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I’m resting right now – I needle felted my finger – ouch – using this as an excuse to extend the procrastination.  I’ve come to the realization that, like now, when I know exactly what I want to do next, have settled on the layout/design/format/medium – whatever -, chosen the colors, have everything set up to go go go – I like stretching the process out.  Just as I do when I’m reaching the end of a good book or are reading a beautiful passage – just slooooooow down and savor.  Maybe I don’t procrastinate at all.  Maybe I’m really actually doing something and it just looks like I’m farting around.  This is going to be my story and I?m gonna stick to it.


Ok, back to the farting.

A few weeks ago, before the July get-together of the Journal Study Group I decided to make felted tags to give out.  Now that everyone has her tag I’ll show them off.  



While I was silk screening last week, before cleaning up, I made it a habit of putting down tags and printing on them.  I’ve made these 8 tags into a temporary “book” of sorts.






The monoprint of this same screen made some more nice tags.  This was probably the 4th printing and the base extender was becoming gray from all the colors mixing together but there is still color to be seen.  I gave out these tags yesterday at the monthly gathering of the usual suspects – Shirley, Benedicte, Melly and me (I?) – as we hogged two small tables and four chairs during a busy Manhattan lunch hour.



Everyone seems to enjoy looking at and touching them.   Should I bring them to Create?  What do you think?


I admit it.  I might be a little Tag Slap Happy.

I’m going to Cloth Paper Scissors’ Create in August. ?Loads of workshops resulted in a gigantic list of supplies. ?Much to my surprise I only need five items – one of which is a butter knife – it seems I have the other 672 items already. ?Of course, some of them are in those dust-collecting piles I have here, there and everywhere so I will be rooting through them long before the coolness of October. ?Oh well. ?

I went to my local art store a few hours ago to pick up one of the needed items and heard “art quilter” come out of ?the cashier’s mouth. ?”I’m an art quilter!” I piped up. ?The customer next to me said “I’m an art quilter, too”. ?At least that’s sorta how I remember the conversation. ?What followed was chat, chat, chat while my cashier stood patiently waiting. ?Turns out she knows Melly. ?Turns out she also has a felting machine and gave me some good tips on what can be felted – besides felt, that is. ?Turns out we had a lot of points in common – even Lesley Riley.?

In a previous post I mentioned that I was felting zillions of 5″x5″ squares – getting used to the machine and also using it as an excuse to try, try, try to un-wobble my free motion stitching. ?I now have 25 of these squares and an idea. ?There are only 25 because I went to Connecticut the other week to do some encaustic and since I was totally “artistically” depleted last week I just read mysteries and caught up on magazines. ?But, despite the heat, I’m back in the swing of things and trying a felting idea. ?Here’s a pic of my first two felting squares – the only ones scanned so far – somehow I get hotter scanning and fiddling with the computer so I’ve been avoiding the task.


Originally I was only going to do one for each thumbnail sketch but, since I have trouble with just one (that’s why there are no cookies in the house), I decided to reverse the colors and do a second one.

Why, oh why, do I need a Butter Knife? ?Do I really need one? ?Why?