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This is what the 36th Avenue stop in Astoria (Borough of Queens, just on the other side of the East River) looks like:

I asked a man on the corner which direction I should walk to get to 35th Avenue. After a few blocks I found Mark sitting in Starbucks sketching the unwary. It was still too early for our destination so I started to answer some of his Sketch Club/ArtRage questions. Pretty soon Joan and Susan joined us and the NYC Urban Sketchers (he he you can see some pics of me at this link) headed out to our destination – Museum of the Moving Image. Yes, this is what caused me momentary dismay. And, in my defense, during the course of the day I discovered that I wasn’t alone in these feelings, and that everyone else (except Mark who was mucho excited) had the same reaction.

Well. Guess what?


Televisions from the 1950’s and earlier. This was a Zenith.

Susan was sketching a statue of Yoda but Exactly One Minute After I started drawing her she turned around to speak to someone. It figures.

I saw Sunil looking down through a window that overlooked a theatre facade on the floor below.

Everywhere we wandered there were discoveries – “ancient” projectors, silent films, Star Wars, you name it, they had it. The displays of toys and games from the 1950’s kept us rooted for quite a long time. Memories. Sunil and Jimmy didn’t know what we were talking about.

Yikes. We were all having so much fun we forgot about lunch.

Stay tuned.

iPad; ArtRage and Sketch Club apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

I had a rare Saturday off and was going to Astoria? “This sucks Big Time” was my knee jerk reaction.

I researched the various routes I could take, even driving, picked out the one that seemed to make the most sense (and would satisfy, even briefly, a “city” fix) decided that I should shut up, and go for it.

I even brought along a small journal and pen and sketched in the subway. A first for me. So far Astoria isn’t too bad.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

iPad: ArtRage app; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

Moleskin journal; pre-painted (Gelli plate monotypes) pages, Sharpie red fine point pen, Sharpie white oil paint marker, Sharpie black marker.

I worked on Christmas so that I could have a Saturday off. During coffee break I noticed Anna and Mayho, at the next table, playing dress up with an orange and taking iPhone pics to post on Instagram. What could I do? Of course I butted in and showed them, using iPat and Glaze, how to snazz things up. Well, one thing led to another, and soon eyes, nose and mouth appeared. Anna was filled with joy.

Now, as per tradition, we workers were promised free lunch but “apparently” the supervisor that day was not informed. After a brief period of grousing amongst ourselves Chinese food was chosen and before I blinked Anna was picking up the bag from the lobby area.

At home later that evening I decided to commemorate the day’s events.

iPad;photo of Anna’s Orange, Glaze, ArtRage, Sketch Club and Glaze again; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

(Ps. Someone asked me about how I use Glaze. I just keep tapping choices until I like something. What I like today I don’t like tomorrow. It depends on the image how it will react. That’s all.)

Remember? This was the #3 still life from a couple/few weeks ago. I snazzed it up differently from the first two.

iPad, Inkflow, Glaze and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Supermarket receipt photographed using iPad, imported into ArtRage and a bit of manipulation ensued.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus; ArtRage app.
From a stealth photo I took of unknown people in a crowd standing around, manipulated in photoshop elements, made into athermofax screen, screen printed onto a used, emptied coffee bag, carelessly photographed with iPad, imported into ArtRage (Kate’s pencil, markers, palette knife).

The End.

iPad; Skribl, Glaze and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

iPad; Skribl, Glaze and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

Before work, in the lunchroom, I started a sketch. It should have been fine, after all, the unknowing model was chock full of interesting shapes. When I ended up trashing the drawing in disgust I didn’t know that this was just a sneak peek at the upcoming day. Yuck. Thank goodness it ended.

I traded with a co-worker who needed the day off. Again, early, I spotted a night shift worker sleeping on her break. All of a sudden she straightens up, looks at her cell phone, falls back asleep. She did this two more times. I was entranced by her shapes and sketched what I remembered since she stayed upright for less than a minute each time. Success. When I walked into the lab, I was high from sketch euphoria, the caffeine kicked in full force, there was a small gold box filled with cookies just for me and the source of the prior day’s mood disorder was nowhere. Coffee break and lunchtime afforded more sketching opportunities. Yes, if you saw a rainbow that day it was for me.

iPad; Sketch Club and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus. I combined the day’s sketches.

At work Kathy is my favorite.
Kathy is a Super Duper Magnificent baker.
She hardly ever works the same day I do.
(Hmmm. Should I think about that?)
On Saturday she was there.
I also worked on Sunday and she was there again.
Kathy told me to turn around. (Why?)
Ah. A little gold box with eight cookies. Yum.
Like I said: at work Kathy is my favorite.
Yay Kathy!

iPad; Sketch Club, Glaze and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
It’s hard to concentrate on sketching cookies when the stomach rumbles and there is excess salivation. But I persevered.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus; ArtRage app.
Portrait (probably from a photo of mine, a magazine or TV reference or maybe even from life) drawn on a tag with a Sharpie pen and Crayola markers, manipulated in photoshop elements, made into a thermofaxscreen, screen printed onto a used, emptied coffee bag, carelessly photographed with iPad, imported into ArtRage (Kate’s pencil, markers, palette knife).