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I noticed on the Yahoo group Artisttradingcards that there was a new trade ?Birds?.  Well, that was a no brainer.  Here I am, sitting on quite a few birdy stamps that I made and which I ?almost? overused some weeks (months?) ago.  I did this journal spread and made the atc?s at the same time.  Easy Peasy.  Piece of Cake.  


I made a list of the swaps I want to partake in.  One down, three to go.
Tut – the Short Story

I know, I know.  Any Egyptian purists out there please relax.  It’s not THAT Tut.   It’s one of the Tut cousins. 

Last week I gutted an existing book, “Egyptian Art”, inserted my own watercolor paper signatures and then reassembled the book.  I have discovered that some of the original book pages somehow made their way (unnoticed)  back into the new book.  How that happened I haven’t a clue.  As a matter of fact it is a bit creepy.  I’ll be turning a page and out pops Tut or something Tut-ish.  There will be no warning.

These are the bits of his story that I’ve been “shown” so far.  I have a feeling there are probably more.







I have to hold the book closed with a sturdy-US Postal Service-dropped on the ground-rubber band because the book just quivers and the pages flap flap flap.  Creepy.
I started this little art quilt on New Year’s Day and over the next few days I did the hand embroidery.  I ripped some out and redid it.  Then I procrastinated for what? 3 weeks.  Sigh.  Story of my life.  In my mind it was going to be so hard to attach the blue bits.  I was convinced that if I did it by machine it would move while I was stitching and that I couldn’t pin it because everything was so thick distortion would occur.  Then I convinced myself that if I attached it by hand it would take forever because of the fusible and pushing the needle through it would leave me with sore fingers for a week.  The imagination is a terrible and wonderful thing.

Today I had planned on having a fun foam spree so before I went out for my walk I cleared off the teenytinytablestudio and put everything I would need for making stamps all ready for getting to it.  I came back and without even thinking about it I stuck the quilt in the sewing machine and five minutes later it was done.  

Does everyone procrastinate like this or am I truly just lazy?


Here’s a detail.  And, I’m going to use some of those Command sticky things and slap it up on a wall someplace.  I AM NOT STICKING IT IN A PILE WITH ALL THE OTHER UNHUNG THINGS!!!!


It seems that when you dismantle a half-way decent sewn-signature book (or at least this one), there is this mesh thing that is glued for stability (?).  At one time I knew what the mesh was called but I?ve forgotten and I?m much too lazy today to go off on a tangent looking for the proper term because once I start looking for something – either on the internet or on my bookshelf I find myself being led down various garden paths.  And, if it is my bookshelf that I access I end up covered in dust and that reminds me what I should be doing which leads to my forgetting that thought almost instantly until the next time I?m looking up something.

Anyway, as I was pulling this glued backing off of the signatures I saved them because they looked like cool collage items.  I quickly tucked them in a fold of paper from the book I was deconstructing and slid it into the baggie that was holding my tools.  At home I spotted scraps of the black/white fabric from another ongoing project, sewed the meshy gluey things onto the fabric and glue-sticked the whole thing to the page.  Now this journal has its own dangly threads.


This journal spread was done the evening before any of the events took place.  I created the cartoons in Photoshop Elements using a Wacom pen.  Then I printed them onto Sheer Heaven and transferred them to the pages.  I was just about 100% certain that what I depicted would take place.  When I got to Shirley’s apartment I made sure to sit at the table and hold the book up in the air that I was going to gut.
I did all the text today, again digitally, and because I don’t really like the color of the Moleskine pages or the smooth smooth surface I painted over them and attacked with some stamping.






Shirley taught Benedicte and me how to remove the text block from an old book, sew new signatures with watercolor paper and insert that in the old book cover. 
Easy peasy.  She showed Melly how to make book cloth out of their own surface designed fabric (quite beautiful) and then Melly slow sewed and Shirley glued her pretty cloth to the boards, inserted her book block and now she has a wonderful new journal that is 100% hers.  Again, easy peasy and very satisfying.


Psst.  My book is a bit lopsided.
Here are the latest two faces I painted.  A bit of a mess.  But I?m not going to self-edit the journal spreads.  I?m going to show the good, the bad and the ugly.  And, I think I?ll move on to something other than faces (or maybe I?ll practice more-that’s an idea).  Say hello to Low Brow and Goose Neck.

Tomorrow I’m going into the city, lugging lots of art supplies on my back.  A friend from the NYC sketching Meetup group is teaching a few of us some bookbinding.  I’m anticipating a very nice day.  


I?ve been toying with the desire to do some faces.  Well, this is what came of that.  It?s not the expression filled gorgeousness that Kat Ostrow produces every day but I am happy with this spread.  After all, the point of all this is to be creating, no more, no less.  Well, that’s not entirely true – it would really suck if it wasn’t fun also.


On a lighter note ?Torn Me? is just acrylic laid down and a bit of collage.  Head is quite empty today.  A good day for embroidery while watching Sunday tv.  I ripped out some stitches and replaced them with another color.  Much better.  Now I have to attach some things and then it is all finished.  



I tried to convey the chaos and confusion of the horror that has struck Haiti.



I was so bright last week.  I returned a library book with every intention of walking out without a new one – I wanted to catch up with other reading and the only way that would be accomplished is if I came away from the library empty-handed.  Ha!  I walked out with two 7-day books and two 14-day books.  I have managed to read three-quarters of the first one because it seems I am very distracted lately by everything and nothing.   I won?t mention the pile of unread books I already own because, you know, one must be prepared for any kind of emergency that would prevent the acquisition of reading material.  Sigh.