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Some downsized, rejuvenated, perked up and mailed art.



Three were received.  The fourth – maybe it’s still “in the mail”.

An exciting episode straight out of my life:  Sunday night I ate the last of the grapes – no more fruit in the house.    I didn?t want to go to Costco on Monday for a lot of silly reasons which I?m to embarrassed to mention so instead I went to the little fruit market when I went out to get coffee and bought three Golden Delicious apples.  I only needed two – one for desert at lunch and one for the same reason at dinner.  But, you know, what happens if I get the munchies in the middle of the night?  I might starve to death so that?s why I brought home three.  


Yes, they are/were very pretty Golden Delicious apples.  And, yes, I did take ?some? artistic license while drawing them.  ?3 Apples? was drawn on Sheer Heaven with Caran d?Ache watercolor pencils and then transferred to the unpainted page with 70% alcohol.  I transferred each apple separately for ease of manageability.  That is exactly how they transferred, I didn?t touch them up at all.  Whether I should have is another issue.  Then acrylic and guache, stamping, Pitt pen and a teensy bit of collage.  By the way, the pencil (not the paint) bled through to the blank Moleskine sketch page behind the images.   That doesn?t matter to me at all.  I?m not concerning myself with things like that with this journaling process.  It will get incorporated or covered up when I get to the affected pages.  I skipped ahead in the book to do this spread because I discovered something when I was doing the next one (which I did first).  Stay tuned.







The drawing in the second spread (done first) was again done on Sheer Heaven but using Caran d?Ache Watersoluble crayons.   Then acrylic paint, guache, stamping and Pitt pen.  The lesson I learned:  the transfer alcohol seeped through the page, which it does, and made the acrylic paint on the previous page gummy and also managed to make the one previous to that also gummy.  This resulted in bits of previous pages sticking to each other which was not nice but not a disaster either.   I stuck wax paper between those pages, they dried and the disruption was very small and fixable.  Next time I have those colors out I?ll tend to them.  Another thing I noticed.  This mini Moleskine Sketch is having a harder time handling the painted pages – It seems to be affecting the binding whereas this doesn?t happen in the larger ones.  I wonder if this is just this particular book or if it is because  it is so small.  Again, I don?t care.  I like this little one a lot and I?m enjoying myself.  If it falls apart, well, that?s what rubber bands are for.