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After lunch we all spread out and headed in the direction of Whole Foods (ladies room and free beer samples) and the streets around the canal. It was tough finding shade. The sun seemed to be following the path of all the streets leaving small nooks and crannies of shade. I stood on one small bridge looking toward a turquoise bridge just a block away and sketched the view. A quick sketch and then I had to scurry into some shade down the block to do the painting.

This little oasis of shadow was occupied by a gaggle of sketchers and a plein air oil painter. At one point a woman pushing a stroller with a toddler and infant squeezed in and took refuge for a few moments. The toddler had a notebook and pencil in his hand! All up and down this street and every parallel street were clumps of painters with easels or sketchers huddled on little folding stools in slivers of shade.

At 4:00 everyone converged in Lavender Lake, a really nice neighborhood bar/restaurant. All the shady tables (theme of the day) out back were taken so we stayed inside and had something to drink and nosh on, talked and shared our drawings. And of course, most of us continued to sketch.

I happened to have a piece of charcoal, yes, I did, so I drew Michael in my totally inappropriate notebook. My fingers were black from wiping off his face. Tell me something: I have drawn multi-hundreds of iPad drawings and never once does my palm touch the screen, but, as soon as I pick up a stick of vine charcoal my hand just happily rests on the paper smearing everything. What’s with that?

Just before leaving the bar I did this quickie. Jessica was from the Gowanus Conservancy, a plein air oil painter who stood on the bridge in the sun, uncomplainingly, with her easel and who got us all together for a great day of art making.

And then.  What a lucky person I am.  Susan drove me back to my car again!

Process and Apps Used:
#1,2,5: Pen & Ink, ArtRage
#3,4: Gridded notebook and Pitt Brush Pen (3) and vine charcoal (4), drawings photographed while in the bar using iPad and then imported into ArtRage and painted while sipping my ginger ale.

Another Saturday off found me having breakfast in Penn Station before I walked the long crosstown block to the F train which took me to Brooklyn. Hey! Wasn’t I there last week also? When I was a teenager I was forbidden to go to Brooklyn. The only thing/place forbidden to me in those days.

The NYC Urban Sketchers spent the day with a plein air painters group and volunteers at the Gowanus Canal Conservancy. Things are being cleaned up and the neighborhood is thriving.

Still. Someone joked that if you fall in the canal you will glow in the dark.

After the first two sketches I couldn’t stand the hot sun a minute longer. I found a large patch of shade just on the other side of an old school bus.

I sat on a stone wall and sketched and chatted with the artists already there. I learned about corbels but refrained from drawing any.

Intermission now. We were being treated to free barbecue and I spotted some Dunkin’ donuts. Veggie burger and a donut. Yum. Stay tuned.

Process and Apps Used:
iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
#1&4 – Pen & Ink and ArtRage
#2&3 – Gridded notebook and Pilot V-ball pen, drawings photographed using iPad and then imported into ArtRage for painting
#5 – ArtRage only.

In between poses I sketch the sketchers.

And sometimes, during the long pose, I finish quickly (limited attention span) and look past the model for another sketch.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
#1- Sketji and ArtRage
#2- Finngr Pro and ArtRage

I love love love Figure al Fresco on Wednesday afternoons.

What a gift this program is.

I wish everyone could join me on the bench.

But I’m sure glad they can’t.

There was still time so I quickly drew the pose again, using a different, very limited, unforgiving (no eraser or “undo”) app.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
#1-4: Pen & Ink, ArtRage
#5: Finngr Pro, ArtRage

I walked to Union Square and had plenty of time to sit and sketch before I took the subway down to Battery Park.




Gridded notebook, Pilot V-ball pen (1) and Pitt Brush Pen (2); drawings photographed using iPad and then imported into ArtRage for painting.
iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Photos taken using iPod Touch. Disguises and writing done in Sketch Club for no other reason than it was a quick/no fuss way to do it.

Five of us sat on a curb, partially in a lopsided ditch or gully – I don’t know how to describe where we were sitting but if you go to the link in the “Before Lunch” blog posted a few days ago you will see a photo that clears it up – happily sketching an angel.

And wondering why “.” is carved at the end of the name on this mausoleum.

AND THEN…as if the day hadn’t been magnificent enough…Susan saved me from the dreaded Super Duper Slow R Train and drove me all the way to my car parked at the train station, thereby saving me probably two hours of travel.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Zen Brush and ArtRage .

Greenwood Park is the name of the restaurant a few (many) uphill blocks from Greenwood Cemetery. We had lunch in this beer garden, sitting outside at long tables. I got carded at the gate! Well, he took a second look and told me not to bother. Sigh. It was a happy, bustling place and we all felt that an entire day could be spent here.

Hugh posed for Mark, next to me, so I took advantage of the situation.

They were at the table behind him.

There were so many NYC Urban Sketchers that we had to use two tables. That’s Mia over there sketching someone opposite her.

Doesn’t Sunil look like a Bollywood star?

By the way. I had the BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD (no exaggeration) Veggie burger I have ever ever ever eaten. YUMYUMYUM.

And. If you follow this link and don’t blink at the Exact Right Moment you will catch a glimpse of me.

Some of us walked back to the cemetery and some left. Stay tuned.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used:
#1 – Zen Brush, ArtRage
#4 – Sketji, ArtRage
#2&3 – Gridded notebook and Pilot V-ball pen, drawings photographed using iPad and then imported into ArtRage for painting.

Since I had Saturday off (due to a switch of shifts with someone else) I got on the train early, walked from Penn Station to the R Train, which took its own sweet time getting me to 25th Street in Brooklyn. The destination was Greenwood Cemetery. This blog post will give you more insight about the place than I will, plus, it has the added bonus of a glimpse of me(!).

I found the NYC Urban Sketchers outside the gates sitting or standing and successfully sketching the ornately, intricate facade. As you can see, I adeptly avoided any semblance of intricacy.

Inside the cemetery I spotted some steps to sit on which afforded a view of the rear of a mausoleum.

I walked up to the 1:00 meeting place and, while waiting, I sketched this urn, the view from the convenient bench.

More to come. Stay tuned. You know I like to drag this out.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
#1&4 – Gridded notebook and Pitt Brush Pen, drawings photographed using iPad and then imported into ArtRage .

#2 – Pen & Ink and ArtRage .

#3 – Zen Brush and ArtRage .

The NYC Urban Sketchers wandered around Washington Square Park last Thursday. I didn’t really know what to expect since I had never spent any time here – just passed it on the way to someplace else, I did have a preconceived idea formed many many years ago and was pleasantly surprised.

This poor guy had no customers.

I stood here, under the arch for a long time because as soon as I finished drawing him they took a break, ate something, and then he sang two songs solo before she picked up her instrument again. I used my time fruitfully though. Instead of eating lunch I walked across the street and got an ice cream cone from the Ice Cream Man in the truck. Yum. I saw Shirley with one so I was a copy cat. Then I resumed position under the arch.

Benedicte and I took a walk around and found this snuggling couple watching yet another group of musicians so I took advantage of their oblivion. While I was sketching, a woman from Australia, sat next to me and we discussed apps and I let her try my stylus. She distracted me, in a good way, but, if you squint and turn your head to just the Right Angle, you will be able to see the invisible thread that goes up to the clouds and holds up the end of the bench.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
#1- Sketji and ArtRage
#2&3- Gridded notebook and Pitt Brush Pen (2), pencil & Pilot V-ball 0.5 (3), drawings photographed using iPad and then imported into artrage.
#4- Pen & Ink and ArtRage

Raylie and I took the subway to 69th Street and then walked to The Frick Collection (for after hours free admission and sketching) on 70th and Fifth Avenue. The last time, in July, I sketched the sketchers. This time the “Enamel” gallery was also available to sketch in and it was just where I wanted to be.

Time just flew. Pretty soon I was the only person in this gallery. Security had to keep an eye on me and the dozens of sketchers in the other large gallery. He had to sit in the doorway and keep swiveling around.

I used pencil and then surreptitiously went over the lines with a pen. Shhh. At 7:30 Everyone was thrown out – they let me use the ladies room first.

Yikes! I didn’t sketch one Sketcher and I didn’t take out iPat. But she knew I would need her later on.

Gridded notebook, pencil and then Pilot V Ball 0.5 pen, drawings photographed using iPad and then imported into ArtRage for painting at home.
#1&3 – the colors are accurate-ish.
#2 – I couldn’t photograph the artwork so I hastily wrote some color notes but I did alter things because those notes, in places, confused me.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.