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iPad; Sketch Club (1,2,3), Sketch Block (4), ArtRage (all) apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.




iPad; Sketch Club and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

She seems to think I’m a busy person.
She thought, because of the sketch on yesterday’s blog, that there was an Apple Story. So, Dawn, among my Numerous Other Activities I manage to squeeze in SCIENCE. It’s a Pear Experiment with Supporting Actor.
Something I read about while surfing.

I wish the bags still had ice cream in them.

iPad; Finngr Pro app; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

Across the room – a box of collage papers, pens, glue stick and an accordion Moleskine sketchbook waiting patiently.
My lamp that sort of works.

In the kitchen patiently waiting for lunch. Lazy Sunday.
First I must make my way to Dunkin’.

Lots of things have learned to wait patiently, wondering when I will finally Get To It Already!

iPad, Finngr Pro app, New Trent Arcadia stylus.

Maybe. I could look it up but..

Benedicte, Shirley and her husband and I attended an open rehearsal of “Messiah” by the Philharmonic at Lincoln Center. We sat all the way up front. It was essentially the whole performance, with a few interruptions, for very little $$$.

It was dark, the music was magnificent, the singing was glorious and I just sketched on iPat in concert with the music.

iPad, Sketch Club app, two years ago it was probably Pogo Sketch stylus which still lives in my purse and still works.
(aside: Major Bullock was a character on pg. 81 in the book of the person next to me. Was it Shirley’s or was I sitting next to a stranger? Can’t remember.)

Last week I mentioned that I was doing a workshop (Thursday and Friday) uptown with Carla Sonheim. We were making Blobimal Artist Books. I also mentioned that on Thursday I had a Slippery Mojo thing going on. Now, there were 9 people in the workshop, including Carla and me, and 8 of those people had absolutely no problem finding the animals in the blobs and then painting beautiful, interesting, fantastical, imaginative, each one different from the others, animals.
Except me.
I couldn’t find an animal in my watercolor blobs if it was carrying a sign that it then knocked over my head. Nothing. Nada. Zero.
But, at the same time, I was having mucho fun. I had no problem picking out the animals from the blobs found on 89th Street. Easy peasy. I was able to draw all the toys she put in front of me. Easy peasy. Carla’s exercises in drawing, etc. were putting smiles on everyone’s faces. What a hoot she is.

So, I obliterated all the white from my watercolor blobby book pages (book was already bound with a simple pamphlet stitch) by overpainting everything with either a transparent wash of yellow or burnt sienna. Felt happier.
Went home.
Realized what the problem was.

When I boarded the train Friday morning I was carrying my cotton back-pack thingie filled with the solution.
After eating breakfast in the station I took out some of the papers and explored the feasibility of my idea. Yep. It seemed that it would work.

At the studio I didn’t even bother sitting down. The book came together effortlessly, without thought. I used the scissors fearlessly.
I was in the zone.

Back cover, front cover:

Pages 1&2:

Pages 3&4:

Pages 5&6:

Pages 7&8:

Pages 9&10:

You see, these images are culled from all the 1 and 2 minute scraggely pencil drawings I’ve been scribbling every Wednesday on newsprint and meant to toss out. I schlepped the mountain of folded wrinkled, very questionable drawings and a large piece of tracing paper and that, up above, is what happened.

Mojo and Serendipity were friends again.

Watercolor, Fabriano Artistico 140 lb hot press, waxed thread, pencil, tracing paper, Sharpie very fine point and the biggest markers, scissors.

“Surprise!” I shouted to myself.
I was finally finishing the fountain drawing and discovered one on a lower layer that had been abandoned as Crapola.
I decided it wasn’t Crapola at all.
An unexpected Bonus.

This has been dragged out so long you all probably don’t remember anyway.
These are the sketches I did last Wednesday when I went to Bryant Park to kill some time before meeting my friends at the Morgan Library and then blah blah etc. etc. Ok?

iPad; Sketch Block and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

As 4:00 came it started to get really cold. She added layers.

A scarf appeared and ended up wrapped around her neck.
Still another pattern.
I did the only thing possible.
The same thing I do with the High Line tourists as I walk quickly.
I pretended it was invisible.

iPad, Sketch Club and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

This is Donna. She makes me smile.

I made her way bigger than she actually is but she was wearing all sorts of layers and really really large, baggy, flowing harem (?) pants. The exaggeration just seemed to naturally appear.

To my left Judy was doing marvelous drawings using a twig (a bit larger than the word “twig” implies but smaller than the image “stick” would bring to mind), found in the surrounding gardens, and dense black Sumi ink. Donna was reduced to very graphic wonderfully distorted shapes.
I experienced twinges of jealousy.
But. Don’t worry.
I still felt Happy Happy Happy.

iPad; Sketch Club and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

On Wednesday I was serious.

Thursday and today, Friday, the agenda is to be silly with Carla Sonheim. I’m attending a workshop here on the upper West Side and it is a lot of fun. She has a lot of simple techniques to get you drawing and at one point we all wandered up and down W89th Street drawing sidewalk cracks and blobs onto small pieces of card stock. My mojo is being a royal pain in the neck – has been showing up here and there and hiding at other times. Really annoying.

The elephant was drawn with vine charcoal (reminded me how much I enjoyed that tool and how dirty one gets) during the part when we sketched looking at various toys and statues. Since he won’t survive the subway ride iPat snapped a picture of him and then I snuck him into ArtRage for a background touch up. And screwed up the date. Sigh.

iPad, Sketch Club and ArtRage apps; vine charcoal (real); New Trent Arcadia Stylus.