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Some downsized, rejuvenated, perked up and mailed art.



Three were received. ┬áThe fourth – maybe it’s still “in the mail”.










Chapter One:




Chapter Two:



We had longstanding (a couple of weeks) plans for today.  “Where will we meet?” one of them insistently asked. So, being the Wonderfully Helpful and Thoughtful person that I am, I e-mailed each of them a carefully rendered and specifically detailed map so there would be no confusion.


Did I find Ms. Insistent and Her Cohorts on the X?  Hmpf.  What do you think?


I wonder if I can blame the non-existent building address on her.  



I became the owner of an iPad (iPat he he) at the end of last month.  One of the first apps I got was Penultimate.  How could I resist?  You can make little notebooks galore with zillions of pages each.  A notebook for any purpose at all.  To Do lists coming out the wazoo.  Then the pages and even the whole notebook can be e-mailed.  I’ve been going crazy sending my long-suffering friends hand written notebook pages and cartoons.  It dawned on me that perhaps I might be the only one loving this new trick I learned.   I thought it would be a good idea to take a survey.


All but one person responded that I should keep sending the cartoons, etc.  That one person did not respond at all and I’ve forgotten who it is so:  Too Bad.  You’re Getting Them Anyway.  

Yesterday my friend Scott took delivery of his own iPad (iKell).  It was love at first sight.  Unfortunately, everyone else falls for it, and there was an unfortunate incident at his place last evening.


Recliner and a stylus.  Add a Dunkin’ and all is right with my world.

Last week (week before last?) I went to MOMA again to see the German Expressionism exhibition and to listen to a Gallery talk.  Check out Rayna Gillman’s blog where she discusses the exhibitions.  She was unable to come with us on the 25th but did make it at the end of the week.

Shirley, Teri and I spent some time sketching before the Gallery talk, ate some lunch and then Shirley and I checked out the South African prints.  Zowie.  Not to be missed.


Shirley sketched the same lady.  The one at the end of her post with the clothes on.


I liked the security guys – they stand still everybody else kept walking around.

What a day!  We met up on West 38th Street – ShirleyBenedicteTeriGwen and I.  Big plans.  First we would go here, there and then to another spot.   

Gwen was looking forward to our first stop mightily.  It is a shop that has all sorts of old sewing machines and machine parts and is chock full of doodads and thingamabobs. Sketchbook Fodder Galore.  Floor to ceiling in this long narrow space.    “Hi.  What a marvelous shop you have.  Can we take pictures?”  NO!  “Well, may we sketch a few things?”  NO!  Then a lot of words about insurance and he even threw in OSHA!?!  We ended up out on the street almost on our fannies.

Well, the joke is on him.  I took a picture of some of his stuff while outside.  


 And some quality sketching time was had by all.  


Next we walked south for about nine blocks to the FIT Museum.  Thwarted again.  It’s closed on Mondays.  Well duh.  

No problem.  Let’s get something to eat.  We walked a block or two and stopped at Whole Foods thinking there was a restaurant inside.  Nope.  No restaurant.  

Since this is Manhattan we soon found somewhere to eat and hang out.  

All was not lost, though.  Shirley led us to Bernstein Display where we had been before and where we were welcomed with open arms even though it is not the type of place that people tend to wander into.  We were left alone to meander around and take pictures and sketch.    




“Oh, since we are on this block, let’s show Gwen the quilt gallery at City Quilter.”  CLOSED.

“Look, there’s New York V…. (not getting a plug from me).”  You want to sketch? You have to PAY(!) us. No pictures unless you pay us.  And here’s a welcome, if there ever was one:



Up ahead was an antique store (we buy and sell).  The five of us walked in and each went our separate ways.  It was fun watching the clerk follow us all around trying to keep track of each of us at the same time.  

The Gang Of Five.  

Mr. Nasty Proprietor:  “either in or out – you’re blocking”.

I knew one place we would be welcome so I called ahead to make sure it was open.  We headed east one block and then north for about three or four blocks and then east again.  On the way we spotted some old sewing machines – really old ones – in a window and went inside.  No Picture Taking and Absolutely No Sketching.   But, but, but…….

Ha Ha took a pic anyway from outside.  



Finally, up an elevator to the third
floor and we were welcomed without question by The Center For Book Arts where we wandered around looking at the exhibition and Taking Pictures.  

And not everyone was dismayed to see us today: 


We covered a lot of ground, obviously annoyed a lot of people, didn’t annoy some others, kept e-mailing up-to-date photos and commentary to Melly, tired ourselves out, shared a black and white cookie and had a really fun day, laughing and chatting and wondering why no one would let us sketch.