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It was cold this morning so I didn’t change out of my pajamas immediately after awakening. Instead I huddled under a blanket and checked my e-mails. The subject line of the first one caused me to exclaim excitedly (to myself), “Hey! I’m invited to a Gala!”. Who on earth would invite me to one of those? But then I was brought back down to earth. “I don’t have enough gas to get to a Gala”, I realized. Oh phooey. I opened the e-mail anyway. Duh, Double Duh, Triple Duh.


(SketchTime, ArtRage apps; Pogo Sketch Stylus and Golden Delicious)



I whipped iPat out of my backpack, snapped her pic.

She didn’t complain.

(first drawing: Painted using transparent markers first and then outlining with pen in Sketch Time app on top of photo which was later discarded.)

(second drawing: Sketch Club app. I looked at the photo and did a contour drawing on a post-it note with a pen. Then, looking out of the corner of my left eye I drew her again in the app and then the rest is history.)



I reached for IPat and….


This is what happens after a day with Gwen and Phil at the Met, drinking a big coffee too late in the day which made me Twitchy and Squirmy and then e-mailing cartoons to such far away places as New Jersey and Toulouse starring Gwen, Phil and Naked Marble guy (a/k/a Rallying Point). Oh what a pest I was for a couple of hours. It was past the bedtime of Benedicte so she, he he, will wake up to ALL of them – blam! – in the morning when I’ll be still safely asleep. p.s.: (full disclosure: I worked on top of photographs (i.e., tracing) using Sketch Time app and then deleted the photos)

I picked up another drawing app yesterday, Sketch Time, and managed to break my “doing absolutely nothing nada zero stretch of nothingness”.  It is a no-nonsense app with no layers.  There is a pen (brush) and marker tool.  The marker works like the water soluble markers – transparent.  The brush lays down a solid opaque color.  The brush size goes easily from very small to very large.  It is really nice to sketch with, smooth, and one of the nicest apps I’ve used to actually write on (with?).  Probably with.
So, I took out my stylus and opened the app and fooled around to see what’s what with it.  
Remember, I just fooled around so, no judgement, right?  It was late at night.  I’d been up since 5 am.
Still fooling around today with the app, but this time it is a true story (except the buildings which do not exist anywhere in my neighborhood, only in my head).  
Yes, walking to Paris is actually true.
On Friday I’m meeting friends (hi Gwen!) in the city and we are spending part of the day on the High Line.
I got lost there last year.  
One of the friends (hmm.  Shirley?) mentioned bringing a leash.