage were next to his table and his jacket was draped over the back of the chair. Well, no surprise there since we were in Penn Station. I looked up from my book when activity from his vicinity caught my attention. He held a coffee cup with his right hand and gesticulated energetically with the left as he made various points during the uninhibited argument (discussion?) with himself.

I wanted to sketch him but my desire to eat my egg and cheese sandwich was stronger – until I spotted…..

iPad; Sketch Block app; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

This past Wednesday I met Shirley for the walk up to the Guggenheim. Our destination was to see the Robert Motherwell collages and drawings which didn’t disappoint although a lot of the pieces do look better as photographs in the catalogue. Speaking of the catalogue – there were copies of it on all the seating areas in the galleries – I discovered a lot of interesting information about the materials used (in the 1940’s, 1950’s) and the fading of certain papers. A photo of the artwork was shown next to a digital “fix” of the colors which in a lot of cases they discovered under pieces that were coming unglued or that were protected in portfolios for decades. Fascinating.

Leaving those galleries we dutifully walked up and then down the spiral to check out the More Important Artwork displayed. Bleh. Made no sense to me but it was a nice stroll, exercise even. Before we left the building we spent some time with Kandinsky.

With our priorities in order Shirley and I headed to 3 Guys Diner (there are three of them spread up/down the avenue = 9 guys) on Madison for grilled swiss cheese and tomato sandwiches. Yum. We are totally lunch boring people. Walking down to the Met helped move the sandwiches on their way out of our stomachs. The main goal at the Met was to see “William Kentridge: The Refusal of Time” It is a 30-minute 5-channel video installation that is WONDERFUL and I plan I on sitting still and watching it again every time I return to the Met. Click on the link and read the description and know that what Mr. Kentridge created is beyond description and totally mesmerizing. It was brought to our attention that some of his prints were in another gallery so that’s where we went next. We are big fans.

A new exhibition recently opened, “Silla: Korea’s Golden Kingdom”, and since we discovered, after walking the half mile through the Met’s hallways, that the contemporary Chinese something-or-other wasn’t opening until December, we headed there. We each went our own ways through the galleries but, independently, found ourselves sketching the same small, ancient, earthenware statue.

Suffering from over-exposure to too much good stuff, including grilled cheese, it was time to part ways.

Yay! My car was right where I left it – next to the cemetery and covered with fallen leaves – I bet the tree was laughing at me all day.

iPad; Apps: Sketch Block for drawings and color; Sketch Club for statue text and fooling around with the bus lady; ArtRage for painting the statue with oil paint and seriously farting around with the bus lady background, etc. I don’t even remember what “etc.” consisted of. The statue was really a very ancient gray/faded ochre kind of color that I didn’t even attempt to duplicate.
New Trent Arcadia stylus.

Photo of car: iPod Touch, mailed to the iPad. Glaze app used on it.

Oh boy. I will definitely be experiencing Figure al Fresco withdrawal.

I don’t know if there has been any improvement in my figure drawing.

I have noticed that it has gotten easier to draw and easier to see when body parts are bending in impossible directions.

I’m even, slowly, finally figuring out how to get what I want from the quickie1 and 2 minute poses. I will probably have to re-learn that when things start up again in May.

Man, this has been such a fantastic, happy-making experience.

iPad; Apps: Sketch Club (images 1,2,3), Sketch Block (image 4), ArtRage (for rough background, borders and misc.); New Trent Arcadia stylus.

iPad; Sketch Block app; New Trent Arcadia stylus.