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Page #7 (with flap) & #8

Page #10

Page #11

The End.

(background: gelli printing; images: stencils, black gesso)

A temporary diversion only but there is a connection.

Do you get it? Huh? Anyone? Any mind readers out there?

ArtRage app, Sensu stylus.

Page 3

Pages 5 & 6. This is the center spread.

(background: gelli printing; images: stencils, black gesso)

Page 1 (inside front cover)

Page 2 and opened flap

(background: gelli printing; images: stencils, black gesso)

Remember back when I was describing the making of “Underground Tales” I mentioned that it all started while Gelli printing with my friends at Shirley’s place? How, after I spread the acrylic paint on the plate, I cleaned off the brayer not on a piece of random paper but on nine different spreads of my Moleskine sketch journal? Helter Skelter. Remember?

The proper printing was taking place on Arches 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper (this is what I found already in my stash) that I had torn down into smaller pieces with the intent to make a book following Teesha Moore’s 16 page journal instructions. I didn’t know if it would be too thick for this first adventure in gelli printing but it seemed to work just fine.

At home (boardonironingboard studio annex of teentytinytable studio) I worked on these pages in tandem with the Moleskine using the same self-made, very old, printing ink encrusted stencils, a brush and black gesso. Each page is 8″x10″ and there are four flaps. I had some text floating around inside the noggin but it just isn’t gelling (he he that just came out by itself) so, for now or forever, this is how they are. It seems that when I hit this kind of wall it is because there is still something I haven’t yet learned (really?) and it will come in good time – or not. The pages will be bound with a five hole pamphlet stitch. Probably. I seem to have come up with a different idea while I was walking yesterday.

Back cover. Front cover.

I was going to say they ARE bound but it seems I can’t even tell a stupid little temporary fib like this to the couple/few people who will actually read this. Sigh.


Yesterday I met Gwen and Phil in Penn Station. We hopped on a few subways (see “Underground Tales” 1-9) and met up with Shirley and Benedicte for brunch at 3 Guys on Madison Avenue. Next stop was the Frick Collection on Fifth and 70th. …time passes as we look at the amazing art…discuss the whys and wherefores of chine collé…ponder Zincograph…take a look at “Jerome The Scholar”…sit in the garden and listen as guard tells us to at least wait until he turns his back before we take pictures of ourselves…wonder why Benedicte never returns from the ladies room…finally find her…

Outside Gwen, Phil and I decide there is enough time before their train so, instead of the subways we hotfoot it down to 34th and Seventh.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

iPat and I survived with nary a scratch. I can’t find the scrape i swore I would find on my right knee or elbow, the bruise that should be on the lateral side (is that redundant?) of my right thigh is nonexistent and the humongous gigantic mountainous bump on the back of my head – my brain boinged and shook like jello against my skull – is apparently invisible. All those New York (and North Carolina) faces looking down at me had nice strong arms to help me and iPat up.

Then we hotfooted it some more.

Full Disclosure:
ArtRage app, Sensu stylus. I traced the outlining of the city scene in Chapter 1 and then got rid of the photo. I wanted to just do a quickie but one thing led to another. I’m happy with the watercolor – I hope I remembered to save the brush settings. I hope.

P.S.: the sign I was photographing right before The Incident is all blurry and useless. Sigh.


ArtRage app, Sensu stylus; a little help from Sketch Club with the circles otherwise I would be pulling my hair out; no reference used – just the inside of my head and my other hand.

Look Ma! No outlines!

ArtRage app, Sensu stylus; referred to photo taken with iPat in very low light. (i wonder if she will recognize this?)

A few weeks ago I attended a docent-led tour given by Shirley’s friend Gail at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Benedicte, Teri, Shirley and I saw some fascinating pieces in the exhibition “Sinister Pop”. This is from the museum’s web site: “Sinister Pop presents an inventive take on the Museum’s rich and diverse holdings of Pop art … this exhibition focuses on Pop’s darker side …”.

Afterwards we went through some additional exhibitions and met back in “American Legends: From Calder to O’Keefe”. I snapped a photo of three women listening to their own docent talk about the paintings in that exhibit while we rested on a bench.

ArtRage app, Sensu stylus; wrong handed drawing while referring to a photo of mine.


And that is The End of the little tale contained within my Moleskine sketch journal.