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(Probably too much information but it seems I’m chatty today.)

I’m enjoying partaking in the 30x30directwatercolor2018 June challenge on facebook. It is getting easier using only a brush to paint the picture, or in my case, so far, to copy from a reference photo without an underlying line drawing. I’m using gouache but, as you will see later on, I have inadvertently slipped into another media.

#5 is after Irma Stern: “Portrait Of A Woman Wearing Red Head Scarf”. I finished the painting but it was still in the ugly stage. As soon as I added the lines, as seen in the original art, it came alive.

#6 it is difficult getting the proportions correct, as if I ever really do, but I’m just happy that it’s getting easier to draw with the brush.

#7 So, the other day when I was foolishly direct-painting trees in the park (previously blogged last week-ish), I also foolishly tried to paint a couple sitting at a table too too far away. Awful.
I wondered what would happen if I overpainted another image on top of the awfulness using gouache. In the head, neck and hand the old painting was obscured but still showed through the blouse area. It was an interesting effect but not for this painting so I overpainted the clothing with white acrylic and then gouache which I smeared with my fingers. This is one of my favorite artists and now it hides a secret.

#8 I resorted to the white acrylic simply because I enjoyed it so much in #7. That’s what I told myself at the time. Stay tuned.

30x30directwatercolor2018 (gouache used) #7&8 have some acrylic also. #8 white gel pen.
Referred to reference photo. Lines added after direct Brush painting was finished.

Tiny Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media pad; gouache, acrylic, white gel pen.


I don’t know how long I’ll actually keep it up but these are gouache paintings I did using reference images. I keep an “Inspiration” folder in iPat (Book Creater app) where I store images that might give me ideas. Of course a collection of Diebenkorn art is the first thing spotted when the folder is opened so that’s where I started.

This is a 30x30directwatercolor2018 challenge on facebook. I’m sticking to gouache. Perhaps I’ll eventually get the faces right.

These are tiny 3″ x 5″ paintings, the paper really likes the paint. It is awkward not having a drawn line but I’m trying to take a breath, look at the image and plot how to tackle things with only the brush.

Every single one lingered in a really ugly, awful horrible stage but I’ve learned from years of other things to keep going and maybe I’ll end up surprised.

#30x30directwatercolor2018 (gouache used)
Reference photos were used.
Tiny Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media pad; gouache

I drove to the park. In my tote bag was a set of Pelikan gouache, a brush and a bottle of water. I parked in the shade, kinda balanced everything, realized the trees were farther away than I remembered them to be, bit the bullet and painted in my tiny pad without first drawing.

It was difficult. Exhausting. Then I started another painting. I rarely draw trees, rarely even look at them. I must have been out of my mind.

Drawn from direct observation (with a lot of artistic license) as part of #30x30directwatercolor2018 June facebook challenge. I’m using gouache and we’ll see how many I’ll actually do. I think I’ve used up my tree quota already.

Tiny Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media pad; gouache

I lucked out – a whole crowd of people were present at the same time in the lunchroom.

Stillman and Birn Alpha Series sketchbook
Pilot Parallel Pen, Gouache (added later at home)

One day, a couple of Sundays ago, I joined Simon Leventhal’s Drawing New York MeetUp Group, for a 4-hour gouache workshop taught by illustrator Jenny Kroik. It was a very thorough lesson on the properties and use of the paint, paper and brushes. She discussed drawing quick thumbnails to solidify your design idea before committing it to the good paper. Then everyone started painting. I referred to a photo I snapped in Chelsea of a long line of construction workers on their lunch break and winnowed it down to a few of them and a vertical layout. Time simply flew by. iPat was a little annoyed that her role in this adventure was only as a Displayer of the Inspiration.

Watercolor paper (140 lb, Arches I think), referred to one of my photos, pencil, watercolor brushes, water, gouache, Pitt fine pen.

Ah. Music to my ears. At about 11 am yesterday. I was upstairs peeking out of the window, trying to see if the street had been plowed. Simultaneously I noticed the footprints from the street to my neighbor’s front door and the knock knock knock on my door. Oh No! I ran down the stairs Super Worried the knocker would leave. “Hi. Want us to shovel your driveway and clean off the car?” Phew.

This was a drawing I did in my Moleskin journal almost two years ago. Same guys. Or so I thought. When they were almost finished I went outside to get some fresh air. I showed them this drawing and learned that “and friend” had taken over from Matt and recruited the new guy as his partner.

I blogged this journal spread two years ago because I was so happy.
I’m blogging it again because I’m even happier.

Moleskin journal, pencil, pen, gouache, stamps.

I usually have these items as part of my dinner.    

The only discipline I seem to have.

We e-mail back and forth all the time.  Sometimes we are Deadly Serious (not that often) and sometimes we are Twelve Year Olds (usually).  When we are together there is a lot of laughing and show and tell and we each have something to teach.  During that time we feel light and happy and the heavy dramatic stuff is left behind.


Today I could tell that this particular friend was feeling good which made my walk through the slush and puddles effortless.



Something I keep in a very safe/special place.


Matt’s Phone Number

An exciting episode straight out of my life:  Sunday night I ate the last of the grapes – no more fruit in the house.    I didn?t want to go to Costco on Monday for a lot of silly reasons which I?m to embarrassed to mention so instead I went to the little fruit market when I went out to get coffee and bought three Golden Delicious apples.  I only needed two – one for desert at lunch and one for the same reason at dinner.  But, you know, what happens if I get the munchies in the middle of the night?  I might starve to death so that?s why I brought home three.  


Yes, they are/were very pretty Golden Delicious apples.  And, yes, I did take ?some? artistic license while drawing them.  ?3 Apples? was drawn on Sheer Heaven with Caran d?Ache watercolor pencils and then transferred to the unpainted page with 70% alcohol.  I transferred each apple separately for ease of manageability.  That is exactly how they transferred, I didn?t touch them up at all.  Whether I should have is another issue.  Then acrylic and guache, stamping, Pitt pen and a teensy bit of collage.  By the way, the pencil (not the paint) bled through to the blank Moleskine sketch page behind the images.   That doesn?t matter to me at all.  I?m not concerning myself with things like that with this journaling process.  It will get incorporated or covered up when I get to the affected pages.  I skipped ahead in the book to do this spread because I discovered something when I was doing the next one (which I did first).  Stay tuned.







The drawing in the second spread (done first) was again done on Sheer Heaven but using Caran d?Ache Watersoluble crayons.   Then acrylic paint, guache, stamping and Pitt pen.  The lesson I learned:  the transfer alcohol seeped through the page, which it does, and made the acrylic paint on the previous page gummy and also managed to make the one previous to that also gummy.  This resulted in bits of previous pages sticking to each other which was not nice but not a disaster either.   I stuck wax paper between those pages, they dried and the disruption was very small and fixable.  Next time I have those colors out I?ll tend to them.  Another thing I noticed.  This mini Moleskine Sketch is having a harder time handling the painted pages – It seems to be affecting the binding whereas this doesn?t happen in the larger ones.  I wonder if this is just this particular book or if it is because  it is so small.  Again, I don?t care.  I like this little one a lot and I?m enjoying myself.  If it falls apart, well, that?s what rubber bands are for.