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The New York Urban Sketchers had big plans for yesterday, Saturday. There was a morning location, an afternoon location and an in-between location.

Instead of joining them for the morning figure drawing on Spring Street I opted instead to revisit the American Indian Museum NY since the George Morrison exhibit is closing. I wanted to remember facets of this particular sketch so I quickly copied it using a very simple app so that I wouldn’t get bogged down.

I know, since you all pay rapt attention to my blather, that you will remember I saw this exhibition last October and was blown away by the beauty of his artwork but I had very little time and wasn’t able to copy anything. Yesterday time wasn’t a problem.

This caught my eye in another gallery:

I hopped back on the #1 subway to the Times Square station. For the in-between portion we were meeting in Times Square. I called Mark to find out where, got his answering machine, didn’t spot anyone I knew among the million or so tourists milling about on Broadway so I went to the 8th floor lobby of the Marriott on Broadway and 45th Street. While I waited, I sketched a couple of people as they waited for each other to use the rest room – they were a bit too quick. Mark returned my call and soon enough there he and a few other sketchers were.

We talked for awhile and then walked to 39th Street where a unique sketching experience awaited.

Stay tuned.

iPad; Penultimate, ArtRage and Sketch Club apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus. Only the text in the George Morrison pieces were added later at home. Everything else was completed while in the museum.

The bowl is overflowing.

I put the stopwatch on while I did the speed sketch = 1 minute 52 seconds. Never mind how long all the rest took. None of your business.

iPad; Penultimate, ArtRage, Glaze, a wisp of Finngr Pro and the receipt from my breakfast; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

The Virtual part.

This is what I did on Monday afternoon:

The long-winded part.

A few things came together:

A lot of negative emotions I was trying to get a handle on and vanquish.
Here it was, Monday, and I hadn’t drawn, sketched, painted – nada since Different Things 7. That was ok. I figured last week was pretty intense and my brain was just giving me a period to reboot. Saturday was Anna’s (Orange Head from December) last day at work (transferring to another job in another building) and she was posing and doing everything but stand on her head to get me to draw her. I just didn’t have any sketch oomph in me – too bad because she was dressed such that it would have been fun. Oh well. So, I was toying with a couple of ideas to get me jump started on sketching.

1. Patricio – a Facebook friend – did a few wonderful digital pieces (especially this one) using sketches on Penultimate as a base. Hmm. I had forgotten about that app. This was the first one I used for drawing when I was an iPad newby and was trying to acclimate to the process of creating art on the device.

2. Then I read this blog post about Virtual Paintout (see her links on the post if interested). I have frequently looked into this but every time I follow the little man on Google maps, even if it is in the most picturesque city, I ALWAYS end up in a vacant lot with dry grass and nothing else. ALWAYS. It doesn’t matter how many times I move the little man around. Sigh. Plus, they don’t allow digital paintings which is a Big Bummer and Really Crappy so I get discouraged and move on. Anyway, today I followed the link/reference for her drawing (H Street, Washington DC) and moved the cursor around until I found a trio of interesting buildings – across the street or catty-corner from her – took a screen shot, cropped it and left it in Camera Roll for one-of-these-days.

3. At one point, as I was walking around the house, I pulled out one of my newsprint figure drawing papers from the middle of the pile. A random choice. I put that next to The Recliner for later on.

4. I spotted a Meetup announcement for Sunday, RSVP’d “yes” and found myself on the waiting list. That’s not a problem because most of the people will change their RSVP to “no” and I will move up. It sounded interesting, lots of stop-and-look involved, but this was not a sketching group so the “stop” part would not be long. How will I be able to sketch quickly such that I will be satisfied with the results and not frustrated? Ah Ha. I think I’ll see how fast I can draw using the updated Penultimate.

I practiced by quickly sketching books across the room and paying attention to any lag. I sketched the figure on the newsprint. Ok.

So then I imported the Washington, DC street photo into Penultimate where it pinned itself to the page as if a reference photo was taped to the edge of a canvas. Because this was a test of how quickly I could draw in this app that’s what I did. It is an approximation and I was pleased with the drawing, the speed and the fact that I could pin the photo to the drawing and refer to it. I thought that if I go to the Meetup I could do quick thumbnail type sketches and also take a photo with the iPad for later at home. I also discovered (well, re-remembered) that a photo can be taken from within the app and it is automatically pinned on the drawing page. Perfect! Then the page can be flipped to a clean one (Penultimate consists of little notebooks) and the process repeated. No muss, no fuss with finicky apps.

I wonder how much the extra-large Dunkin’ influenced all of the above?

iPad; Penultimate (drawing), ArtRage (crayons, palette knife, mysterious farting around – can you spot it?); New Trent Arcadia Stylus.

One of our little group is happily splashing away in Hawaii right this minute despite a vertiginous snorkeling experience. Someone must have sent her reminders and a carefully annotated map since she apparently arrived where intended. And when.

Take a look at what I was doing just about exactly two years ago.
It is precisely what I’m doing right this very minute.
And will probably be doing for the foreseeable future if I’m to believe the weather demons on TV.

#1. Sketch Club app, my new stylus whatever it’s name is (it’s too hot to find the name).
#2. Penultimate app, Pogo Sketch stylus. I was a newborn iPat sketcher and used this app to get acclimated.

I recycled a drawing done in May, 2011 for the setting of the “action”. I was a baby iPad-er, just a month old, and utilized the Penultimate app to get me acclimated to drawing on the tablet because, no kidding, even before it was invented and long before I owned my own computer I knew this was what I was waiting for.

Well, after the fact, I knew knew knew that I had been waiting for Something.

ArtRage app, Sensu stylus; Penultimate. (Here’s the original little “story” in case anyone wants to go back in time.)


I worked very hard, mustered up energy and took the train into the city Sunday morning.  Destination: Secret Park with the Central Park Sketching MeetUp Group.  I gave myself enough time but didn’t factor in all the subway lines that were having weekend maintenance work done on them.  One line had the local train running on the express tracks and another line had the express train stopping at the local stations.  Plus I won’t mention the fact that the frequency of subways running was decreased.  To be truthful it wasn’t all bad – there was plenty of time to observe the Underground Wildlife.


When I finally arrived at 51st Street and Lexington Avenue I was late and still had to walk three of the long east-west blocks to join the group.  I huffed and puffed towards First Avenue under the now hot sun, and phoned Scott – “I’m coming, wait for me!”.  You see, the entrance to the park was “secret” and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find it.  (I was also convinced I was using up the allotment of
my Hot Summer Day Energy just getting to the meeting spot.)  Phew.  The group of about 30 were waiting for stragglers in the shade of a tall building on the corner and Scott waved to me from across the street. 


The organizer, Jesse, led us another block eastward and through a gate and down a whole lot of skinny stone steps.  The atmosphere changed considerably from hot sun radiating off of concrete, to one of trees trees trees and shade and unexpected constant breezes (which up until then had been non-existent) and benches all over the place.  It was a Cool Oasis and I was glad that I was there.  I’m not sure the regulars were very happy to be inundated by an art supply toting hoard but once we took out our pencils and pens and paints it got very quiet.



After 30 minutes of sketching we all gathered at this big round thingamabob and displayed our drawings.  I met a woman named Dilly and chatted and found out she is staying in the neighborhood of my former job.  
We had a nice conversation and then it was time to gather up our notebooks and sketch again.



Scott and I had planned on not being shy so we took out our iPads to do some Plein Air a la Digital art.
We needn’t have worried.  Everyone was curious and interested in what we were doing and it led to some nice conversations.



When I showed Anna what I was doing while she was sketching some “nature” she was delighted and I
e-mailed it to her right then and there.  
Scott and I put our iPads on the round concrete display thingy with one of us guarding them while the other artists passed by and asked loads of questions.  


It was a fun day and I completely forgot that it was HOT in the real world at the top of the steps.  Ugh!  We had decided to walk up to MOMA and just pop in for a very short visit to only one exhibit.  We were dripping wet and pretty near exhausted by the time we arrived.  Our destination was the South African prints and then we stopped upstairs to see the Hungarian posters.


I decided to walk back to Penn Station (about one mile) because of the subway – or lack of subway – situation and I do not exaggerate when I say it almost KILLED me.