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These are still part of the 30x30directwatercolor2018 challenge except my direct painting has now veered entirely into acrylic with just a minor touch, or not, of gouache to add a particular effect. There are no, cross my heart, line drawings underneath the paint. Everything is done with a brush and, I’m pretty sure it’s not my imagination, it seems to have gotten easier. (!)

#9 After Leon Spilliaert, “The Rumor, Wifes (sic) of Fishermen on the Quay”. Reference photo used.

This one I loved painting. Look at it – right up my alley. Not everyone is going to be as happy as I am though. This Tiny Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media pad has only 10 pages. Eight of the paintings I like. The first two paintings (trees!) which I did outside from direct observation, I never did like. Came to hate them. Didn’t consider them part of the challenge. They were screwing with the other paintings – upsetting the “dialogue”. So, #9 was painted over Park #2 which no longer exists.

#10 After Inger Sitter, “Café Scene”. Reference photo used.

I loved doing this even more than #9 and it was painted over Park #1 which has been totally obliterated. Good riddance! The pad is now full of 10 tiny paintings that get along with each other.

I started a new pad and decided to refer to my black/white small Moleskine sketches for the next 10 paintings.

#11 After Mall #61. I still remember them – they were sharing a meal.

#12 After Mall #7. Something was missing so I added the hand carved coffee cup stamps.

30x30directwatercolor2018 (acrylic used).

Tiny Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media pad; acrylic, hand carved stamps (#12)


(Probably too much information but it seems I’m chatty today.)

I’m enjoying partaking in the 30x30directwatercolor2018 June challenge on facebook. It is getting easier using only a brush to paint the picture, or in my case, so far, to copy from a reference photo without an underlying line drawing. I’m using gouache but, as you will see later on, I have inadvertently slipped into another media.

#5 is after Irma Stern: “Portrait Of A Woman Wearing Red Head Scarf”. I finished the painting but it was still in the ugly stage. As soon as I added the lines, as seen in the original art, it came alive.

#6 it is difficult getting the proportions correct, as if I ever really do, but I’m just happy that it’s getting easier to draw with the brush.

#7 So, the other day when I was foolishly direct-painting trees in the park (previously blogged last week-ish), I also foolishly tried to paint a couple sitting at a table too too far away. Awful.
I wondered what would happen if I overpainted another image on top of the awfulness using gouache. In the head, neck and hand the old painting was obscured but still showed through the blouse area. It was an interesting effect but not for this painting so I overpainted the clothing with white acrylic and then gouache which I smeared with my fingers. This is one of my favorite artists and now it hides a secret.

#8 I resorted to the white acrylic simply because I enjoyed it so much in #7. That’s what I told myself at the time. Stay tuned.

30x30directwatercolor2018 (gouache used) #7&8 have some acrylic also. #8 white gel pen.
Referred to reference photo. Lines added after direct Brush painting was finished.

Tiny Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media pad; gouache, acrylic, white gel pen.

I don’t know how long I’ll actually keep it up but these are gouache paintings I did using reference images. I keep an “Inspiration” folder in iPat (Book Creater app) where I store images that might give me ideas. Of course a collection of Diebenkorn art is the first thing spotted when the folder is opened so that’s where I started.

This is a 30x30directwatercolor2018 challenge on facebook. I’m sticking to gouache. Perhaps I’ll eventually get the faces right.

These are tiny 3″ x 5″ paintings, the paper really likes the paint. It is awkward not having a drawn line but I’m trying to take a breath, look at the image and plot how to tackle things with only the brush.

Every single one lingered in a really ugly, awful horrible stage but I’ve learned from years of other things to keep going and maybe I’ll end up surprised.

#30x30directwatercolor2018 (gouache used)
Reference photos were used.
Tiny Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media pad; gouache

I drove to the park. In my tote bag was a set of Pelikan gouache, a brush and a bottle of water. I parked in the shade, kinda balanced everything, realized the trees were farther away than I remembered them to be, bit the bullet and painted in my tiny pad without first drawing.

It was difficult. Exhausting. Then I started another painting. I rarely draw trees, rarely even look at them. I must have been out of my mind.

Drawn from direct observation (with a lot of artistic license) as part of #30x30directwatercolor2018 June facebook challenge. I’m using gouache and we’ll see how many I’ll actually do. I think I’ve used up my tree quota already.

Tiny Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media pad; gouache

This was inspired by Diebenkorn’s 1963 painting. I was having so much fun that I found myself doing this and that while using any material within reach.

Strathmore 400 Series mixed media paper.
Pencil, gouache, gesso, acrylic paint, Inktense pencil, stamp, Stayz On Pigment ink, collage, glue stick.

Another Diebenkorn copy on a paper sample.

Stillman and Birn Delta paper sample, pencil, gouache, some crayon, fun foam stamps and Stayz On pigment ink.

I was testing the paper with various pens to see if they bleed or show through to the reverse. Everything works fine. The Uniball Vision writes nicely but smears when painted on.

Stillman and Birn Beta series paper sample; pencil, gouache; Collage, stamping, Staz On pigment ink.

Using a Diebenkorn painting as inspiration to check out another S&B paper and how it works with gouache. Figuring out gouache also.

Stillman and Birn Delta paper sample, pencil, gouache, some crayon, fun foam stamps and Stayz On pigment ink.

A small painting, on a piece of S&B Beta paper, inspired by Diebenkorn. I was experimenting on the paper and practicing using gouache.

Stillman and Birn Beta paper, gouache, hand carved stamp, Staz On pigment ink.

The ladies dressed so festively were dancing with pairs of sticks and clicking them against each other and against their partner’s. I used charcoal for this drawing and was happy with it. After spraying it with a bit of hairspray I decided to see if watersoluble pencils and crayons would work on top of the fixed charcoal. They worked perfectly but then I no longer liked the sketch. It bothered me all evening. So, the next morning, as soon as I got out of bed, I went over everything with acrylic paint. Now, I really like it.

(And, yes, I realize or, rather, finally noticed, that I misspelled Rubin. I fixed it on the originals. Sigh.)

Stillman and Birn Zeta Series sketchbook, charcoal, acrylic paint.