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On the last day Marilyn told us to sketch people for 15 minutes. No problem. I waited until everyone settled down, found my spot and did what I do.

Next she told us to go into the park and find things to sketch. I’d been cutting through the park to get to the workshop every day and had already scoped out a view I wanted to sketch. I leaned on a wall between tables and looked across the large swath of lawn towards the buildings on 40th Street.

When we all gathered together at the Art Cart tables Marilyn showed us how to add collage to our sketchbook pages and how to use markers to add grays or colors. We finally had permission to use something besides the pen.

I walked up to Seventh Avenue to catch a bus downtown. I planned on joining the weekday NYC Urban Sketchers for a couple of hours. Every other bus came by in multiples but not the one I needed. It was hot and after 45 minutes of waiting I just walked down to Penn Station and went home. Why didn’t I take the subway? Well, as I was walking to Seventh Avenue I spotted TV news vans and I inquired as to what was happening and I was told there was a slasher loose at the Bryant Park station. So I looked for a never-coming bus.

Moleskine cahier, pen; sketched on location.

Just after the workshop in Bryant Park broke up I spotted this woman sitting down at one of our tables by the wall. How could I resist. I took out my tiny (yes, I actually have three different sizes) gridded notebook.

Then I got onto a bus which let me off at 14th Street where I had coffee and yogurt and read my book before heading further downtown. There was still a lot of things to do: Figure al Fresco in South Cove and then back up to the Salmagundi Club for Monotype Party. To follow. Eventually.

Gridded notebook and Pencil/Pitt fine pen, sketched on location. At home photographed using iPad and then imported into Sketch Club for color. iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

The next morning Marilyn Rose talked about making composite sketchbook pages and demonstrated by having us follow her as she sketched this and that. My first sketch was done just before she started the workshop and Fortitude was added as I followed her with the group.

The demonstration took about 30 minutes and then she sent us off. I sketched facing the library and then turned around to face Fifth Avenue. We met up after about 40 minutes for more discussion. (Psst. Joaquin, below, is also from Figure al Fresco).

The next time she sent us out I walked around the library on 40th street thinking I would enter the park. Instead, I was “attracted” to the hard hat guy and decided to lean against the park wall and sketch the confusion of a building going up/renovated.

Moleskine cahier, pen; sketched on location.
Color added later at home using Pitt Brush pens. Commercial alphabet stamps; StayzOn pigment ink.

After Marilyn’s workshop I walked over to Madison Avenue and caught an uptown bus to 75th Street. I spent some time at The Met Breuer viewing the Klee exhibition where I had a Brainstorm(!) which I actually worked on the next evening. Stay tuned for that.

On the bus ride down to Penn Station I took out my gridded notebook and crayons (boy did I feel self conscious using crayons) and sketched the large group of Asian tourists filling up all the seats below me. The color was added using iPat later at home.

All the tourists got off at Rockefeller Center leaving a peaceful, empty bus.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
#1. Gridded notebook, Crayola crayons, Pitt fine pen sketched on location. At home photographed using iPad and then imported into Sketch Club for color. #2. Finngr Pro and Sketch Club

I signed up for “Artists’ Studio Workshop: Urban Sketching with Marilyn Rose”, a two hour/three morning drawing workshop, last week, held in Bryant Park as part of their Art Cart. When she saw me she asked “Why?” I said “It’s free!” The 15 or maybe 20 participants ran the gamut from sketchers to those who haven’t drawn since third grade.

Marilyn started each session with a brief urban sketching lesson by doing a quick, clear and concise demonstration. The Art Cart people provided everyone with sketch books and pens and Marilyn sent us off for our first sketch with instructions to return in about 30 minutes. Everyone laid out their books and Marilyn continued her lesson by briefly commenting and giving suggestions. She then sent us out again and went around to everyone while they sketched.

These first three sketches were done with a continuous line – my rules – which was very freeing while using a pen since there is no point in fussing over mistakes. Just fix or ignore.

On the last day she demonstrated, using the Art Cart supplies, how to add grays and add collage to cover something up or to add text or correct the drawing. All my collage was used to cover up my lame attempt at drawing the steps and parts of the library building. Perspective Bah!


For this drawing I was leaning on a wall with my back to the library looking out over Fifth Avenue. Should have stuck with continuous line.

Moleskine cashier, pen – sketched on location at NYC Library/Bryant Park.
Pitt brush pens and collage added later at home. Hand carved and commercial alphabet stamps; Stayz On Pigment ink pads.

Playing card; collage; acrylic paint

Some of the sketchers. When the pose isn’t keeping my interest I shift gears.

That’s NYC Urban Sketcher Shawne and her friends.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Procreate and Sketch Club

Some of us left Central Park and spent a few hours in this month’s Dr. sketchy. I love it when he models for us.



iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Procreate and Sketch Club

I walked back to the other side of the Gap Stow Bridge where there was a spectacular view and did my best in my gridded notebook.

Sketched from direct observation. Color added later at home.
Gridded notebook and Pencil/Pitt fine pen, photographed using iPad and then imported into Sketch Club for color (ArtRage used for texture only). iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

At lunch joy collaged and I sketched her doing it. The wind was stronger – it was very entertaining.

I didn’t want to sit in the sunshine so I sat where I had a view of the sketchers who had a view of the Gap Stow Bridge. There was awful bagpipe music coming from somewhere. I changed the colors of two shirts from white to something else. Artistic license.

#1&2: iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
#1 Finngr Pro; #2 Procreate and Sketch Club (ArtRage used for texture only)