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This was inspired by Diebenkorn’s 1963 painting. I was having so much fun that I found myself doing this and that while using any material within reach.

Strathmore 400 Series mixed media paper.
Pencil, gouache, gesso, acrylic paint, Inktense pencil, stamp, Stayz On Pigment ink, collage, glue stick.


Another Diebenkorn copy on a paper sample.

Stillman and Birn Delta paper sample, pencil, gouache, some crayon, fun foam stamps and Stayz On pigment ink.

I was testing the paper with various pens to see if they bleed or show through to the reverse. Everything works fine. The Uniball Vision writes nicely but smears when painted on.

Stillman and Birn Beta series paper sample; pencil, gouache; Collage, stamping, Staz On pigment ink.

Using a Diebenkorn painting as inspiration to check out another S&B paper and how it works with gouache. Figuring out gouache also.

Stillman and Birn Delta paper sample, pencil, gouache, some crayon, fun foam stamps and Stayz On pigment ink.

A small painting, on a piece of S&B Beta paper, inspired by Diebenkorn. I was experimenting on the paper and practicing using gouache.

Stillman and Birn Beta paper, gouache, hand carved stamp, Staz On pigment ink.

The ladies dressed so festively were dancing with pairs of sticks and clicking them against each other and against their partner’s. I used charcoal for this drawing and was happy with it. After spraying it with a bit of hairspray I decided to see if watersoluble pencils and crayons would work on top of the fixed charcoal. They worked perfectly but then I no longer liked the sketch. It bothered me all evening. So, the next morning, as soon as I got out of bed, I went over everything with acrylic paint. Now, I really like it.

(And, yes, I realize or, rather, finally noticed, that I misspelled Rubin. I fixed it on the originals. Sigh.)

Stillman and Birn Zeta Series sketchbook, charcoal, acrylic paint.

I painted over the monotype. I had to.

JKPP = Julia Kay’s Portrait Party (referred to photo put on JKPP Flickr Group supplied by subject for this purpose)

Monotype: oil based printing ink; printmaking paper; Intaglio press. Acrylic paint.

There might be more, I want to copy others, but I’m distracted with things and feeling lazy.

Stillman and Birn Zeta Series sketchbook; pencil; acrylic paint.

I copied two of his charcoal drawings and then I had the urge to paint them.

Stillman and Birn Zeta Series sketchbook;charcoal, acrylic paint.

I copied this painting of his daughter and then returned the library book which I had already renewed once. I enjoyed the drawers and drawers of little cards in the olden days library but renewing books from the comfort of the recliner has nothing wrong with it. I also located the location of the next “subject” while in said recliner – which is also the studio annex – and was able to head straight to the proper shelf in the real world. Another Very Big book.

Seeing this painting of his daughter gives me permission to not only screw around with chair legs but people are fair game also. A lesson.

Stillman and Birn Zeta Series sketchbook; litho crayon, acrylic ink.