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It started with a doodle. A doodle of a vase and a fat flower. I really don’t know what happened next. It seemed to snowball and kept me occupied all day. First one

then another

and one more shows up.

FYI: process info for those interested.
Backgrounds are journal spreads on which the acrylic covered brayer was cleaned of excess paint after gelli monoprinting other things. One has been stamped with a bottle lid and paint. I casually photographed them with the iPad. All three took a trip through an app called Glaze which is free and kind of amazing. (If 3 people ask I will show what happened to a view down Madison Avenue from 36th Street after I “treated” it to a trip through Glaze. It was really cool. But ya gotta ask.)
The backgrounds were moved into the photo gallery from Glaze and then imported into ArtRage. Sounds onerous but it was less than five minutes work to make these backgrounds (not counting the playing around with Glaze and the “wow” and “how freakin’ cool is this” conversation I had with myself.

Everything after that took hours and I really don’t know what got into me. I don’t apologize. And I don’t know if it is out of my system yet. Just FYI.

Then I went to Ikea and had frozen yogurt.

(ArtRage app, Glaze app, Sensu stylus.)

I used these paints – cheapo craft acrylic from Michaels – a few days ago to see what kind of results I would get mono-printing on fabric with the Gel Printing Plate.

In a box were some hand dyed cottons that have been hanging around for years. You know, waiting for some grand project to materialize in my noggin’. “Hey!”, I chided myself, “knock it off already. Use them NOW!”. So I tore a gelli-sized slice out of each pastel-ish color (about ten of them) and one black and proceeded to print at least twice on each piece. This week I will add another layer with hand carved eraser stamps.

I ended up with The Good, The Bad and The UGLY.

Next step, hope the Grand Project Idea and Oomph both occur at the same hour of the same day.

psst. The Volatile Circuitous Lady tamed Angry Tree on Friday. I laughed out loud when I spotted all the trimmings on the sidewalk. Ha!

ArtRage app, Sensu stylus.

There is a spread in my Moleskine on which I cleaned off my brayer of excess acrylic paint and used a couple of small bottle caps as stamps while gelli printing the other week. There was a photo of it living in iPat so I thought I would see if it would make a good background for a digital drawing. A quickie drawing. Ha. Though I shouldn’t complain since I’m only an hour behind my make believe self-imposed schedule. I took advantage of the cropping feature in the photo library (gallery? Whatever it’s called. Eludes me right now.) a few times and imported, resized, flipped.

Ipat is always so much fun to hang around with.

ArtRage app, Sensu stylus.

Originally this drawing was intended for the iPad Painters facebook group’s weekly challenge topic of “abstraction”. It started out with my attempt to abstract a painting of an imaginary vase and four flowers (ha!). It quickly morphed into a face which kept morphing morphing morphing as the caffeine level in my noggin’ spiked. It looked like this one but was Very Colorful. This was on Saturday.

On Monday, realizing I didn’t quite like it I fiddled some more until the version below appeared. Ok, I like this one.

I took a walk and a “what if I do this and that” thought occupied me and when I arrived home, using the same image, came up with this one from a few days ago which perhaps reflected that I might have been paying attention (= absorbing something) when I was at the Surrealist exhibition. So I put that on the blog.

Then I decided not to show this since it is the same but different and “ho-hum” everyone would mutter. Phooey on that. It was meant for today and maybe it will be interesting to some that you can fiddle and tweak the same image zillions of ways and that it can all begin with a totally unrelated drawing and intention.

Then again, maybe I’m just showing it because I want to see whether facebook is still not playing nice with WordPress and insists that I might be spam.

p.s. I just this second got a response from WordPress that they are aware of the facebook problem (well, yeah, I put it on the forum yesterday morning and four or five other blogs also got on the thread). I don’t think it is fixed yet. Facebook is making me type capcha letters for myself. Sigh.
SO, YOU ALL KNOW I’M NOT SPAM, RIGHT? Most of you don’t think that, right? Some of you? Anyone?

p.p.s Take a look here for another version of the visit to the Morgan Library and Museum last Friday. It is the April 24 post.

ArtRage, Sensu stylus.

Things were going well the other day as I set off for an afternoon walk. My joints felt loose, there was no wind gusting, Volatile Circuitous Lady was absent as I slipped past Angry Tree, caffeine was still surging in my brain and there was an interesting NPR broadcast in my ears. “I’m gonna take the 3 mile route today”, I informed myself.

Almost an hour later, a few blocks from home, I spot a lot of forsythia. Hmm. Last summer this great stretch of bush that serves as a barrier between the pavement and a side yard had long, skinny, here and there branches that reached out over the walkway. I was in the habit of putting my hand in front of my face as protection. I didn’t take it personally. I was just being cautious since the sun was usually in my eyes. So, now, as I walked, I was marveling over how thick with flowers this bush was, happy that I actually recognized them, when, ALL OF A SUDDEN, a branch slides itself In between the first two fingers of my right hand. That’s right. You heard me.

An Angry Tree is one thing. I can work around that.

But a Hand Holding Forsythia is Just Plain Creepy.

(ArtRage app, Sensu stylus)

After viewing the Surrealist Drawings at the Morgan Library and Museum last Friday, Benedicte and I climbed the stairway to the second floor where the “Degas, Miss La La, and the Cirque Fernando” exhibit was.

But first: Shirley had already been up there, sketched and returned to find us still contemplating Exquisite Corpses and farting around with the show catalogue. She stared at us, looked at her watch, our stomachs growled in unison and we scurried up to the exhibition post haste, tout suite, etc.

I saw this lovely lithograph with all these great shapes and iPat and I stopped to paint it. As usual we attracted onlookers and questions and I tried not to be in anyone’s way. I drew and painted quickly limiting myself to only this figure because I swear I could feel the tap tap tapping of Shirley’s foot downstairs.

ArtRage app, Pogo Sketch stylus

On Friday Benedicte, Shirley and I found ourselves in the exhibition “Drawing Surrealism” at the Morgan Library and Museum. I came away with a head full of STUPENDOUS ideas. Well, probably only two, but that’s more than i started with when I got out of bed that morning. What a fantastic exhibit – sorry – it closed yesterday. For a more erudite view see this NY Times review:

Tomorrow I’ll show the drawing I did while at another, totally unrelated exhibit on the 2nd floor. I had planned on including it today but the drawing above took root on top of something I drew yesterday for a weekly challenge (iPad Painters facebook group) slated for Thursday.

I finished the drawing and went out for a long walk – ideas frequently germinate while walking.

I reached the corner where I was attacked by a tree a few weeks ago. I spotted the homeowner and consciously, carefully, fearfully choosing my words told her about the attack. Now, my motive was just to let her know that she had a potentially hazardous condition (in my head the word “lawsuit” was blinking on and off but I knew better than to let it escape) because, although the tree was obviously angry, it failed to do much more than startle me. Sigh. The lady was a Volatile Lady. Sigh. A Lady that liked to take things in a Big Circle whereas I’m a Straight Line kinda person. By the time I tiptoed my way around and through the thicket of that circle we were friends (phew, there were some close calls in that circular jungle), she had a plan and I resumed walking and keeping an eye out for Lurking Skulking Patiently Waiting Nature to make a move.

ArtRage app, Sensu stylus.

A few months ago, around Shirley’s dining room table, I taught my friends this origami book structure.

The cover image is a manipulated photo from a day spent, a few years ago, on Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village, or maybe it is SoHo (???). I don’t really know where one place starts or ends down there. I walked on one side of the street from beginning to end, several blocks, and then crossed to the other side and walked back to the start, snapping zillions, well, a couple of hundred photographs and when I got one shot away from the “finish line” my battery died. The photo is printed on a piece of handmade paper from a paper mill in Connecticut. Some of my trusty black gesso was added.

I arranged a few digital mélanges of journal pages in photoshop elements, printed them onto nice card stock and cut out small (about 1/2″) tags that fit my theme. Lots of them. The tags are attached by perle cotton and, theoretically, could be pulled up into the pages and hidden. This particular book is a bit too delicate to to be pulling the tags up and down though.

The seven pages were constructed out of old monotypes (oil based printing ink, etching press) printed on the same handmade paper which were originally meant for another project even more years ago. I snazzed them up a bit with black and white gesso, red acrylic paint, white gel pen and other marks.

The book can be opened so it forms a complete circle when the front and back covers meet and the ribbons tied to keep it in that position. The photo below shows it almost open all the way. When closed the structure is about 3″x3″x1/2″.

(I used the instructions from an article in “Artitude”, issue #14, Autumn 2004: “Origami Tag Book” by Lenna Andrews Foster. This publication/zine is no longer being published.)

And, here it is (yay!) in the May/June 2013 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors:


I was having a facebook message conversation with a friend. The subject of her running through the streets shouting a version of WTF was seriously considered. Naked was mentioned by one of us. It couldn’t have been me. I’m sure.

Something she spoke of in passing triggered a memory which I mentioned to her but didn’t elaborate on then.

Chapter 1. Feet Up In The Recliner

Chapter 2. Peace and Relaxation are Disturbed

Chapter 3. Hmm. Peculiar.

Chapter 4. Eureka!


My friend had a very close call. Surely she realized that – she’s an intellectual – there are times she makes ME dizzy. This friend has already been my digital muse several times and if I hadn’t been sidetracked, by my nose, who knows what I would have been compelled to draw. And no one would blame me. As always I would have claimed “she made me do it!”.

ArtRage app, Sensu stylus.

ArtRage app, Sensu stylus.