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The organization I work for (one day a week) is conducting a three month challenge – Walk To Paris – and 15,000 employees in teams of ten are taking part in it. It seems they had to put a limit of 15,000. Grand prize is(are?) trips to Paris for each team member. No, we don’t have to all go together. Every team that walks 7,200,000-ish steps will be put in a pool for the drawing, so every team member should walk the minimum of 8,000 steps/day to reach about 720,000-ish steps at the finish. I reached a bit more than 817,000 steps last Saturday when I downloaded my pedometer data onto the challenge site. Phew! I’m keeping up my end of the bargain. I discovered it is psychologically easier to keep track of steps than it is to be adding up miles. Steps aren’t as daunting. I also discovered it is easier to walk in one big erratic circular path then to backtrack or to have to pass the starting point and keep on going. I found that at 6,000 continuous steps I start to seriously flag but if I sit down for 5 minutes I am good to continue. I have seen my self-imposed artificial minimum rise from 9,000 to 13,000 steps and sometimes have to seriously tell myself that 11,000 is fine. Any steps above 15,000 will not download. They are trying to even the field somewhat. You should see us at work – instead of loading up a cart and going to the incubators or refrigerators we all take one item, put it away, get the next item and so on. Back and forth to the ladies room is a couple of hundred steps. I even get out of bed an HOUR EARLY and take a 4500 –  4700 steps(‘s?) walk before work. ME! GETTING UP EARLY! At home, walking around my fireplace wall six times =100 steps. I can get in 300 steps during a TV commercial.

I think I’m getting a bit batty.


Yesterday morning, as I walked to Paris, it felt like I had 20 pound weights wrapped around each leg. It was hot and humid.

I truly felt like I actually WAS walking on the bottom of the Atlantic.



I whipped iPat out of my backpack, snapped her pic.

She didn’t complain.

(first drawing: Painted using transparent markers first and then outlining with pen in Sketch Time app on top of photo which was later discarded.)

(second drawing: Sketch Club app. I looked at the photo and did a contour drawing on a post-it note with a pen. Then, looking out of the corner of my left eye I drew her again in the app and then the rest is history.)



I reached for IPat and….


This is what happens after a day with Gwen and Phil at the Met, drinking a big coffee too late in the day which made me Twitchy and Squirmy and then e-mailing cartoons to such far away places as New Jersey and Toulouse starring Gwen, Phil and Naked Marble guy (a/k/a Rallying Point). Oh what a pest I was for a couple of hours. It was past the bedtime of Benedicte so she, he he, will wake up to ALL of them – blam! – in the morning when I’ll be still safely asleep. p.s.: (full disclosure: I worked on top of photographs (i.e., tracing) using Sketch Time app and then deleted the photos)



An early morning e-mail from Benedicte:  “Ready to take MN to GCT to meet you at TT to jump in BB for VG date at PMOA.”


Chapter 1:



Chapter 2:





Chapter 3:





We spent about/almost two hours with VG.  Nice to spend time with him up close and personal-like even though it meant fighting off the hoards who had the same idea.  
The map of the innards of PMOA was nearly impossible to follow.  It seems like the whole day, everywhere we were we had to ask a man in uniform for directions.  One was memorable and kept our imaginations busy for quite some time.
Boy oh boy were we pleasantly surprised/astounded by the contemporary art wing.  Oh.  A room full of Jasper Johns was only the tip of the iceberg.  It made us forget our sore, throbbing, spending-time-with-VG-feet.  I really wish that wing was on this side of the Hudson (says the greedy art everywhere New Yorker).
We saw an up close original Adolph Gottlieb pictograph.  Ah ha.  Lightbulbs went off in our noggins.  iPat shot off an e-mail to the absent others to brag about our good fortune.  (Next week we are getting together to make our own.)
Both of us fell in love with a Jackson Pollock (I never thought I’d say that), “Male and Female”, 1942-43.
A room of contemporary Mexican art.  
And it just went on and on – each room held more surprises.


Chapter 4:


Time to spare so we spent our un-spent public transportation $8 on a coffee, latte and an oatmeal raisin cookie for me (it only came to $6 but I already spent the other $2 earlier in the day, he he) and lolled at an umbrella table inside the Amtrak station.  At the Police booth two white-haired cops had started their shift.  Oh well.  We had our memories.




Sporadically, on the way home, iPat and iBen played an internet game (Draw Something) with each other. 

BB has nice Wi-Fi.



Only ten minutes late, we parted company and Benedicte headed to GCT and MN while I walked in the other direction to PS and LIRR.  






On Friday we (one corner of the triangle changed into someone else around noon-ish) went gallery hopping in Chelsea.  Exhaustion from the hard pavement, loooonnnggg east/west streets, sun beating down while criss-crossing said streets, up-down elevator rides and a couple of closed galleries was remedied by each of us scarfing down a delish panini (yum).
One of the galleries we stopped in had some paintings by Adolph Gottlieb.  Before we left Benedicte opened one of the books of his pictographs. (careful, two miscellaneous pictures seemed to get into the middle of these images).   Wow!  This was the first time I had seen these.  Right then and there we decided we would have an art day at the end of the month around Shirley’s dining room table – to make Pictographs!  iPads and smart phones were whipped out and calendars marked.  E-mails were sent to absent-with-doctor’s-note-Teri.  
I moved about ten of the Gottlieb images into a special book (Book Creator app) I have in iPat that contains images for inspiration.  By then I was catching on to what a pictograph was.  A sliver of “Ah Ha” was trying to form in my brain.
Today, there was a marathon of Murder She Wrote on TV.  I’ve seen every single episode about 70 times each and it is the perfect background noise – somehow comforting.  I took out iPat (Sketch Club app) and figured I’d try to do a pictograph – maybe I could make the sliver bigger.  I found I was kinda sorta drawing faces, or rather ideas of the faces from the screen and just writing snippets of dialog that caught my attention.
Then, when the drawing was finished, I started fooling with it.  
This is the image I like the best right now:
another bit of change just to demonstrate that I could go on doing this forever (and I was only messing with one layer):
Really, I only prefer the first one because of the text that remained.  By chance it seemed to have a secondary meaning, apart from the television show, and I like those surprises.
The next is the original image which, when the drawing is removed, has a very cool background that I think I am going to try to use tomorrow when I’m out and about (hi Gwen!) in the city again.  
Boy oh Boy – I do love love love iPat.  
In case you didn’t know.
I picked up another drawing app yesterday, Sketch Time, and managed to break my “doing absolutely nothing nada zero stretch of nothingness”.  It is a no-nonsense app with no layers.  There is a pen (brush) and marker tool.  The marker works like the water soluble markers – transparent.  The brush lays down a solid opaque color.  The brush size goes easily from very small to very large.  It is really nice to sketch with, smooth, and one of the nicest apps I’ve used to actually write on (with?).  Probably with.
So, I took out my stylus and opened the app and fooled around to see what’s what with it.  
Remember, I just fooled around so, no judgement, right?  It was late at night.  I’d been up since 5 am.
Still fooling around today with the app, but this time it is a true story (except the buildings which do not exist anywhere in my neighborhood, only in my head).  
Yes, walking to Paris is actually true.
On Friday I’m meeting friends (hi Gwen!) in the city and we are spending part of the day on the High Line.
I got lost there last year.  
One of the friends (hmm.  Shirley?) mentioned bringing a leash.