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Day 25. The Delacroix exhibit at The Met was crowded. The exhibition was beautiful but wasted on me. I was happy for the crowds. Stefanie was next to me on the bench, also drawing the viewers. Same people but the sketches were so different.

Day 26. I was early so what better place to hang out. It is interesting on weekday mornings. I can drag out a bowl of oatmeal for an extraordinary length of time.

Day 27. The lunchroom had lots of cake. One of my co-workers was leaving for another job. The woman below was once per diem, left us and is now back full time. A very fluid workforce.

Day 28. Excitement! A harvest festival in the tiny patch of grass, it seems to be referred to as “Carman Avenue Green”, next to Carvel. I drove through the parking lot twice and found a spot with a view.

Small Moleskine
Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (hard tip), Pitt brush pen


Sunday morning found me sitting on my little stool in the mezzanine of the 96th Street Q subway station. It is brand new, roomy, well lighted, lined with mosaic tiles depicting sheets of paper being blown from one end to another into a pile. Jeff Levine had rows of copies of his sketches taped up on one wall. He had informative handouts. As soon as everyone was assembled around him he spoke for awhile, describing techniques and tips for quickly sketching people while riding the subway. You gotta be quick. The people come and go at an inconvenient rate. This was a NYC Urban Sketchers workshop and we all paid attention when he spoke of safety since that is one of the random unknowns to be aware of.

We boarded the Q Train (this station was the end/beginning of the line) and sat across from each other and eased into subway sketching.

The second sketch was looser. I haven’t done much sketching in the subways.

We rode this train to 14th Street where we switched to another.

Handout, Moleskine, Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (hard tip), Pitt brush pen. (Tombow markers and acrylic marker added later at home.)

I’ve started a new little pad and for the 30x30directwatercolor2018 facebook challenge the next paintings will still be acrylic with nothing but a brush involved and I will refer to iPat photos taken in the streets of NYC as part of a MoMA Prime Time Portrait Photography workshop the week of June 11. Unwittingly, I seemed to have ended up with a few series and I’ve chosen one to paint. I haven’t thought too far ahead so I don’t know if I have enough material for this particular Series but everything will work out. I started each painting by covering the paper with black acrylic and then doing an underpainting using turquoise. I really like the black to show in the finished painting – satisfies my line neediness. Details are added with the brush also.

#21 Food Cart Vendor

#22 Street Vendor

#23 Street Falafal

#24 Street Pizza Who Knew

30x30directwatercolor2018 (acrylic used)
Referred to one of my photos.

Tiny Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media pad; acrylic

(Probably too much information but it seems I’m chatty today.)

I’m enjoying partaking in the 30x30directwatercolor2018 June challenge on facebook. It is getting easier using only a brush to paint the picture, or in my case, so far, to copy from a reference photo without an underlying line drawing. I’m using gouache but, as you will see later on, I have inadvertently slipped into another media.

#5 is after Irma Stern: “Portrait Of A Woman Wearing Red Head Scarf”. I finished the painting but it was still in the ugly stage. As soon as I added the lines, as seen in the original art, it came alive.

#6 it is difficult getting the proportions correct, as if I ever really do, but I’m just happy that it’s getting easier to draw with the brush.

#7 So, the other day when I was foolishly direct-painting trees in the park (previously blogged last week-ish), I also foolishly tried to paint a couple sitting at a table too too far away. Awful.
I wondered what would happen if I overpainted another image on top of the awfulness using gouache. In the head, neck and hand the old painting was obscured but still showed through the blouse area. It was an interesting effect but not for this painting so I overpainted the clothing with white acrylic and then gouache which I smeared with my fingers. This is one of my favorite artists and now it hides a secret.

#8 I resorted to the white acrylic simply because I enjoyed it so much in #7. That’s what I told myself at the time. Stay tuned.

30x30directwatercolor2018 (gouache used) #7&8 have some acrylic also. #8 white gel pen.
Referred to reference photo. Lines added after direct Brush painting was finished.

Tiny Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media pad; gouache, acrylic, white gel pen.

My hammer wears a strip of old masking tape so I could identify it at a long ago workshop. Where on earth was I that I needed a hammer? Can’t remember.

Everyday in May 2016: Drawn from direct observation. Materials vary. Acrylic paint; pencil, Sharpie Fine Pen; occasional use of Pitt Brush Pens; commercial letter and number stamps; StazOn pigment stamp ink. When the month is completed it will be bound as a book with a spiral coil.


(ArtRage app, Pogo Sketch stylus)

Just look! I was obviously traumatized. Thank goodness for the restorative properties of the World’s Most Delish Veggie Burger. AND sweet potato fries.


The brisk walk down Eighth Avenue afterwards with my pal Benedicte helped stabilize my fragile mental state. No trauma for her. Nope. She was in Seventh Heaven all day.

(ArtRage app, Pogo Sketch stylus)

She told me she “landed on the outstretched finger of Portlandia…”. Truth be told she actually ended up somewhere a bit problematic and less dignified.


(love it when I’m inadvertently, innocently given an idea)

(ArtRage app, Pogo Sketch stylus).


(Apps: Ink and ArtRage, Pogo Sketch Stylus)


(ArtRage app, Pogo Sketch Stylus)