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Apparently this is how a cafe in Toulouse appears after downing an espresso.


The organization I work for (one day a week) is conducting a three month challenge – Walk To Paris – and 15,000 employees in teams of ten are taking part in it. It seems they had to put a limit of 15,000. Grand prize is(are?) trips to Paris for each team member. No, we don’t have to all go together. Every team that walks 7,200,000-ish steps will be put in a pool for the drawing, so every team member should walk the minimum of 8,000 steps/day to reach about 720,000-ish steps at the finish. I reached a bit more than 817,000 steps last Saturday when I downloaded my pedometer data onto the challenge site. Phew! I’m keeping up my end of the bargain. I discovered it is psychologically easier to keep track of steps than it is to be adding up miles. Steps aren’t as daunting. I also discovered it is easier to walk in one big erratic circular path then to backtrack or to have to pass the starting point and keep on going. I found that at 6,000 continuous steps I start to seriously flag but if I sit down for 5 minutes I am good to continue. I have seen my self-imposed artificial minimum rise from 9,000 to 13,000 steps and sometimes have to seriously tell myself that 11,000 is fine. Any steps above 15,000 will not download. They are trying to even the field somewhat. You should see us at work – instead of loading up a cart and going to the incubators or refrigerators we all take one item, put it away, get the next item and so on. Back and forth to the ladies room is a couple of hundred steps. I even get out of bed an HOUR EARLY and take a 4500 –  4700 steps(‘s?) walk before work. ME! GETTING UP EARLY! At home, walking around my fireplace wall six times =100 steps. I can get in 300 steps during a TV commercial.

I think I’m getting a bit batty.


Yesterday morning, as I walked to Paris, it felt like I had 20 pound weights wrapped around each leg. It was hot and humid.

I truly felt like I actually WAS walking on the bottom of the Atlantic.



I whipped iPat out of my backpack, snapped her pic.

She didn’t complain.

(first drawing: Painted using transparent markers first and then outlining with pen in Sketch Time app on top of photo which was later discarded.)

(second drawing: Sketch Club app. I looked at the photo and did a contour drawing on a post-it note with a pen. Then, looking out of the corner of my left eye I drew her again in the app and then the rest is history.)



I reached for IPat and….


This is what happens after a day with Gwen and Phil at the Met, drinking a big coffee too late in the day which made me Twitchy and Squirmy and then e-mailing cartoons to such far away places as New Jersey and Toulouse starring Gwen, Phil and Naked Marble guy (a/k/a Rallying Point). Oh what a pest I was for a couple of hours. It was past the bedtime of Benedicte so she, he he, will wake up to ALL of them – blam! – in the morning when I’ll be still safely asleep. p.s.: (full disclosure: I worked on top of photographs (i.e., tracing) using Sketch Time app and then deleted the photos)


And then an Extra Large Dunkin’.



Bet you can’t guess which drawing I like best.

A British woman on a late night comedy show.  The shape of her hair is the only thing not imaginary.  


This lady was at another table in Au Bon Pain the other day – I was having a coffee.  Her position is pretty much as it was.  Of course her hair was black, her coat was a wild plaid and she had no idea it would be so crowded at MoMA because of the rain.  At that point I didn’t even know it was raining.  Surprise!  I got to walk one mile in the rain.  


Just two examples of me and my BFF iPat farting around.