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I moved my stool a bit toward the arch where there was a man with a wild white beard skyping dramatically with someone far away. It took me awhile to realize he was exuberantly signing and I was fleetingly tempted to sketch him (that is my “thing”) but the trees called, that was the reason for the day, so I turned my stool around and was not disappointed.

Small Moleskine Plain Paper; Zebra Fine Brush Pen, Pitt Brush Pen


Sound asleep.

iPadPro: Pencil
Apps Used: Procreate

Electrician Vic was wrestling with the old raggedy wires in my kitchen and wasn’t moving very much. Instant inspiration for my pen and me.

Envelope, Zebra Fine Brush Pen

Toned Blue Strathmore 400 Series mixed media paper, Tombow Zebra Fine Brush Pen, Molotow acrylic paint marker.

Toned Blue Strathmore 400 Series mixed media paper, Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (hard tip), Pitt brush pens, Molotow acrylic paint marker.

I saw this painting in the background on an ad from The Met advertising their music/instrument galleries. Instead of joining the other NYC Urban Sketchers and focusing on Armor I followed the convoluted path to the music galleries, spotted the painting right away and my new improved eyeball and I enjoyed the opportunity to copy it in relative isolation. I managed to finish the whole thing (oops! Ran out of a bit of room on the bottom) in time to join up with the others in the cafeteria for lunch.

After: Fernando Botero, “Dancing In Colombia” 1980, oil on canvas.

Toned Blue Strathmore 400 Series mixed media paper; Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (hard tip), Pitt brush pens, Molotow acrylic paint markers.

The day after surgery, Thursday, the dressing was removed. When I noticed that my eye was open – it has a mind of its own – I covered the good eye and immediately exclaimed as to how much better my vision is. Yay! Not perfect but the eyeball will take awhile to resume its proper shape (hey! Shape Up over there) and live up to the expectations of its improved condition. It is so much better. Happy camper am I.

Benedicte and I walked over to Burger Heaven and had breakfast for lunch. We zig-zag walked up to Madison Avenue, stopped into a gallery neither of us had ever been in and discovered, on the 2nd floor, some Chagalls, a Picasso drawing and a couple of Buffet paintings that were charming and not flowers. We ended up in The Met Breuer, checked out every floor, liked some things, got some ideas from other things. Benedicte was still taking care of me even though I seemed to be back to normal. I assured her that I was ok to take a bus to Penn Station by myself. I had orders to text as soon as I arrived home. Strange to say: it was actually a fun couple of days with almost no stress. As I was being wheeled into the operating room on Wednesday afternoon, the patient before me, already with a dressing covering one eye smiled a big grin at me and gave me a “thumbs up”. That’s how things went.

iPadPro: Pencil
Apps Used: Finngr Pro

Walking wounded. Had some surgery yesterday, cataract extraction and a bonus that I can’t spell right now. Hard to spell with one eye open. It was in the city so Benedicte, the angel, and I stayed in a hotel for the night. Before the appointment I had time to do some sketching in MoMA. Pre-surgical sedative. After the surgery we called for an Uber and had the most delightful and interesting driver ever – he came here from Bangladesh eleven years ago and is currently in college. We checked into the hotel, stowed our belongings and walked to 8th and 34th for dinner (I had been fasting all day) at Tick Tock Diner. Then we took our hotel vouchers, for 2 drinks, to Pennsy and we sketched the drinking crowd. Pretty nice place, not too boisterous. Pssst Benedicte had my drink. Mandatory self-portrait followed.

iPadPro: Pencil
Apps Used: Finngr Pro

The doorknob has a job. One less thing I have to do.

iPadPro: Pencil
Apps Used: Finngr Pro

Moleskine, collaged paper towel, Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (hard tip), Pitt brush pen