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Thursday and Friday were spent at The Center for Contemporary Printmaking working with encaustic.  To prepare I printed from my thermofax “Faces” screens onto some questionable gelatin monotypes made last summer.  These papers I adhered to six 6″x6″, two 2″x4″ and one 4″ x 4″ cradled boards.  Also, as an experiment, I printed with the screens on already-waxed boards and on some finished pieces that I never really liked and thought I would try to rework.  Printing on the wax worked fine but my reworking of the older pieces was a disaster – what started out ugly remained ugly – at least the wax can be melted and scraped off and the boards reused.

I’m pleased, for the most part, with how the works on cradled boards turned out.  Here are three of them – they are all part of a series and it was noted on Friday that they are a bit “dark” for me.  


I won’t tell you what Leslie said they reminded her of (and when she was searching for the name I knew exactly what she was talking about)


but I agreed with her instantly although I had nothing to do with that – I was just the conduit.  You really have to see all nine lined up together to see what I mean but I took the photographs in the studio and had trouble adjusting the colors.

(Psst.  The next one is my favorite.)


The hotel I spent the night in promised me two bottles of water and a wireless connection.  I finished the water but the wireless fizzled out and I should have called down to the front desk but instead I read my book and completed two journal entries and didn’t Internet Obsess. 


 Yes, yes, yes I also had the television(s!!!!) on.

I had an eventful week. ?First I met Melly on Broadway and 34th Street Wednesday at 5:30. ?The corner she was standing on was crowded with rush hour all directions foot/vehicle traffic.?


Amongst all this confusion was a little tiny pocket of serenity. ?There was a street artist with a chair, a shabby sketchbook and various possessions on the ground around her. ?It looked as if she was finished for the day so I couldn’t see what she had been drawing. ?But – look! – in front of her was a yellow cat wearing a collar and leash. ?Now, I don’t know much about cats but I have the impression they like to curl up and sleep most of the time. ?This cat was sitting up, alert, staring at the artist intently with RAYS of adoration shooting out of its eyes and oblivious to all the surrounding hubbub. ?That’s what happens in the city – all of a sudden you will stumble upon the unexpected – and sometimes you walk away with a smile on your face. ?We sure did.

Then Melly took me to the coolest Japanese store – 6th Avenue & 41 Street (or 40th I wasn’t paying attention, just following and chattering) – Kinokuniya Bookstores. ?We went to the office supply area and just let our eyes pig out on the feast of the unusual. ?Mechanical pencils galore. ?Fountain pens! ?Books we couldn’t read but were unable to not touch and ogle. ?Hours we didn’t have could have passed just on that floor alone. ?We headed to the upper floor and, instead of a proper meal, indulged in sweets and smacked our lips and felt no guilt at all. ?It was too tasty to feel guilty about.

Next we headed over to 35th Street between Lex and Park and attended a meeting of the Textile Study Group. ?Joanne Mattera was lecturing on encaustic and fibers. ?When Melly took out her purple sock knitting it broke the ice and women turned around or leaned forward. ?Despite some power point projection issues it was a very interesting talk. ?

On Thursday and Friday I drove up to the Center for Contemporary Printmaking to take part in an encaustic workshop. ?I’ve been there multiple times but was a bit worried because my head seemed to be Empty and there were No Apparent Ideas so I was very Scott Dramatic with myself and worried I would be blocked and frustrated blah blah blah. ?Well, the drama was unnecessary. ?I ended up having, in my opinion, a very successful two days and came home with six completed pieces – four of which consist of two pieces each nailed together – so really, I guess ten pieces in total. ?

Here’s a sliver of “Small Crocus” – I used a bit of Wednesday’s Japanese freebie newspaper – see how the three days are intermingled? ?I really amaze myself sometimes.


and this is a sliver of “Scrolls 1”. ?Yes, there is a “Scrolls 2”. ?