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It was drizzly outside yesterday so I decided to walk round and round the mall, stopped at 2.5 miles, sat in the newly snazzed up food court (I think it is now called Dining something or other), sketched a family while I sipped lemonade, and clocked a final 3.2 miles by the time I reached my car. IPat and my other hand accompanied me to the mall – usually I travel light when walking but yesterday I wanted to combine a few things.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage

This time there were no rules. Still wrong-handed. I used a zillion layers, imported a sales receipt from Stop & Shop, crayon, oil paint, air brush – whatever it took. But I didn’t do any of that until I finished eating the raspberry yogurt parfait. Yum.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: ArtRage

I walked past my jacket that has been hanging on a hook thingy attached to the side of the fireplace for the past six months instead of in the closet which is a couple of feet away, noticed it, and decided this was a subject to draw with the wrong hand. I took it into the den and hung it on the standing fan which I have not put away yet.

I used the same three apps as yesterday but I bent my rules a bit. No razzmatazz or bells and whistles. Just simple things. The Finngr Pro (#1) drawing was so extremely dull that I went back and added more black; in (#2) the Sketch Club drawing I allowed myself to paint on one layer and put the background on a third layer. I was losing patience with trying to get neat edges with my other hand; and (#3) was drawn using Pen & Ink but by then I was getting bored and couldn’t stand the thought of fighting with painting it in that free version of the app, which only has one gray, that I imported it into ArtRage to paint and ended up also using crayons to scribble. The last one is my favorite. I never scribble with my correct hand and maybe I should.

What I discovered: my jacket has more personality than a bowl of apples.

This one seems tired, at that time in middle-age when you seem to be invisible.

This one has an attitude. Maybe even a bit sassy. Flirtatious. Kinda pleased that it has gotten away with hanging out in the kitchen where things are happening.

Despite the scribbles, this one seems more serious, grown up, deserves to be in the closet so it can prepare for the coming chilly autumnal mornings.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro, Sketch Club, Pen & Ink, ArtRage

The other day, Friday, I was comparing some of my after adventure wrong- handed drawings with my pre adventure correct handed drawings and noticed they were very similar (exactly the same??) It crossed my mind that perhaps the app I was using, Finngr Pro, had something to do with it. This particular app is very basic and simple, no bells and whistles, limited palette, no undo or eraser and not very much control while drawing. That being said, I love drawing with it. I can sketch quickly knowing it is impossible, for me, to get fussy. I’ve learned how to overcome the lack of an eraser by painting over it with gray. I pretty much always take the drawing into ArtRage to add color because I really like painting in it and the choice of colors is infinite.

Today, Saturday, I set up a still life (brought the bowl of fruit into another room) and sketched/painted it using three different apps.

Finngr Pro

Sketched and painted in the app.

Sketch Club

In this app the only thing I took advantage of was drawing on one layer and painting on another. I used pen to draw and one brush to paint.

Pen & Ink

I have the free version of this and I generally only do the drawing (allows for very fast sketching and detail) in this app and then add color in ArtRage. This time I drew, painted, which covered up the drawing, has limited color choices, were just a big hassle for me and then redrew the lines. I used pen, pencil and the middle brush.

Conclusion. I don’t know. You judge. I did notice that in all three there wasn’t a problem sketching. Maybe a bit wobbly here or there. I wasn’t able to get the whole still life in the 2nd & 3rd drawings even though it was my intention. When I wasn’t able to in Sketch Club I tried, in Pen & Ink, to be careful but wasn’t able to. In neither case did I erase and start over. I’m a fan of cropping anyway. Redrawing the black lines over the painting was easy in Finngr Pro but not in Pen & Ink. I could not control where my hand was placing the lines.

I took all three into ArtRage where I put them on rough paper and added a black background. The whole experiment took 2 hours and 45 minutes. My correct hand lay quietly in my lap.

I have no idea what would happen with pencil and paper but that’s for another day.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Procreate, Sketch Club, Pen & Ink

Remember? I told you yesterday that I hung out here awhile.


iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage

I took a shopping bag full of books to be returned, stuck iPat in it, went to the library, filled the bag up again and hung out for awhile.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage

I had a 1:00 appointment so decided to have lunch in Panera since it was on the way. I purposely chose the little table next to a threesome – two knitters and one needlepointer – even though they were loudly chatting away – I saw the potential for a wrong-handed sketch. A bunch of men, I overheard them tell someone they were a club, sat around a table not too far away. Panera seems to be a social hotbed on Monday’s.

I assumed that I would be spending a whole lot of time in the orthopedic office simply because I only made the appointment a few days prior and was being squeezed in so I had iPat (free strong wifi signal) and a novel to keep me amused. The receptionist filled in my forms since, at that time, I still had the cast on and my thumb was nowhere to be seen. I took a seat across from a grumpy fat old man filling out forms and his meek appearing trying-to-appease-him wife, whipped out the iPad, started drawing wrong-handed and I was immediately called into the exam room. So much for sketching to pass the time. There was no time.

My thumb finally made an appearance after we got our cock up splint prescription filled and kept busy by reacquainting itself with the fingers.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage
(I seem to be able to print wrong-handed on Finngr Pro but cannot do it on actual paper. Does my brain think it is still drawing?)

Another wrong handed drawing. Looks nothing like me except for iPat clutched tightly in my arm but I’m proud that at least it looks like a person.

This was drawn on Sunday. On Monday the orthopedic doctor removed the cast, told me there was no fracture, probably a sprain, said to move the hand around once in awhile (exercise) and gave me a cock up (yes, that’s what it said on the prescription) splint which prevents the wrist from bending much and come back in two weeks. ┬áThe thumb is back from vacation and getting reacquainted with the fingers and I can actually write again.

Except for two drawings done yesterday I guess this particular adventure is finished.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Sketch Club

Here’s the story.

(I apologize to my friends who already received this in an email but I couldn’t stand the idea of typing it or another version with one finger.)

After my eyeball appointment on Thursday I fell on 57th Street & Park, in the street. and landed on my face -right side cheekbone, scraped the right elbow and knee and somehow also hurt my left (dominant) hand. Many people rushed to my aid. Just tripped, no drama. I was able to walk to the subway to the LIRR because I didn’t want to stay in the city. Something was wrong with the hand but I couldn’t tell if I broke anything. My face started swelling up. When I got home I looked at myself and saw a very colorful swollen black eye (the Eyeball eye side) and hand was hurting and not working properly. I went to an ER by taxi because my eyes were too dilated from my eye appointment earlier and I couldn’t see to drive in the dark and I couldn’t hold onto the steering wheel either.

I was in ER all night because it was unusually busy. It was an unexpectedly pleasant almost 11 hours because everyone else was easygoing and no troublemakers or whiners. Time actually went fast. A great variety of people. I was in the middle of a bunch of Spanish speaking women who automatically saved my seat, led me to food, zipped up my purse, connected my iPod to the charger because my hand refused to do it. For some reason I was wide awake. The only unpleasant aspect was the air conditioning – my teeth were chattering and my body was shaking with chills for hours.

I can draw with my non-dominant hand so that’s something. The lady in the blue blouse in my drawing (see blog post from a few days ago) was energetic, cheerful, helping people – even the one nutcase man who eventually quietly entertained himself with his humongous headphones, iPad with Hulu and suitcase – later she told me she was being admitted – two cardiac bypasses in the past and she had chest pain. I showed her my drawing -was thrilled by the whole idea of it – I emailed it to her right there. (the lady in pinky/purple was another one who spent more hours than me there – r/o appendicitis – but energetic, sociable, helpful. ) She got a bed in ER after 5 hrs in waiting room chair and 1 more hour in an inner ER waiting room chair where I spent 3 hrs.

X-Ray of hand, wrist, arm shows no fracture but I was given a cast and have an orthopedic follow up appointment Monday (later today). The fingers move but can’t do anything because the thumb is in the cast and there is pain. Might be sprain or torn something or other. My head is ok. Had Cat Scan but my face is getting even mort colorful.

All in all I was up from 6am Thursday until I got home Friday morning at 9am (train station is right by ER so I took it to my stop and then taxi) and I only was sleepy while waiting for the train on a bench and fell asleep a few times to be woken by my body jerking. Embarrassing. Old lady with black eye, cast on arm and hospital band. I asked the woman waiting next to me with a suitcase if she had scissors. She did and cut the band off. What would Dunkin’ think if I had to bring scissors when I get my coffee so I could be freed of the band?

That’s the story. Fini. Well, we’ll see.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

Apps Used: Sketch Club

I arrived at the appointment early and took a seat in the first waiting area while they retrieved my chart. It was late in the day and as a result crowded, but I expected this would be the case and took advantage of the extra sketching time since I was such a total failure earlier trying to copy Picasso at MOMA and had to get back my mojo.

I was directed to the next area where we wait to be called by a technician to have our histories checked, update changes, eyeball pressure is checked and dilation drops are administered. This waiting area can be a bit tricky to sketch in since the “victims” are closer, but, hey, maybe they can’t see me.

The larger waiting area is where we wait for complete dilation, scans and finally the examination/treatment room with the doctor, assistants, lots of drops and then ZAP. In my egocentric view I assumed everyone else was a fellow zappee. From casual conversations in the ladies room, elevator, waiting room I have come to learn there is a wide range of problems being treated there.

My appointment went well, I was cheerful, sociable and best of all sketched. I stood outside the building for about 15 minutes chatting with a gentleman who was making the waiting room musical chairs circuit with me. We walked to 57th street, said goodbye and I decided I was feeling so good, upbeat, energetic, that I would walk to Penn Station instead of taking the subway.

And then I tripped. Ow. Cars honked.

Tomorrow, be patient.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage