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today (excepting the humidity) is the fact that the drawing was done with the wrong hand. ?

Otherwise, two really, really good things happened. ?One is a secret. ?Yes, yes, yes Another Secret. ?
What a PIA I am.
The other one concerns a purchase I made after a drive to East Northport this afternoon. ?This good thing has a sub-good thing attached to it – ?it was $20 less than I expected. ?Mac and I quickly took care of that when I got home. ?This one is not a secret but I think I’ll wait until the usual period of procrastination wears off.



I’m sitting in front of the fan and pigging out on my 3-month free HBO and Cinemax while I stitch away on a whole cloth quilt. Movie after movie and stitch after stitch. I had to rip out the first hand stitching I did because it was wrong and then all of a sudden I found my groove and started doing what the piece wanted me to do. Part of my recent “itching” had to do with needing something to sew – BADLY. Now I’m feeling soothed and content. My version of “slow cloth” (chuckle).



I just checked the weather widget on Mac and I see that it is 94 degrees in Philly right now (5:19 pm) and only 86 where I am. Phew. It seems it could be worse after all.

I’ve caught a bug – an idea bug. I can’t get rid of it. I’m itchy and antsy and can’t settle down. I’ve searched and researched on the web, made a few phone calls, found some books that look interesting. One of my phone calls was fruitful and helped soothe the itch a bit. I’m still restless from this so I think I’ll mosey on out to JoAnne’s to poke around a bit (no buying of ANYTHING) and then down to Barnes and Noble and see if they have any of the “interesting” books. I like to check them out first because a lot of these books turn out to be disappointing.

Aaaargh! It’s driving me crazy – I’m even TWITCHING!!?


I’m going to set up teenytinytable studio with another idea I have so that when I come back from my Not Buying Anything shopping I’ll have no excuse and will get right to work.

I’m swaying between summertime blahs (yes – I get the summertime blahs – not my favorite season) and “boy I feel good”. ?Sigh. ?I have a couple of remedies though. ?One is (are?) my colored pencils and the other is the watermelon I’m going to cut up in a few minutes. ?Yum. ?That will undoubtedly kill the scottdramatics.




BTW – where oh where is Shirley? ?Still on the beach????


In a little while I’m off to meet most of the Usual Bunch in the city. ?We’re going Chelsea gallery hopping and then a bit of art making in the evening at Center for Book Arts. ?Melly has been very distracted lately with all sorts of deadlines and workshop prep so she had a “bit” of difficulty keeping up with the flying e-mails. ?Finally, in exasperation I told her where and when we were meeting and she should just wait on one of the corners. ?

I’m looking forward to this.


Yesterday I attended a seminar at the NYC Department of Health.  I was wondering if anyone from my previous job would be there.  Right away, on the security line, I found myself behind a woman I usually saw when I was coming in and she was leaving from the night shift.  We had a bit of a gossip and got our security badges/labels.


After breakfast (free!) I went into the auditorium with my group of ten and heard someone calling my name.  Two rows behind was a Blast from the Past – 1983 to be exact.  More sharing of news – good and bad, surprising and not so surprising.


Later, when I was  on line for the lunch buffet (free!) (delicious!) another Blast – probably 15 years ago.  More news.


The final one was more amusing – three times in December and January she said she would call me back “next week” about a job.  Her loss.  Her game-playing did me a big favor.  I got a better one.









Tomorrow I’m headed into Manhattan again.  This time I’m attending a seminar at the NYC Department of Health.  I’m donning my Serious Hat and leaving the Silly one in my bag – never can tell – I might need to whip it out at a moment’s notice.  One thing is for sure.  I’m keeping my eyes wide open since there is no telling what one might see while in the City.



I can happily spend hours surfing from one site to another.  Here, there and everywhere.  This morning I was given a Surfing Assignment that was soooo BORINGBORINGBORING I had to escape.  Who knew feeding hundred of sheets of paper into the shredder could be so stimulating.   




So, where’s Melly?


Now that you mention it…….most peculiar.


Very curious. She LOVES birds. Hmmm.


We need to search for her.


How the hell are we supposed to find Melly with all these 5 year olds running around and screeching???


Oh just shut up and start looking before it’s too late.


Let’s get this search organized. I’ll look to the left, you look to the right, Joe – look straight ahead and Ben! you look back there.


(hmmph – who made him the boss of me. That’s what I’d like to know.) Huh, oh nothing. I thought I’d look UP.


Oh Mikey – don’t stress yourself – you know he’s like that. Bossy, bossy, bossy. I’ll help you and look DOWN.


Shhh. Wait a second. I thought I heard her back here.


No, no. I’m sure I spotted her just up ahead. I’m going to try to catch her.


I don’t know Bill – what makes you think she will be up there? Are you really trusting what that Third Grader (with the ice cream cone) said? This is an awful lot of work to do based on a unverified rumor.