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A.  The Got Nothing Part 

I haven’t been very inspired lately.  There is a collage (created the last day at MoMA Print Studio) that is sitting on my boardonironingboard studio annex waiting for “something”.  I think that is what is blocking me and I have decided that I will declare it Finished, will scan it into the computer later or tomorrow (ha ha The Famous Tomorrow) and banish it to some pile somewhere else.


I don’t remember if I mentioned that a small multi, multi-page book resulted from the MoMa collages.  I need to add a few more pages (yes, I have to scan and print the abovementioned Blocking Me Collage) and then Declare It Finished, Photograph It and Make A Decision.  


Oh boy.  I visualize me as a speeding vortex of productivity as soon as Tomorrow comes.


B.  The Misc. Stuff Part

1.  Spotted a photo of a Picasso painting on Facebook.  This reminded me of a postcard I painted during 2011 using that image as inspiration.  I haven’t shown any of the 40 (!) postcards I made last year (hmm that’s something I could do.). All but 2 have been stamped and mailed.  I LOVE making postcards and sticking them in the mailbox.



My version:


 2.  Cloth Paper Scissors has a new free eBook available which includes a reprint of one of my articles from 2010.



3.  Cloth Paper Scissors has a new digital magazine “Art Journalling Exposed Vol. 1“.  They put out a call for journal pages to be used in their (CPS) submission to The Sketchbook Project and I discovered that my page was included:  



Below is an image of the book.  It was a very clever way to include artwork from many people.



(I received permission to show the images.)


4.  Last week Benedicte and I took a B
olt Bus (WiFi on the bus!) from 34th Street and 8th Avenue and ended up in Philadelphia for Fiber Philly (or whatever the proper name is).  We had a very successful trip two years ago so neither of us researched anything beyond the bus schedule.  When we alighted in Philadelphia and realized neither of us knew which direction to head off in we spent ten minutes rolling on the ground laughing our heads off.  Fortunately, trusty iPat and Benedicte’s cell phone saved the day and we ended up exactly where “planned” – Snyderman Works Galleries.  Oh My.  Totally Blew Us Away. Aside from how Nice they are, the artwork was Breathtakingly Marvelous, Beautiful and All Things Good.  And there was a lot of it.  We were stuffed full of g
orgeous art and our faces cracked from too much smiling.


After that we walked to a zillion other venues (6 miles on my pedometer – I’ll explain some other time), saw more luscious artwork and a few duds and dragged our sore feet to the return bus. 


5.  Yesterday, Benedicte and I (nobody else could make it) boarded a NJ Transit train and went to see some art in New Jersey.  Well.   I probably liked half (if that much) of what I saw.  Really liked maybe 3 or 4 pieces.  The rest was, despite all the intellectual art blah blah on the wall nothing more than “Bleh” to me.  Maybe I’m not smart enough to “get” it.  


Yes yes yes, I’m sure not everyone gets the secret, very deeply buried hidden truths and mysterious messages contained in my cartoons highly skilled digital renderings.  


C.  And In Conclusion
I think it’s too late to scan today.  Maybe Tomorrow will do it for me.

In the middle of Manhattan, of all places.  Smack dab in the center of the Museum of Modern Art’s Sculpture Garden.  Forced Me.  


We were at MoMa specifically to view the Exquisite Corpse exhibition.   (zowie, yowie, wow!)
One thing led to another and a handful of brochures were gathered to use as drawing paper, a motley selection of pens and markers were scrounged out of bags and pockets and chairs were gathered in a tight circle next to a probably important piece of sculpture.  After much hysterical and incoherent arguing strategizing we each drew heads on our individual brochures, folded the paper to obscure the drawing and passed it on to the next artist to draw the trunk.  And so it went – drawing and obscuring. Around and around until the tippy toes were reached and the drawing ended up with the originator.


And then the reveal:

(these two photos were taken by Judy with her iPhone)


MoMA has an area supplied with pencils and papers pre-printed with the heading “I went to MoMA and…” followed by a space in which to write or draw anything at all.  At the bottom is a place to put your name and where you are from.  There is also a simple scanner available for people to use.  These drawings, etc. end up on a website (check out this also) created especially for this purpose.  Judy got us the proper forms and we did another round of our own exquisite corpses (ohhhhh what fun this is), laughed and strategized all over again and then scanned them in.  


These are the ones I started.  They travelled around the circle thusly:  Me (head), Judy, Shirley, Benedicte.


The other four papers were also making the circuit at the same time.  And, no!, we did not get confused.  This was right up our alleys.  


After awhile, that is.







So, I’ve been kinda Ho Hum.  In the throes of ArtArtArtEveryDay Withdrawal.  I can’t even get up the oomph to aerate my brain.  This was expected so I’m not letting it get me down and I think I won’t call it laziness.  This time.  


Anyway, I managed to rouse myself enough to open the front door and, there on the ground right in front of me was a padded envelope of just the right size.  


Yay!!  The new, eagerly anticipated: Gwen Diehn‘s  The Complete Decorated Journal, A Compendium of Journaling Techniques. This book is a compilation of The Decorated Journal and The Decorated Page + Bonus Content.


Guess who makes up some of that Bonus Content?  He He.



(psst. I was given permission to scan and show off these pages.)



Just in case I’m spotted curled up in the recliner with a book propped up in front of my nose, IT IS NOT LAZINESS.  I’m doing research.  



Tomorrow is the last day for Print Studio at MoMA.  We (Benedicte, Shirley, Judy and I, and even Ken) are anticipating Heavy Duty Withdrawal Pains/Pangs/Whatevers next week.  Oh Woe.  Oh Woe.

I had a bit of an Artistic Ah Ha! last week which led to these unexpected ladies showing up.  Going with the flow while it lasts.





And, after all the walking back and forth and back and forth between Penn Station and MoMa I’m still not skinny?  What’s with that?  Could it be the mid-afternoon cookie chomping that is neutralizing the miles?  Oh yeah.  It probably is.  



Yes, I know I’m dragging this out but the MOMA Print Studio, aside from being super-duper, unbelievable fun, is hard.  I’m struggling and having all sorts of Inner and Outer Drama with this collage stuff.  Anything that comes together is totally without any conscious effort on my part.  All of a sudden:  Presto Whammo and the journal shouts “Hey!  It’s Finished.  Relax.”  And I breathe a big sigh of relief.  And so do the people sitting near me.




One of the benefits of attending this is the walking.  It is 1.2 miles one way from Penn Station to MOMA.   After walking both ways and all the other incidental walking entailed in copying, tearing, gluing and thinking I rack up at least 3.5 miles every time I go there – and I’m going there A LOT.  Not getting skinny though.