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I have an idea.  


I might as well use her as the guinea pig.

But, then again, there is no shortage of material.


So maybe I’ll play around with Melly & Silly instead.

But why stop there?  Scott could use some attention too.

It’s not as if I haven’t mangled him before.  

This is going to be a bit of this and a bit of that and some of the other thing.

1.  Going back briefly to August and the Road Trip to Chicago.  On our way back Melly and I spent the night in a hotel in We’re-Tired-Now-So-Let’s-Stop, Ohio.  It was a little bit skeevy, not a lot, but just enough.  The walls were painted brown which didn’t help very much.

In the bathroom, right across from the toilet I spotted this 


and commented to myself “Ah Ha!  Perfect spot for a camera.”  I toyed with the idea of putting a towel down on the floor in front of it but decided I wouldn’t do anything embarrassing so it wasn’t necessary.  I planned on discussing this with Melly but while I was brushing my teeth I got all involved in a very elaborate daydream about a mouse that would come out of the hole when the lights were out and would chew on my stuff while I slept.  I totally forgot about mentioning the hidden camera to Melly, made sure my suitcase was zipped up tight and mouse proof, got into bed and zzzzzzzzz.

2.  Here is my bundle that I sent off to Iraq for IBOL II:


and all wrapped up tight


3.  A few Sunday’s ago I met Scott (all blown up for the occasion) at the Met.  We were supposed to meet at the museum book store – on the left.  I got off the subway at 86th and Lex and stopped at Hot & Crusty for a coffee to drink while I walked up to 5th.  I called him to let him know I would be there in about 10 minutes.  I strolled and sipped, stopped and took a picture for some tourists, sipped some more.  When I got to the museum stairs I tossed the coffee and headed to the book store.  I spotted Scott, his back was to me so I got out my camera and snuck up close to him and took a pic:


He turned around.  Oops – not Scott.  I kept walking.

4.  The next day I met Shirley in Penn Station and we walked down to Park Avenue.  Our plans were prioritized – starting with lunch (where we hogged a Manhattan lunchtime table and did extensive show-and-tell) and then Swan Galleries, National Arts Club in Gramercy Park and a bit of sketching.


She discovered that she forgot Swann’s address.

5.  The following Saturday I joined my L.I. walking group in lower Manhattan.


We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and back again – a first for me – and then wandered around here and there and grabbed a bite.  What a beautiful bridge and what a wonderful walk. 


 6.  This past Sunday I met up with the JSG, Scott and Melly’s husband.  We joined the Central Park Sketching Meetup in Brooklyn Heights and spent a few hours sketching the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan from the other side of the East River.


 I used this motley group as my first sketching subject:


 7.  To backtrack.  When Shirley and I were in the city (see #4 above) we were so inundated with ART that we HAD to get a pick-me-up.  She took me to Le Pain Quotidien(?) where we ordered coffee and sweets.  While we waited we decided to do portraits of each other (we’re both doing Carla Sonheim’s 100 face drawing lab) using our wrong hands.  


This is where I fell in love.  Pistachio Tart.   Ohhhhh Yum.


I’m in Panera right now.  Waiting for my next “subject”.  I managed to draw two faces already from life – only one more to go for my daily self-imposed requirement.  I have a very strategic spot.  My back is against the wall and I’m at a small table so the computer has to be right in front of me and the only place I can draw is right in front of it.  This way I can sketch shamelessly because my paper and pen are blocked.  I’m still very shy about sketching people in public.

Today is a sad and lonely day  and I’m drowning my sorrow in an iced tea.  One of them is in France (again!) and the other is either over the Atlantic or in Spain.  These time zones have me befuddled but I think they are approximately 6 hours ahead, give or take an hour here or there.  We’re asleep and awake at different times.  Might as well be on different planets.
Ah – the French one just e-mailed me.  Her last line is “going to sleep”. See what I mean?
Now I will slip back into the near past – to screen printing in Connecticut in August.  This is a blind contour drawing I did in my journal while looking at a photograph, still in the camera, that I took while walking through some woods with a group one Sunday.
I enlarged the image and, using drawing fluid and screen block out stuff (I forget what it is called), reproduced the drawing on a screen and this is how it printed:
Notice that the black and white of the images are reversed with this technique which I liked much better than the photo emulsion.  It seems quicker and more direct.  Of course, its quite possible that both techniques take the same amount of time and it is just my skewed perception.  When I decided that I was finished printing this image (an edition of six) I tossed my journal under the screen and printed (not scanned yet) and then arranged the following and printed one last time.
Yep.  More tags.  And I don’t care what Scott says because he’s just JEALOUS.

But in my defense the Adirondack inks, even though I heat-gunned and ironed the piece, were still smear-able.   This was discovered after I decided that instead of gluing a large piece of tissue on the image it would be prudent to use a small piece and see if it really would become transparent.  Well, it would have been if the blue ink hadn’t smeared into the gel medium.  It turned out that I was able to use this to my advantage in a few spots.  I decided to dab on craft paints, dry them and dab on more until the offending ink was safely covered.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like these inks.  I love the droplets that magically transform prior layers of collage or paint.  And, in this Collage 101 workshop given by Jane LaFazio I also discovered SPRAY GESSO.  Zowie.  How much happier can a person get?  It was really fun using my stencils and the spray and trying to avoid the sudden gusts of wind as we worked outside of the hotel on a strip of now-colorful grass.  

There is still work to be done on this piece but this is how it was when I left the workshop:


At the same time I was working on two other pieces with stencils that I’ve been using for years.  They are still in the “background” state but hopefully not for too much longer.  I know my sewing machine will get involved somehow.





This first Create retreat was totally enjoyable and relaxing.  Even the initial confusion of the hotel staff about things that were supposed to be included (free internet, breakfast coupons) were soon remedied and forgotten about.  There were smiles on everyone’s face and it was as if we all knew each other already and new friends were made.  


I never get tired of these stencils.

What a surprise to get this wonderful film about Cloth Paper Scissors first retreat Create from Melly.  I wasn’t even aware that she was filming this much.  I thought she was just whipping out her Flip every now and then.  

Did you see me?  Huh?  Huh?  Did you?


And check this out: