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Benedicte and I started walking toward the Red Light District and, on the way, after reading the menu, we entered Belushi’s. During the meal I noticed a couple at the bar taking pictures of each other and being lovey dovey. While they were conversing and staying relatively still I sketched them. He went downstairs and she passed the time taking multiple selfies in front of various backdrops. She passed our table (the place was pretty empty) and I showed her the sketch. When he returned she brought him over to see it. Both were delighted. Next thing I know he has scooted himself next to me on the bench seat. We discovered they were from Russia. He had his phone out and was explaining and showing me the art of a friend of his. His English was very limited so she soon took his place next to me and explained about the artist a bit clearer. She also told us she was a famous performer in Russia and had been to NYC many times. He took out his phone again, searched, and showed us a video of her performing on a catwalk type of stage before a large audience. They went back to the bar, we finished our meal, took our turns downstairs (we were both independently startled/fooled by the mirror) and, upstairs again, asked for the check.

They had paid our bill!

Stillman and Birn Alpha Series sketchbook
Zebra Fine Brush Pen, Pitt Brush pen, Molotow Acrylic Paint Markers

I innocently attached the portable hard drive to my Mac and waited patiently while it backed up everything. Then, without realizing it I started to clean out my folder labelled “scans”.  This is where all my scanned sketchbook spreads, etc. have ended up living.  There was no need for these to to be there – at the time of scanning I tweak them in Photoshop Elements and move them to a special folder in iPhoto.  I tossed out zillions of things – just leaving a few important things untouched. 


Well, this led me to open a file I created when I bought my new Mac two years ago.  I call it “All My Stuff” and it was so that everything could be moved from the old Mac into the new one without me having to deal with sorting things – all I did was slide everything into this folder.  I went through every item and put everything where it belongs, even the trash.  I think I had the equivalent of 5 or 6 large trash bags by the time I was finished.


I got rid of the folder labelled “Temp Temp Desktop” and the one labelled “Desktop Temporary Files”.  These were the equivalent of the kitchen junk drawer.  Hmm.  I’m going to remember that.  Junk Drawer is a more interesting label.


Now my desktop is squeaky clean and in theory everything is logically (ha!) filed.  


On another topic:


I made five of these Penguin atc’s and two of them are in the Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts issue.




Anyone want to trade with me for the remaining three?



Tomorrow promises, (fingers crossed), to be exciting. No time for any more of that.

This spread was made when I realized my omission.  After all, the title of Van Gogh?s painting included pipe.  I really left it out on purpose just in case someone mistook it for the original.  


This spread was made with the stamp for the Van Gogh atc swap.  My interpretation of his painting except for one difference.


Yes, I know.  

The originals are.


Sorry Rayna.  A brief visit with the birds.

I made this journal spread at the same time as I was doing the atc?s for the ?Bird? swap.  This was super easy since I already had the stamps made – I just had to crop the images to the required size.


At least the birds stay quietly in their place and don’t suddenly appear where they shouldn’t.  
I finished completely the self portrait atc’s (all I have to do is address the envelope and slap on the stamp).  I used – wait for it – fun foam!  Designed it first in PSE – or rather, I picked out a pic of me from iPhoto and then did a line tracing of it, sized it to 2.5 x 3.5 and printed out the drawing, traced it w/pencil on tracing paper and just rubbed it onto the fun foam.   Next the scissors and it worked like a charm.  I printed an old journal page of mine onto some heavy printmaking paper  (printed two sheets) I got eons ago in Woodstock (thanks Kate!), cut it down to 3 strips with room for four atc’s on each, put some color on this background with the Pan Pastels (very quick way to add color) and stamped away.  I messed up one but later on I printed the drawing on some of that cheapo green paper and collaged the face over the mess.  I designed labels for the back and for the first time put the reclinerart url on it with my e-mail address.  

While I was doing all this I also stamped on a journal spread and ended up also collaging some of that green paper.    

I’m having so much fun with this journal business that the kitchen is probably messier than it ever was.  I don’t mean dishes in the sink messiness – nope – I ALWAYS wash my dishes and throw out the garbage and pick up anything I drop .  I’m taking about art stuff – paints, pencils, stamp pads, homemade stamps, paper scraps – everything – what  mess.  But, I’m having fun and I’m happy.

Here are the atc’s that I’m keeping:



Here is a temporary collage using the  atc’s that I’m keeping.  I positioned them on the piece of good paper that I keep below my work and which catches the drips and drabs and on which I check that stamps work and on which excess Pan Pastels collect.  I just scanned this so I would have something digital to play with:



And here is the journal spread.  The jury is out on this still but I tend to like it as it is and am trying not to overwork it.  Basically I like it but perhaps I will go back to it at a future time.


except no paper or cardboard allowed. These are the finished atc’s that I referred to in the yesterday’s post. The labels on the backs are printed on cotton and glued on. Of course I finished them instead of writing the article which I was supposed to do yesterday. Tomorrow it will be done. I’m taking me and the computer out of the house because it seems that I’m distracted by the paints and fabric and sewing machine.