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A lazy late night doodle while watching TV.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Sketchbook Ink

Since you all have been paying attention I will simply say that Gauguin’s carved wooden sculptures are wholly responsible for today’s lunchtime stop-playing-with-your-dishes event.

I was influenced by the lovely drawing I Very Quickly copied/scribbled so that I wouldn’t forget. One sculpture in particular really caused me to come back to it a few times. Looking at it head on it is very beautiful but something else is happening and when you circle it all the other figures appear and seem to be carved out in layers. Almost as if tubes are inserted into larger tubes but it is in actuality a solid cylindrical tree trunk segment. When I saw this drawing I got a fleeting glimmer of Gauguin working out the/an idea even though this drawing is not at all what he carved.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
1= Sketch Club, Finngr Pro, Glaze, ArtRage apps (Sketch Club drawing imported into Finngr Pro where I painted it, Sketch Club drawing and Finngr Pro painting put through Glaze. All 4 images (glazed and unglazed) combined in ArtRage just for the texture.

2= Sketchbook Ink

Part 3

After the BROWNIE (yum) we entered a building on W20th Street between 7th and 6th Avenues, took the elevator to the Third Floor and entered a bright, noisy, Tango Party at Triangulo. There were probably nine sketchers and it was already crowded with dancers when we arrived and got more crowded as time passed.


The fencers from the previous week were as if standing glued to the spot when compared with these dancers.

I couldn’t figure out where their arms and feet were. One second they were still, in position waiting for the music to start, then a slow pivot, and ZOOM – off they ALL went. I thought I could look at one couple, then keep drawing using the next couple to pass by and so on – a composite of body parts. I tried every single app I possessed. I took out paper! And Pen! Nothing.

I had no rhythm. Any sketching rhythm that is. My foot was oblivious to my quandary and happily tap tap tapping.

So I resorted to scribbling.

Next I tried to capture the various head positions of the couples. Sigh. I was wearing myself out. I can’t count the number of times I shut off iPat, put it away, took it out again. Is this an example of Hope Springs Eternal?

Funny thing. They all had interesting faces and shoes.

And during all my angst Mark was here and there happily sketching dozens (you know I exaggerate a lot but this time it is cross-my-heart actual numbers) of zipping along tangoing couples without breaking a sweat or missing a line. I was disgusted.

Afterwards while four of us (a different configuration again but still the constants of Mark and I) were walking back uptown we stopped in an Italian place for beers (them) and a soda (me). Then Jason split off for a subway, some blocks later Denise and I both went down into Penn Station where we headed in different directions and Mark kept walking to 42nd. A long fun day, scribbles notwithstanding, and my car was just where I left it a zillion hours ago.


iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
1,2,3 are composites assembled in Sketch Club of many similar drawings done while watching the tango dancers have a fine time for 3-1/2 hours.
1= Sketch Club
2= Finngr Pro and the small sketches are Sketchbook Ink I think.
3= Sketchbook Ink
4= Finngr Pro

Part 1.

On Saturday, (yesterday), the NYC Urban Sketchers had a Totally Full Day planned. Literally. Mark (responsible for this schedule) and I were the only ones who completed the whole day. For each venue we would gain and lose sketchers. The official day was to be from 9:30 am until 8:00 pm but when you figure in the travel time to get into and out of the city it was, for me, sixteen (16!!!) hours of here, there and everywhere sketching. It was probably the same for Mark. Phew. I was seriously concerned about keeping up but it turned out not to be an issue since it was such a fun and stimulating day.

First stop was Spring Street Studio in Soho. Three hours of figure drawing with a fantastic model that just flew by. I brought a notebook and some vine charcoal for the one and two minute poses and then, a bit self-consciously, took out iPat. This is a Very Serious Figure Drawing (7 days a week, day and night) Studio. I needn’t have been concerned – no one was paying any attention to me except for one or two people who were interested in the iPad.

These are just a few.

I did too many.

A couple of the sketchers catty corner to where I was sitting (right in front of the model – early birds get the good seats).

Mark and I had lunch at Spring Street Natural right on the corner before we headed to the next Sketching Spot.

Stay tuned.

iPad, New Trent Arcadia stylus.
1,2= Sketchbook Ink
3= Sketch Club
4,5= Finngr Pro

Part 2:

And we all (about 13 of us) ended up at Manhattan Fencing.

Everyone kept moving.


The guy covered in black protective gear is the instructor.

The fellow in the tee shirt kept practicing the same moves.

Which was very helpful from my standpoint.

And then his lesson was over.
He sprawled on the floor.


iPad; Sketchbook Ink, Finngr Pro apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
All drawings were completed in the fencing school and just exported to ArtRage for the textured background.


**SketchBook Ink app – newly updated and didn’t annoy me at all – Pogo Sketch stylus.


I have no complaints. Things are good but still, I am Mega Restless. Instead of pinching pennies I’m pinching the gallons in my tank. The scarcity of gasoline is really making my head play all sorts of mind games on me. Really weird.


(Ink, ArtRage apps; Pogo Sketch stylus) (watercolor on stucco!!) (it’s all fun)


Inspired by a photo of an Eizabeth Barton quilt, “City of Garlic and Sapphires”, 2002