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I left the NYC Urban Sketchers a bit early, caught a bus (M3), disembarked at 56th Street and Fifth and walked a few blocks to my follow-up eye appointment. Since it was late in the day and the various waiting areas were crowded I took out my iPod Touch with the intention to read. Across the room, lady on the left was intensely describing, to the lady on the right, a stranger, all the horrors that could and do go wrong during certain eye procedures. Aargh. Not at all what I wanted to listen to so I stuck an earbud in one ear (so I could hear when my name was called) and turned up the volume on NPR and proceeded to blurrily and dilatedly draw them.

Drawing done in iPod Touch, sent to my iPad via e-mail; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

Apps Used: Sketch Club for drawing and painting, ArtRage just for the texture.

Yes. Super Dilated = Big Blur.

This is a very friendly and efficient place, at least first thing in the morning. I walked in, gave my name, asked for a copy of the report from the last visit, announced I was going to the ladies room, came back, report was handed to me and someone was waiting to take me back to the next waiting area. Five minutes, tops.

Two minutes later I was in a small room giving updated history info, near and far vision check, drops, pressure check and then the dilation drops. Waiting room again.

I was reading a book on my iPod Touch when I decided to check out the drawing apps I had on it. There was a convenient elderly lady with a not so elderly man. Using Zen Brush I sketched her and then I was taken into another room to have pictures taken.

The man with the old lady in the drawing below is another man because when I came back the waiting room was crowded and I sat opposite someone else. I decided to stick him with her.

So then I decided to sketch the same guy using Sketch Club vector tool with “fill” turned off. Now, realize that everyone else is sitting for a few minutes, being taken somewhere, returning etc., just as I am. I’m a bit fuzzy as to the sequence because things became dramatic. I think I had seen the doctor and drew the guy after that and before I went to another room for more pictures requiring two different injected fluids.

Then I was called into another room. This one had the mirror, in which they flash the letter chart, positioned such that I could see myself as I sat waiting for the doctor to reappear. How could I resist. I forgot that Sketji does not go from the iPod Touch to iPat nicely.

It was a magnificent day and I was feeling really good. I had plans for how I was going to spend the rest of the day. But my mood shifted. I don’t know why.

He told me this and that, etc., etc. He said he wants to get the opinion of his colleague and do I mind waiting because he’s with another patient. Sure. No problem. I opened Sketch Club and turned “fill” back on. He saw this one and made me show it to everyone who entered the room. “And she did this with blurry eyes!”, he exclaimed.

Colleague concurred with his opinion so, after he told me what he wanted to do RIGHT NOW, and after I pretty much screamed “YUCK!!!!”, I did the final self-portrait in ArtRage using oil paint and actually drawing the lines as the last step, while I waited for the gathering of Lots More Drops and a sharp thing.

Feel free to cringe and shout YUCK yourself.

He said, aside from the built-in Yuck Factor of the whole procedure, it would only take a few seconds. I warned him that there was a likelihood that I would turn white due to a vasovagal thingy and he should keep an eye on me. A few seconds later I asked if I was still pink. Yes. All is well. The assistant washes out my eye with saline a few times but it still stings from all the attention it has gotten. She says she will come back and wash it out a few more times and leaves. I sit there patiently waiting.

And then I become the star in my own personal drama.
Uh oh.
Tunnel vision.
Legs feel weird. If I were to stand up I would hit the floor. I know that for sure.
I sort of stick my head in the vicinity of between my knees but my waistband suddenly feels tight, the chair position is awkward. I start to drip drip drip sweat from every pore I own.
Am I breathing funny? Or just being dramatic since I’m alone? “Hello? Can someone come here?”
Clarence the technician comes in. “I’m going to faint”. He adjusts the chair and goes to get the assistant. She brings me water. I don’t want it. I’ll throw it back up. (How embarrassing would that be? I look around for a garbage can.)
She gets a nurse (or nurse substitute) who sees Clammy Sweaty Grey-Complexioned Me and knows just what to do. Take off hoodie. An ice pack behind my neck, lots of water, check blood pressure. I feel better. I’m not sweating anymore.

The Silver Lining: She brings me a Whole Package of special super delicious cookies. Yum.

Epilogue: I left on my own two feet – the vasovagal episode, for me, is self limiting and I have never fainted from it since, so far, I have recognized that I better sit down quick. After I left I got a coffee and something to eat but since my eye was so irritated and it was already 1:00, I decided to curtail my plans and I ate with my eyes closed, walked down Fifth Avenue with my eyes closed, crossed streets without getting run over and managed to get to Penn Station in one piece. My other eye closed in sympathy. My eyes didn’t want to look at anything. The eyes stayed closed for the 40 minute train ride and, like magic, felt better all of a sudden.

But, gee whiz, I had planned on walking all over the city doing loads of sketches.

iPod Touch; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: (if you haven’t been paying attention)
Zen Brush, Sketch Club, Sketji, ArtRage

I’m on the train again. I can see this guy through the gap between the two seats in front of me. I left myself time to have coffee and a “modified” breakfast before walking down to Sixth Avenue and the F Train.

I joined the NYC Walks: Nature, Beauty & Peace Meetup group in brooklyn on the northeast corner of York and Jay Streets. The organizer was leading us through the Dumbo Arts Festival 2013. He had scoped out all the galleries and chose a select few. Some were weird, some ok, a rare few of really good art, and then the hideous. Ran the gamut. Up stairs, down stairs, through serpentine hallways.

We stopped for lunch at 3pm and I opted to stand on the long line for the fancy outhouse potty thingies. Such a slow line. I took the iTouch out of my pocket, held it in my shadow and sketched the girl behind me. She was about a foot away and probably wondering why I was staring. I sure couldn’t understand the conversation.

Back in Penn Station later that afternoon I had a long wait until the train so I found my new favorite place for afternoon coffee.

This was the view while waiting for the potty opportunity.

I’m on the fence about this new group. The organizer is a nice guy and was well prepared. The attendees were all ages, backgrounds, nationalities, newbies and repeaters. A nice pleasant mix. But… I’m going to attend a couple more of the meetups of this particular group to see which side of the fence I end up on.

iPad, iPod Touch (2nd drawing); Sketch Club and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

Last Wednesday, the 18th, I sat in a bus shelter on 57th Street and waited for Benedicte and Shirley. A week or so before a vehicle slammed into one of these shelters. That thought passed through my head, I studied the traffic pattern and kept sitting.

Our first stop was Pace Galleries and the Dubuffet exhibit. The drawings were wonderful and we each lingered to sketch details (um, I made up most of the details in my drawing). Sketching was permitted. Pat Stier monotypes were up one floor, Rauschenberg photographs were on another and marvelous African sculptures were on another. All Pace Galleries. And you know what we were told a couple of times? “There are no restrooms for the public.” Nice, right? One gallery person directed us to the IBM building or another gallery across the street. Peeing was Not Permitted. For The Public.

We headed across the street to Alexandre Gallery, 41 E 57th, where there was a mishmash of paintings. Two Marsden Hartley’s that I (gasp) didn’t care for and others, only one that made the visit worthwhile and which escapes my memory right now. Will Barnet. That’s who. Beautiful.

The bathroom needed a key which was un-hesitantly given to us.

A zillion lithographs, etchings, etc.were at Marlborough Gallery, “Matisse: The Essence of Line Selected Prints: 1900-1950”. Worth a visit.

(I forgot her belly button)

Around 1:00 we took the subway downtown. Benedicte was joining us for Figure al Fresco. To be continued.

iPod Touch; Sketch Club, ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

ps. When I win Power Ball guess which gallery won’t get a cent of it.

I had 40 minutes to wait

so I drew him twice.

iPod Touch, Sketch Club app, New Trent Arcadia stylus.

I was in the city on Friday and didn’t have time afterwards to get the other life drawing sketches tidied up and stuff written about. Maybe tomorrow.

Walking west toward Penn Station at about 4pm. I just missed the bus that would take me directly there so had to take one that just travels down Fifth Ave. and walk the rest of the way. I love that green little bridge between buildings way way up over the street.

iPod Touch, Sketch Club app, New Trent Arcadia stylus and no fancy funny business at all.

Just look what was waiting for me in the lunchroom yesterday morning. Totally oblivious to everything but the little screen. Another night worker on break and all bundled up. It is freezing in this place.

There’s either too much work or not enough. I was able to help my co-worker and she was just finishing up the last bits and pieces so I took advantage of the opportunity.

In a little while I’m heading into a part of the city I don’t think I’ve ever been. Figure drawing – nude this time. I’m bringing paper and pen but let’s see if iPat can draw naked people.

iPad (first drawing), iPod Touch (second drawing); Sketch club app for drawing and color (both). ArtRage app for rough paper background. New Trent Arcadia stylus.

I arrived at Wednesday’s Figure al Fresco, sat in the seat Judy saved for me and, while waiting for the session to begin, sketched the lady directly across the “clearing” from me using the iPod Touch.

Afterwards, at 4:45 I was on the M20 heading uptown to 14th Street when she boarded the bus at a later stop and sat behind me. I turned around and showed her this sketch and another one I did towards the end of the day on the iPad. She was surprised and asked some questions about drawing on the devices and we chatted for a few minutes. One of the first questions was “You did the drawing on that?”. That question, coming from an artist always perplexes me.

iPod Touch, Sketch Cub app, New Trent Arcadia stylus.
ArtRage app just for background.

For some reason that I can’t remember I was up earlier than usual last Sunday. It was too hot and humid so I headed to the mall for a walk before it opened. Round and round and round I walked. I forced myself to sit in the food court and took the iPod Touch out of my pocket.

Just fooling around.

I think these drawings are the last I will do on the small device with this app. It seems to me that the line is better on the larger iPad. Maybe the real estate is too small on the Touch and when the image is in the actual size the “particles” (you all know what I mean) are all spread out? To the point where it is yuck.

iPod Touch, Sketji app, New Trent Arcadia stylus.

I caught an early train Into the city last Saturday. Not a very early one, just earlier than necessary and went to my usual haunt in Penn Station, had a big bowl of oatmeal, a large cup of coffee, read a book that lives in the iPod Touch and sketched the crowds outside the window as they either scurried or stood waiting.

Oops. It’s time to catch the downtown #1 subway.
To be continued…..

iPod Touch for drawing and color. Sketch Club app, New Trent Arcadia stylus. Paper texture from ArtRage in iPat.