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On Sunday morning we all met up at The Ferry Building, had coffee and pastry and then split up for about an hour’s worth of sketching. I managed to fill up two journal spreads before we were scheduled to have lunch in a Mexican restaurant (of course I didn’t pay one iota of attention to the name of it) that had a very good and very loud band. This turned out to be a day of many meals. Burp.

At the appointed time we gathered at Alley Cat Books for the reception in the gallery where many of our JKPP portraits were on display. Julia arranged this exhibition, matted, framed and hung the artwork. We were all very impressed at how wonderful everything looked and how large the turnout was. There was much mingling, even I mingled and schmoozed! Jarrett was in a corner demonstrating to and teaching a rapt audience about a few of the art apps he uses on his iPad. There were cookies. Burp.

Philip is always willing to sit still and let anyone and everyone draw his portrait.

After the reception Julia took us on a tour of all the murals in the Mission District. Dinner time came and found us having Chinese food in a restaurant with an Indian name. More burping.

Oh. On the way to the Bart subway we stopped for ice cream. Buurrrppppp.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage

This is still about the official five hour portrait party that took place on Saturday.

Eventually I was so exhausted just the thought of drawing another portrait sent me into paroxysms of terror and I had visions of being carted away in a straight jacket. What happened next was that the “models” struck their poses right in my line of sight – just across the table from me – and I kinda sorta ended up with a zillion quasi portraits of a whole bunch of obviously more energetic artists.

Hi Uma! Remember me?

I’m meeting Kate in a little while. Maybe she won’t see this one until later.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage.

A couple of hours on Saturday morning was spent outdoors in Yerba Buena Gardens where we ate our take-out lunch/brunch and sketched.

Then we all spent five hours in a studio space Julia had arranged. Sketching each other until exhaustion set in. There were even Skype sessions with JKPP members in England and Australia.

Six of us mustered up enough energy to get a pizza and salad dinner at the restaurant next to the hotel and then four of us went for a short, brisk-ish 20 minute walk.

It sure is more difficult drawing portraits of the actual, living, breathing person right in front of you.

We started out in small groups, but, without any plan, everyone drifted into one large group sketching the same model.

Sometimes the room was silent and the concentration über intense.

Mostly, though, there was so much laughing and talking – loads of information and hints shared.

Oksana’s daughter sketched and also sat for a couple of ten minute poses.

Earlier in the day we spotted this Garden Gnome in the Yerba Buena Gardens sitting with his back to a large tree, sketchbook and pen in hand. Now he is perched on a high stool.

Australia. This artist sketched some of us and a few sketched her. Before this we were somewhere in Britain.

Phew. Then I discovered that there was a table filled with all sorts of snacks (thank you Jenny). Even though I was exhausted I managed to pass that table many many times.

I still have more drawings from this day, some will be coming tomorrow and some have to wait until I scan them. Stay tuned.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro, Sketch Club, ArtRage

I got up at 2:00 am, Friday morning, a taxi brought me to the train station and the 4:01am train. At Jamaica I boarded the Airtrain which took me to JFK and the 7:00 am plane to San Francisco. Which is why I had to keep moving moving moving and sketching everywhere all day long. I also have a Moleskine journal with me but those drawings have to wait until I’m home and can scan them.

After I checked into the hotel I walked to the Ferry Building, stopping for lunch along the way.


At 4:00 pm I was back in the hotel lobby to meet up with Julia, the JK OF JKPP, and the other internet friends who were participating, (me too), in an iPad art demonstration and panel discussion at the San Francisco Apple store. It went very well, was a lot of fun, and I am pretty sure I didn’t embarrass myself even though I was pretty close to operating on an empty tank. Yikes. I almost passed out when I realized a microphone was going to be involved.

Kate spoke after me and Chris listened attentively.

Afterwards thirteen of us piled into a neighborhood Indian restaurant for dinner.

The manager of the Apple store chose Kate’s painting as the image to advertise the JKPP event.

And now it is Saturday morning and I think I’m feeling very rested, in a very good mood and I had a brilliant idea. My special gift to you all.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage

I was in the city yesterday. Just eyeball stuff. Afterwards I gave one of the doctors an iPad drawing lesson.

I’m convinced this lady knew exactly what I was doing.

It was raining, drizzling, misting, but it was pleasant to walk all the way to Penn Station.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage

You’ve all seen these before but now they exist matted and framed and will be hanging in a show at the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ Medical School. Opening reception is April 21 at 6:00 and the name of the exhibition is “Celebration Of Visual Art”.

These pieces started with a session of figure drawing one Saturday morning downtown at Spring Street Studio. I did one and two minute sketches in my large gridded notebook using totally inappropriate vine charcoal. Four months later I brought them into the iPad via Camera Roll and played with these Very Bad Quick Sketches using a variety of apps.

If you click on the tag “figure” on my blog you will see the whole series of thirteen figures.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Gridded notebook, vine charcoal, Finngr Pro, ArtRage, iColorama, Glaze and collaged list.

After I finished the first drawing Friday evening I had another go at it from another angle. Did I mention that the bowl of fruit was posing while on the floor?  I was on my way back into the room to pick it up when I decided to delay that for a bit longer.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage

Yesterday was the long awaited Arrival Of Spring and it snowed snowed snowed. I was feeling antsy last evening trying to figure out when to go outside and shovel because today is a work day and I get up very early and did not want to face a big snow job. Instead of drugs I decided to calm down with a bowl of apples.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage

I have a few journal spreads I haven’t shown you all yet. They fell by the wayside but come in handy when I have nothing else. Penn Station people while I was having coffee one day last spring. See the guy on the left? He’s sitting at the window where I usually sit and watch/draw the commuters watching and waiting for their train to appear on the board. The next two spreads – which I will eventually post – will show what I see out of that window. Now, I realize you all have seen what I see already, and I’m sure you haven’t forgotten, but I’ll pretend you have.

Moleskine journal; background Gelli Plate printed with acrylic; Sharpie Ultra Fine pen, Pitt brush pen, Signo Uni-ball (UM-153) white gel pen; and sometimes I add a bit of color with Crayola markers.

I was, who knows why, looking at everything (too, too many things) in the Camera Roll on iPat, found a few pics that begged me to join them together and, voilà, for better or worse, till death or “delete” do them part is this.

The pears are an artifact from a much older drawing – I have no idea which app was used – and I obviously took a photo of the gutter while standing on a NYC street corner. Must have been a heavy tourist area.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
I combined/flipped everything and drew in ArtRage.