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But even so something was niggling at the back of my mind – struggling to get out.  An elusive memory.  And then I remembered – nothing could keep her fingers away from scotch tape – even if it was on someone else?s desk.


Does she still do it????

Thanks A Lot!!!! You seeping pox-spreading scourge! I just bought MORE stamp pads from Amazon. I thought I was IMMUNE by now.
The Boardonironingboard studio annex will no longer hold all the stamp pads. I HAVE to go out – in this deluge – to Walmart – of all places – to get some plastic thingys to hold everything. Bleh. Itch, scratch, cough, leak, itch and round and round I go.

But, although I can be quite cynical, I am also an optimist. This is to remind me of the sunny, mold free days that are promised to come soon:


Yes, yes, yes. Before you start on your own rant and rave – I am aware that I infected you. Among others. BUT nowhere was it stated that YOU had the right to re-infect. (cough, cough, itch – oops, excuse me – I just seeped onto the floor).

This weekend I have been working on A Secret Project.  I finished the first and biggest part today.  Part 1 is done.  Everything came out just as I visualized.  There were no glitches, it all went smoothly.  I pranced around like a happy fool

I spent last week (4 days) training for a per diem job.  I will have five more days of training at the end of April and then I will be on my own.   I know the microbiology but have to learn their computer system, instrumentation, policies and etc.  Monday I observed.  Tuesday I slowly did the 24 hour cultures.  I left feeling good about myself.  Wednesday I spent the day in the city with my journal friends, relaxing and laughing.  Wednesday night I worked myself into a lather.  Oh the drama!  I was never going to be able to learn everything.  I would never be able to do the job by myself.  I should just quit.  I should never go back.  A big drama.  Thursday I did everything.  Still slowly but smoother.  Happy again.  Friday I did everything.  Still slow but not as slow.  Plus I didn’t have to refer to my notes as much.  Seems as though things are sticking in my brain.  Left that afternoon with a big grin.  No problem.  I’ll be ready to work by myself.  Of course I will.

Speaking of work:


This was on Melly’s blog today.  Go visit it to see some awesome art and learn some techniques from her videos.


Went to Journal Study Group yesterday. My pimp was there. She supplied me with more sticky backed craft foam. This isn’t weighed in grams either! It is more like a brick of the stuff! I will not be nervous of running out any time soon.

Please go over to Pat’s blog and post a comment! She is so darned funny and engaging I could become addicted to her as an individual.

Yesterday we folded paper into books with pages. The first page of my book is stamped in the Pat’s ‘registered’ style, described in this post. It is my stamp though, I just made it, all by myself. I wanted to ‘get’ her teachings deep into me. I want to incise some texture into the separate parts but I really needed to see how it would stamp up.

The stamp drama continues.


Although, to be frank, she sorta looked like one waiting in the lobby for her fix. As soon as I whipped out the “stuff” and handed it over she sorta mellowed (ha ha get it?!-Melly Mellowed) out.

This week I travelled to the city twice.  I have gone into Manhattan more times this year than I have in the past five years (at least).  It is invigorating to know that the Journal Study Group is the destination at the end of some of these journeys.  It gives me energy to know that I will soon be among a group of like-minded creative women and we will spend hours yakking, laughing and making things.   It doesn?t even matter that one is more than a bit silly and another is (shhh) a bit of an addict/user/junkie – no word is strong enough.  I, of course, am normal.  The others are also normal but not as much as I am.  

Plus we had a special guest present and that ratcheted up the chatter a hundredfold.  So much she could tell us.  We were all having conversations with her at once.

While pretending to demonstrate (whipping them into submission)  a bit of this and that, I was really very interested in the theater taking place outside of the second floor dining room window, starring the second special guest of the day.


I walked past the birds, passed by the primates and found myself with some Indians.  Phew.  Lots of light was available so I?ve used up that excuse.  Shirley was nowhere to be seen so that took off some of the pressure.  I stood with my back to a BIG canoe (maybe all canoes are big but my experience with them is non-existent) and sketched a mannikin clothed in some traditional dress across the aisle.  Lots of people stopped to look – not at me – at the BIG canoe.


Next stop was dinosaurs.  I walked and looked and walked and looked to no avail.  I could not get up any interest in sketching the bones.  I entered many rooms but all I saw were bones.  Interesting bones to look at – how tiny were those heads attached to the huge bodies! but my pencil refused to touch paper.

Here?s my excuse.  Shirley was drawing the same Golden Eagle.  I couldn?t see what she was doing but I knew it would be mucho good.  Yes, there was more light.  I was right up close to the glass of the well-lit diorama and could see my pencil marks.  But, you know, I could see Shirley out of the corner of my eye and knew that she had picked the better vantage point and so her drawing, which would be really, really good anyway – would be even more good.  Or better.  As soon as she finished I quick-like went to where she was standing in hopes of picking up some of the drawing vibe.  Sigh.  


Here?s my defense and no matter what you or anyone else says or thinks I?m sticking to it:

I was up on the balcony looking down.  It was dark down there and it was dark up where I was.  I couldn?t see the pencil marks on the paper. I could hardly see the elephant.   I couldn?t figure out if I should look through my glasses or just give up.  

That?s all I?m going to say on the matter.


Ok, ok.  I confess.  When I got home I took some ?Artistic License? and doctored things up a bit here and there.  Happy now?

I spent an enjoyable few hours today at the Metropolitan Museum of Natural History.  It was a sketching outing with the Central Park Sketching MeetUp Group.  I haven?t been to that museum since I was a child – are those dinosaurs, cheetahs and birds the same ones?  In a few days I?ll expose my sorry excuse for some sketches.

Tomorrow I will start training for a per diem job.  Only four days of training this week and then five more at the end of April.  The amount of hours I can work in a month is limited by some union rules so that?s why the training period is stretched out.  I bought a little lined moleskine notebook for all the notes I anticipate taking and decorated it for the occasion.  I hope the manager doesn?t think that I have my priorities a bit skewed.


Oh, now that I think of it – last Tuesday when I was being shown around (site orientation) by the manager and we were in the newly constructed lunch room I asked about the availability of coffee.  Hmm.  Maybe she knows about my priorities.  Oops.
I?m still too lazy to download the photos from the encaustic workshop.  It?s a damn shame how lazy I am.  I did finally replace the fuse that blew during last weekend?s storm.  Only a week later.  Pretty good for me.  Fortunately that fuse controls things that are not vital – like the living room.  The vital bits all have a work around – i.e. a long extension cord.  

The second day of encaustic was also successful.  On an art high I went ahead and registered for more wax in May and July and then, throwing caution to the wind I signed up for a 5-day ?intensive? screen printing workshop.  I love screen printing.  Haven?t done enough of it to catch on to the nuances in order to have ?me? show through.  Things take time and practice.  Although, now that I think about it – my thermofax screen prints fairly shout that they are ?me?.  Hmm.  I?ll have to figure out why there?s a difference in the two approaches to the same thing.  Maybe I?m just full of you-know-what and there?s no problem at all. 

I found out a little while ago that this weather (68 right now according to Mac) was specially ordered, overnight shipping (mucho $$$ involved, I suspect).  So in honor of silly people who special order things for history making days: