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Fortunately I was crossing with the light this time.

Yes!!!  We did it again.  Fun Foam fragments sticking to the table, falling on the floor, flying through the air.


A quote from one of the participants:  “It was great fun. Shirley got carried away with foul language, Benedicte drank too much coffee and began singing in French, Pat had a frenzy and couldn’t contain herself, and Teri gave lessons on walking. “


The Plan:
It began with an innocent visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  They were having a preview of The New Galleries for The Art of the Arab Lands, etc, etc. etc.  One piece, a woman with a stringed instrument, seemed to simultaneously “resonate” with all of us.  We made a decision, agreed on a date and Went For It last Wednesday.


Uh Oh:

But:  I seem to have gotten carried away the weekend before because I kept finding images (one from the Rubin Museum) that I liked and a FF Frenzy consumed me for two days.


The resultant journal pages:




And, I can’t resist making tags for everyone:



The Inspiration: 




The Confession
The first painting, while we all stood gazing at it in one of the Met’s glorious, re
nowned, hallowed galleries, brought visions of Fun Foam dancing through our heads.