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An early morning e-mail from Benedicte:  “Ready to take MN to GCT to meet you at TT to jump in BB for VG date at PMOA.”


Chapter 1:



Chapter 2:





Chapter 3:





We spent about/almost two hours with VG.  Nice to spend time with him up close and personal-like even though it meant fighting off the hoards who had the same idea.  
The map of the innards of PMOA was nearly impossible to follow.  It seems like the whole day, everywhere we were we had to ask a man in uniform for directions.  One was memorable and kept our imaginations busy for quite some time.
Boy oh boy were we pleasantly surprised/astounded by the contemporary art wing.  Oh.  A room full of Jasper Johns was only the tip of the iceberg.  It made us forget our sore, throbbing, spending-time-with-VG-feet.  I really wish that wing was on this side of the Hudson (says the greedy art everywhere New Yorker).
We saw an up close original Adolph Gottlieb pictograph.  Ah ha.  Lightbulbs went off in our noggins.  iPat shot off an e-mail to the absent others to brag about our good fortune.  (Next week we are getting together to make our own.)
Both of us fell in love with a Jackson Pollock (I never thought I’d say that), “Male and Female”, 1942-43.
A room of contemporary Mexican art.  
And it just went on and on – each room held more surprises.


Chapter 4:


Time to spare so we spent our un-spent public transportation $8 on a coffee, latte and an oatmeal raisin cookie for me (it only came to $6 but I already spent the other $2 earlier in the day, he he) and lolled at an umbrella table inside the Amtrak station.  At the Police booth two white-haired cops had started their shift.  Oh well.  We had our memories.




Sporadically, on the way home, iPat and iBen played an internet game (Draw Something) with each other. 

BB has nice Wi-Fi.



Only ten minutes late, we parted company and Benedicte headed to GCT and MN while I walked in the other direction to PS and LIRR.  





A.  The Got Nothing Part 

I haven’t been very inspired lately.  There is a collage (created the last day at MoMA Print Studio) that is sitting on my boardonironingboard studio annex waiting for “something”.  I think that is what is blocking me and I have decided that I will declare it Finished, will scan it into the computer later or tomorrow (ha ha The Famous Tomorrow) and banish it to some pile somewhere else.


I don’t remember if I mentioned that a small multi, multi-page book resulted from the MoMa collages.  I need to add a few more pages (yes, I have to scan and print the abovementioned Blocking Me Collage) and then Declare It Finished, Photograph It and Make A Decision.  


Oh boy.  I visualize me as a speeding vortex of productivity as soon as Tomorrow comes.


B.  The Misc. Stuff Part

1.  Spotted a photo of a Picasso painting on Facebook.  This reminded me of a postcard I painted during 2011 using that image as inspiration.  I haven’t shown any of the 40 (!) postcards I made last year (hmm that’s something I could do.). All but 2 have been stamped and mailed.  I LOVE making postcards and sticking them in the mailbox.



My version:


 2.  Cloth Paper Scissors has a new free eBook available which includes a reprint of one of my articles from 2010.



3.  Cloth Paper Scissors has a new digital magazine “Art Journalling Exposed Vol. 1“.  They put out a call for journal pages to be used in their (CPS) submission to The Sketchbook Project and I discovered that my page was included:  



Below is an image of the book.  It was a very clever way to include artwork from many people.



(I received permission to show the images.)


4.  Last week Benedicte and I took a B
olt Bus (WiFi on the bus!) from 34th Street and 8th Avenue and ended up in Philadelphia for Fiber Philly (or whatever the proper name is).  We had a very successful trip two years ago so neither of us researched anything beyond the bus schedule.  When we alighted in Philadelphia and realized neither of us knew which direction to head off in we spent ten minutes rolling on the ground laughing our heads off.  Fortunately, trusty iPat and Benedicte’s cell phone saved the day and we ended up exactly where “planned” – Snyderman Works Galleries.  Oh My.  Totally Blew Us Away. Aside from how Nice they are, the artwork was Breathtakingly Marvelous, Beautiful and All Things Good.  And there was a lot of it.  We were stuffed full of g
orgeous art and our faces cracked from too much smiling.


After that we walked to a zillion other venues (6 miles on my pedometer – I’ll explain some other time), saw more luscious artwork and a few duds and dragged our sore feet to the return bus. 


5.  Yesterday, Benedicte and I (nobody else could make it) boarded a NJ Transit train and went to see some art in New Jersey.  Well.   I probably liked half (if that much) of what I saw.  Really liked maybe 3 or 4 pieces.  The rest was, despite all the intellectual art blah blah on the wall nothing more than “Bleh” to me.  Maybe I’m not smart enough to “get” it.  


Yes yes yes, I’m sure not everyone gets the secret, very deeply buried hidden truths and mysterious messages contained in my cartoons highly skilled digital renderings.  


C.  And In Conclusion
I think it’s too late to scan today.  Maybe Tomorrow will do it for me.