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(referred to a photo because the app was updated and now I can. So happy. Can you tell?)


(Sketch Club app, Pogo Sketch stylus)


(Sketch Club app, finger)

There I was, minding my business, in the throes of the usual Caffeine Induced Digital Frenzy, trying to paint a landscape using oil paint and anything else that caught my fancy (ArtRage app – hmm kinda fitting wouldn’t you say?). What a mess. One of the mountains turned into a lake and I planted some structures on its shoreline – August shelter theme-like. Still a mess so I started playing around and a few hours later I ended up with three paintings. The one below is a combination of today’s landscape and another drawing done on Friday – I exported them both into the Sketch Club app and, ahem, Refined The Chaos. (I will show the other resultant paintings at another time because they are very un-iPat-like in their Air of Serenity. I think of wine labels when I look at them. Or maybe silk chiffon scarves gently waving hither and thither in a gentle breeze.)



A point is reached when you realize your drawing/painting is finished and at 6:30 I was there. As I prepared to head out to the park, before it got too late for me to be wandering around alone, I noticed the “fireworks”.

Phooey.  Forget driving to the park.

My vitreous decided to detach right at that moment.

I drove to get ice cream instead.


(ArtRage and Sketch Club apps; Pogo Sketch stylus)


Shirley and I met up at The Morgan Library and Museum on 36th and Madison yesterday morning. We viewed drawings from Renaissance Venice (how do drawings from the sixteenth century, drawn in red or black CHALK, survive?), “Churchill: The Power of Words” and then went upstairs to see “Josef Albers in America: Painting on Paper” (you all know that this was my cup of tea).

I admit I wasn’t very interested in the Churchill exhibit but a couple of items caught my eye and caused me to linger: the Noble Prize certificate (can’t think of the correct word) was a beautiful piece of art and left me in awe and the prescription from Churchill’s physician prescribing at least a minimal daily “dose” of alcohol after he was struck by an automobile in NYC when he made the British mistake of looking for traffic in the wrong direction. Reminded me of how my head would swivel here there everywhere trying to cross London streets. Exhausting. Tied my brain in knots every time.

Anyway, there was way too much text printed on little cards in glass cases for me to enjoy Churchill so I left the exhibit and sat on a bench in the space between the two galleries. When Shirley joined me I was sketching on iPat (found an unaware subject) so she returned to the first gallery to sketch from a Viennese portrait.


A bit later we went upstairs to see the Albers paintings (studies). Squares. Squares within squares.  Lots of squares painted with pure pigment on blotting paper, some with pencil notations and others with words scraped into the paint. A really nice exhibit.

“Shirley, aren’t you going to sketch?”. “I’ll do it at lunch.”. (maybe she heard my stomach rumble). “But are you going to remember how it looks?  Will you be able to draw it?”.  She actually gave me one of THOSE looks.


Shirley nailed the sketch of the exact Albers work that she had decided on – the red one with the square white line. I took the opportunity to draw her (some artistic license was taken – there really was no errant text in her coiffure) while we waited for our diner food to be served.  

After lunch we headed downtown to Battery Park for the outdoor figure drawing. This model was better than the one last time I was here, except, as our friend Judy said, she seems to want to fly away. Her arms were always here and there and if she wasn’t upside down she was trying to stand on one foot for 5 minute poses and swaying, twisting and turning with the breeze. Sigh. Impossible to draw foreshortened arms and legs all over the place. As in the past I decided to sketch the sketchers opposite me.


I did finally manage to get a somewhat decent drawing of the model but, finding myself surrounded by curious artists with questions about drawing on iPat, and distracted, I LOST LOUISA.


And got bitten by a stinkin’ mosquito!

(Sketch Club app, Pogo Sketch stylus)

As I was eating lunch and taking the first sip of the Dunkin’ I ran out to get (hey! It’s actually cool outside!), I started watching a movie that was on the Syfy channel: “Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant”. A book, as per usual, was open on the Recliner’s arm waiting for commercials. Yes, yes, yes I have a Multi-Purpose, Mucho Talented Recliner that is fully integrated into the daily activities of this household.

But!  The second I swallowed the last of my apple the serenity of the afternoon was disrupted by a TERRIBLY PERSISTENT ITCH.


A few years ago I occasionally used my Mac To create art – Photoshop Elements alone or with ArtRage. I was in love with that program and mesmerized that digital stencils could be made out of my art and both the positive and negative space could be airbrushed, oil painted, watercolored, etc. Digital metallic paint that even actually glittered! So, iPat comes along and among ALL the painting/drawing apps I accumulated was ArtRage. But it was ignored as I tried everything else and became smitten with Sketch Club.

The other evening I did a drawing (in SC) of some vases and flowers and got carried away as I seem to. When I climbed into bed I had the idea to import this drawing into ArtRage and try to “funk” it up. That was the itch I felt this afternoon. Yes, I imported the drawing of the vases and flowers and I remembered what fun it was to slap “oil paint” around with a palette knife and how in digi-world you can paint on top (multiple layers) of this with watercolor, draw with charcoal, scribble with pencil – anything.

The vases and flowers are long gone and I will be able to re-watch the movie some other time because I GOT CARRIED AWAY AGAIN.

(ArtRage app; Pogo Sketch stylus)


I recycled some figures from a previous drawing, added a discarded parking ticket found on a Manhattan street a few months ago, fiddled around with colors and layers, erased things and ignored the hundreds of thunderstorms passing by overhead. Floods and delayed trains made me not regret my decision to stay home.

This is where the guys above are headed:  



Correction:  Animation was done by Eloic Gimenez after a Patricio Villarroel iPhone work and music by Patricio Villarroel and Francois Merville. 


(Sketch Club app, Pogo Sketch stylus)


(Sketch Club app, Pogo Sketch stylus)

I got an e-mail, the subject of which was “Arrived Safely”. The only thing attached was a photo of a large, mist-shrouded body of water.



Unbeknownst to anyone Plan C included a red plastic pail. Oh well.

(Sketch Club app; Pogo Sketch stylus)


(Sketch Club App; Pogo Sketch stylus)