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After I did a transfer monotype (seen in a previous post some time ago) using this drawing, I noticed that there was sufficient ink remaining on the copper plate so I decided to keep working on the plate and run it through the press. Well, it printed out just fine, but I hated it. Destined for the garbage heap. One day last week I was using acrylics for a project I’ve been working on and decided to see what would happen if I painted over the oil based printing ink.

I referred to a sketch that had been drawn from life in a small gridded notebook and then colored in my iPAD while on the High Line with NYC Urban Sketchers. Arches printmaking paper.
Acrylic paint

One day, a couple of Sundays ago, I joined Simon Leventhal’s Drawing New York MeetUp Group, for a 4-hour gouache workshop taught by illustrator Jenny Kroik. It was a very thorough lesson on the properties and use of the paint, paper and brushes. She discussed drawing quick thumbnails to solidify your design idea before committing it to the good paper. Then everyone started painting. I referred to a photo I snapped in Chelsea of a long line of construction workers on their lunch break and winnowed it down to a few of them and a vertical layout. Time simply flew by. iPat was a little annoyed that her role in this adventure was only as a Displayer of the Inspiration.

Watercolor paper (140 lb, Arches I think), referred to one of my photos, pencil, watercolor brushes, water, gouache, Pitt fine pen.

I was so intent on drawing while at Europa Cafe that I was almost late. I was supposed to be at MOMA at 1:45 and I was still in the restaurant. The drizzle was heavier now but I had no time to fiddle with my umbrella. I cut through the museum to get to the Education Building and discovered a long line of people waiting to check in. I received my name tag, entered the assigned room, found my seat and was ready for the first of three sessions of MOMA’s Prime Time Art Making Workshops: Exploring Abstract Painting. There were groupings of tables around two still life set ups, paint supplies and paper. For this first session we were to pick a segment of the still life and paint realistically.

They were sitting on the other side of the still life set up. I drew this after I decided I was finished painting.

Thick glops of paint needed drying time.

MOMA has turned out to be the coolest place ever!

#1: iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: ArtRage and Sketch Club
#2: acrylic paint on 300# watercolor paper.

Ah. Music to my ears. At about 11 am yesterday. I was upstairs peeking out of the window, trying to see if the street had been plowed. Simultaneously I noticed the footprints from the street to my neighbor’s front door and the knock knock knock on my door. Oh No! I ran down the stairs Super Worried the knocker would leave. “Hi. Want us to shovel your driveway and clean off the car?” Phew.

This was a drawing I did in my Moleskin journal almost two years ago. Same guys. Or so I thought. When they were almost finished I went outside to get some fresh air. I showed them this drawing and learned that “and friend” had taken over from Matt and recruited the new guy as his partner.

I blogged this journal spread two years ago because I was so happy.
I’m blogging it again because I’m even happier.

Moleskin journal, pencil, pen, gouache, stamps.


(free app: iPastels)

A.  The Got Nothing Part 

I haven’t been very inspired lately.  There is a collage (created the last day at MoMA Print Studio) that is sitting on my boardonironingboard studio annex waiting for “something”.  I think that is what is blocking me and I have decided that I will declare it Finished, will scan it into the computer later or tomorrow (ha ha The Famous Tomorrow) and banish it to some pile somewhere else.


I don’t remember if I mentioned that a small multi, multi-page book resulted from the MoMa collages.  I need to add a few more pages (yes, I have to scan and print the abovementioned Blocking Me Collage) and then Declare It Finished, Photograph It and Make A Decision.  


Oh boy.  I visualize me as a speeding vortex of productivity as soon as Tomorrow comes.


B.  The Misc. Stuff Part

1.  Spotted a photo of a Picasso painting on Facebook.  This reminded me of a postcard I painted during 2011 using that image as inspiration.  I haven’t shown any of the 40 (!) postcards I made last year (hmm that’s something I could do.). All but 2 have been stamped and mailed.  I LOVE making postcards and sticking them in the mailbox.



My version:


 2.  Cloth Paper Scissors has a new free eBook available which includes a reprint of one of my articles from 2010.



3.  Cloth Paper Scissors has a new digital magazine “Art Journalling Exposed Vol. 1“.  They put out a call for journal pages to be used in their (CPS) submission to The Sketchbook Project and I discovered that my page was included:  



Below is an image of the book.  It was a very clever way to include artwork from many people.



(I received permission to show the images.)


4.  Last week Benedicte and I took a B
olt Bus (WiFi on the bus!) from 34th Street and 8th Avenue and ended up in Philadelphia for Fiber Philly (or whatever the proper name is).  We had a very successful trip two years ago so neither of us researched anything beyond the bus schedule.  When we alighted in Philadelphia and realized neither of us knew which direction to head off in we spent ten minutes rolling on the ground laughing our heads off.  Fortunately, trusty iPat and Benedicte’s cell phone saved the day and we ended up exactly where “planned” – Snyderman Works Galleries.  Oh My.  Totally Blew Us Away. Aside from how Nice they are, the artwork was Breathtakingly Marvelous, Beautiful and All Things Good.  And there was a lot of it.  We were stuffed full of g
orgeous art and our faces cracked from too much smiling.


After that we walked to a zillion other venues (6 miles on my pedometer – I’ll explain some other time), saw more luscious artwork and a few duds and dragged our sore feet to the return bus. 


5.  Yesterday, Benedicte and I (nobody else could make it) boarded a NJ Transit train and went to see some art in New Jersey.  Well.   I probably liked half (if that much) of what I saw.  Really liked maybe 3 or 4 pieces.  The rest was, despite all the intellectual art blah blah on the wall nothing more than “Bleh” to me.  Maybe I’m not smart enough to “get” it.  


Yes yes yes, I’m sure not everyone gets the secret, very deeply buried hidden truths and mysterious messages contained in my cartoons highly skilled digital renderings.  


C.  And In Conclusion
I think it’s too late to scan today.  Maybe Tomorrow will do it for me.

The following journal pages are from a visit to the Museum of the City of New York with the Central Park Sketching Meetup Group.  About 49 of us were there sketching from photographs and drawings in the “Kevin Roche: Architecture as Environment” and “Cecil Beaton:  The New York Years” exhibitions.  I had trouble settling down to sketch but Shirley immediately sprawled on the floor and went right to it.  







One non-sketching-group museum visitor was very annoyed with me while I copied the photograph of Greta Garbo and purposely knocked into my elbow.  That just about guaranteed I wasn’t going to move. I guess she didn’t realize that I’m the kind of artist who embraces scribbles resulting from knocked body parts and then will pretend I’m being spontaneous.



Lastly we visited a gallery of furnished rooms behind installed glass: “New York Interiors:  Furnishings for the Empire City”.  It was too dark in there for me so I sketched one of the sketchers sitting below a wonderful stained glass window.



I worked very hard, mustered up energy and took the train into the city Sunday morning.  Destination: Secret Park with the Central Park Sketching MeetUp Group.  I gave myself enough time but didn’t factor in all the subway lines that were having weekend maintenance work done on them.  One line had the local train running on the express tracks and another line had the express train stopping at the local stations.  Plus I won’t mention the fact that the frequency of subways running was decreased.  To be truthful it wasn’t all bad – there was plenty of time to observe the Underground Wildlife.


When I finally arrived at 51st Street and Lexington Avenue I was late and still had to walk three of the long east-west blocks to join the group.  I huffed and puffed towards First Avenue under the now hot sun, and phoned Scott – “I’m coming, wait for me!”.  You see, the entrance to the park was “secret” and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find it.  (I was also convinced I was using up the allotment of
my Hot Summer Day Energy just getting to the meeting spot.)  Phew.  The group of about 30 were waiting for stragglers in the shade of a tall building on the corner and Scott waved to me from across the street. 


The organizer, Jesse, led us another block eastward and through a gate and down a whole lot of skinny stone steps.  The atmosphere changed considerably from hot sun radiating off of concrete, to one of trees trees trees and shade and unexpected constant breezes (which up until then had been non-existent) and benches all over the place.  It was a Cool Oasis and I was glad that I was there.  I’m not sure the regulars were very happy to be inundated by an art supply toting hoard but once we took out our pencils and pens and paints it got very quiet.



After 30 minutes of sketching we all gathered at this big round thingamabob and displayed our drawings.  I met a woman named Dilly and chatted and found out she is staying in the neighborhood of my former job.  
We had a nice conversation and then it was time to gather up our notebooks and sketch again.



Scott and I had planned on not being shy so we took out our iPads to do some Plein Air a la Digital art.
We needn’t have worried.  Everyone was curious and interested in what we were doing and it led to some nice conversations.



When I showed Anna what I was doing while she was sketching some “nature” she was delighted and I
e-mailed it to her right then and there.  
Scott and I put our iPads on the round concrete display thingy with one of us guarding them while the other artists passed by and asked loads of questions.  


It was a fun day and I completely forgot that it was HOT in the real world at the top of the steps.  Ugh!  We had decided to walk up to MOMA and just pop in for a very short visit to only one exhibit.  We were dripping wet and pretty near exhausted by the time we arrived.  Our destination was the South African prints and then we stopped upstairs to see the Hungarian posters.


I decided to walk back to Penn Station (about one mile) because of the subway – or lack of subway – situation and I do not exaggerate when I say it almost KILLED me.  

Some downsized, rejuvenated, perked up and mailed art.



Three were received.  The fourth – maybe it’s still “in the mail”.

It seems to me that to carve an entire alphabet out of erasers would take a long time.  Sure would be nice to have a Unique Set but sometimes (a lot of the time) Laziness Rules.  A caffeine induced compromise wedged itself into my head and Lo and Behold! a set of numbers emerged.  Pat’s Numerical Font in Rubber (all rights reserved copyright pat pending [he he] registered trademark etc). Well, right about now, those who know me, can picture me stamp stamp stamping away on every empty surface within reach.  Yep, that’s what I did and the resultant postcard and tags will have to remain unseen until I give them away.


Since my oven is used for storage and I only use one pot and one stove burner for soup, I came to a decision yesterday.


Cook & Carve a turkey?  Nope, not me.
Well, on second thought – I still have some erasers left.