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I’ve been procrastinating. A decision needs to be made and I have been procrastinating. This morning I put all the relevant (and some non-relevant) papers, pens, file folders and purple stickies into a big tote and drove to the library. Sometimes this is where I have to go to get things done. It was cool, and since school is out, was quiet. I went there in the belief that the decision was made but after I separated the necessary papers from those that should be tossed or shredded and started reading I found myself confused and upset.


The inside of my head was – well, take a look for yourself:


Later, while finishing my Dunkin’ after lunch I saw that Sketch Club was having a “Fast Compo” (competition) that required the use of a specific pallet of colors – yikes! pink! yucky green! wishy washy blue! red and yellow.


Cleared out my head right away.


Sketch Club’s daily challenge yesterday was “green”. I kinda misread the description and didn’t see the part about small amounts of other colors being permitted. Too bad because when you fool around with a transparent green on top of another green a surprising purple can show up. Who knew.


I was very careful to make sure I had on my Tree Invisibility Eyeglasses as I drew this incredibly realistic rendering of how my surroundings look as I walk around totally concentrating on not tripping on ragged pavements. I also have to make sure, even if I walk sooo fast I’m out of breath, to keep my mouth closed. Bugs.

The refrigerator still works.
So does the microwave, the fan, the TV and the lamp next to the recliner.


The outside temperature dropped 20 degrees after the first fuse-blowing storm.


I’m also ignoring the second thunderstorm.
I’m playing instead.


(sketch club app)



Last Friday Benedicte, Shirley, Teri and I went to The Jewish Museum. Benedicte loves loves loves Vuillard.  Me, I wasn’t so sure but was surprised to end up loving quite a few of the paintings myself.  One in particular really caught my eye.  I kept coming back to it, circling around it, leaning into it.  But I felt shy!  

iPat was calling out to me – was actually NAGGING me – “Copy The Painting Already!!!!”


The usual happened.  Start drawing on iPat and a magnetic force is unleashed and people of all ages and types surround and ask questions.   Without fail.  This time, though, I was surprised by one group in particular.  One by one the previously stoic guards came over again and again to watch and comment and smile.  Every single one of them.  This doesn’t happen in the Met or MoMA.  Even though we had to open our bags and go through a metal detector this museum turned out to be a very friendly place.  (Aside from the time a woman was remonstrated with when she drank some water to get a pill down while standing too close to some art.  “Hey!  You can’t do that in here!”) The woman guard even kept track of where my friends were for me.  

Photographs were permitted so this is the original (brown strip is a shadow – lighting was “difficult”).


(Edouard Vuillard, “Aurelien Lugne-Poe” 1891, oil on paper, laid on panel)

Ahem.  As with all my copying of masterpieces on iPat you will notice how hard it is to tell which is the original and which is the copy.  

(Sketch Time app) 

Since I’ve been Walking To Paris there have been too many trees in my direct line of sight.  This is definitely not Natural.  See!  That insidious word “nature”.  I worry.  Has this walking challenge permanently inserted that word into the deep dark recesses of my brain?  Will my perfectly reasonable sleepy-time dreams of Flying Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease be replaced by (insert grimace here) visions of Flora and Fauna Frolicking Hither and Yon?  

1. Trees and Pick-ups

A couple of Saturdays ago, after work, I had some leftover energy(!) and I actually noticed that it was a magnificent late afternoon.  Instead of going home I headed for the park (steps, steps, gotta get more steps).  I walked around that park listening to NPR and enjoying the breeze.  Back at the car I whipped out iPat and, even though there were a gazillion trees right in front of me, drew some that I pulled out of my head.  I got in the groove.


But Then:  The old (since I’m 22 in my head everybody seems old) guy sitting in the silver Mercedes diagonally to my left gets out of his car and, cigarette in his left hand, saunters over to my open window and proceeds to chat me up.  Compliments my Beautiful Bright Red car.  Compares the virtues of his Mercedes and my Honda.  Smoke must have clogged his brain.  There is no contest, IMHO, if it is between a silver and a Bright Red car.  No Contest.  Then he goes on yakky yakky yakky about this thing and the other thing and all I can think about is that I want to get back to iPat.  We zoom off in a cloud of red dust when the old (he he) dude makes for the men’s room.  Hmm.  Would I have stayed if he was also 22? 

2.  Trees and Depression

The next day I committed myself to six! hours of a live webcast on Depression – needed Continuing Education Credits and this was worth six.  Speaker after speaker covered every facet of depression.  I had to stay alert because five questions per session would flash onto the computer monitor and I had to be sure to answer three in order to prove I was really there and paying attention.  (Just so everyone is impressed with how smart I am I’m not going to mention that they were uber easy questions.)

Before the webcast began I awoke early and went out for a circuitous walk of the neighborhood (steps, steps, need more steps).  Then I settled down in front of (sort of) the laptop with iPat in my lap and took “notes”.


Psst.  Get rid of depression?  Easy: iPat.  Get rid of trees?  I’m stumped.


3.  Trees and Reality

Again, against all odds, I have excess energy, notice the weather is perfect and head off to the park after toiling at the one-day-a-week job (what! no sympathy?) and fill my quota (steps, steps, never too many steps) by walking around the ball fields, past the trapeze people and through the (crossing eyes now) trees in the picnic area.  It was soooo nice out.  I sat in the car with the window down and out came iPat but this time I looked at all the trees off to the distance in front of me, visually cropped off a snippet and Drew Trees From Life.  Ta da!


Well, mostly from life.  The green stuff gets kinda boring after awhile.

4.  Trees and The Future

Promise me.  If any of you – Anybody – spots me on my knees with dirt under my fingernails, holding a trowel and an acorn – please, please, please – either lock me up in The Home or put iPat back in my hands.  

(apps used – 1 & 2: Sketch Time; 3: iPastels)

On the 6 o’clock news it was announced that four Saturdays in August a whole swath of streets will be closed to vehicular traffic in Manhattan. And there will be a zip line!

This is where the HEY! Comes in:


The app used is Ink and probably a super duper sketcher would breeze along with it smiling all the while. I just got annoyed. Maybe all the blood has left my brain and taken up semi-permanent residence in my feet thereby rendering me incapable of catching on.


(free app: iPastels)