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I was lucky that day. By chance I sat at the perfect table. Victims arranged themselves before me unsuspectingly, one by one, and I took full advantage.

Tiny vellum pad
Pilot Parallel Pen


Stillman and Birn Alpha Series sketchbook; charcoal

Here are the PMC (Precious Metal Clay) pieces I made on Tuesday.  The ring clay was embossed with two leaves found outside of the studio.   After the firing in the kiln (20 minutes) all the clay is burned away and what is left is pure silver.  This was my first try with this medium and they are rough (appearance-wise) around the edges.  Refinement  will come with experience in manipulating the clay.  Be that as it may, I am happy with my results and like wearing the ring and even like the funky, hand-made appearance of it.  I was also pleased that none of the little balls, etc. fell off of the pendants.  I managed to get everything quite solidly attached.

The next step after brushing off the burnt clay to expose the silver, was to put them in a tumbler for polishing. Next the pieces were put in liver of sulfur to get a patina and then high points were polished with Tarnex(?).