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iPad; Inkflow and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

Remember? This was the #3 still life from a couple/few weeks ago. I snazzed it up differently from the first two.

iPad, Inkflow, Glaze and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Supermarket receipt photographed using iPad, imported into ArtRage and a bit of manipulation ensued.

I had good intentions for yesterday. The alarm was set for very early because, even though it is not as cold as it is in Montreal, the plan was to get to the mall at 7am in order to walk a couple of miles without (1) getting frostbite, (2) being trampled by frenzied holiday sale shoppers and (3) feeling like a stupid stinkin’ idiot for being in a shopping mall at this time of this month. It is safe from all of the above at 7 or 8 am before the shops open. The only danger is from a certain speed walker who checks his watch at every landmark and the guy who obsessively walks criss-cross instead of straight ahead.

The alarm was also set to remind me to put out the garbage and recycling. No. I can’t do it the night before. There might be animals and other more sinister garbage invading entities riffling through my trash. Shh. We all have our quirks. Anyway, I took the garbage, etc. out to the curb and couldn’t help but notice the “brisk” wind which resulted in my getting back under the covers. Ahh. Zzzzzz. I will not tell you when I resurfaced except all notions of circling through the mall had dissipated.

So, after a quick round trip to Dunkin’ for my extra large to drink with lunch while watching TV and reading I started to feel blue. Sigh. TV told me it’s going to snow the next day. Sigh. I headed out to the supermarket and a lightbulb went on over my head and I wasn’t feeling sad anymore.

I know you all are probably tired of these things but I’ve been using them (well, their grandparents) for years and years and since (1) sticking them in a brown paper bag works and (2) I discovered that D’Anjou pears are sweet and delicious after being bagged for a time, I bought six and lined them up and sketched. Then I bagged them.

This is what I did. I set a timer for 10 minutes and sketched. I stopped when the bell sounded. I did this four times using a different app each time.

Sketch Club: Sketji: Inkflow: Finngr Pro (full disclosure – I forgot to add the text so had to perform a bit of magic later on)

Now what? My intent is to play with these but maybe I won’t. I’m still surprised by the fact that I can actually stand in the kitchen and come away with a drawing after not much time. So I’m happy with them as they are. Then again there is the temptation to…..

iPad; Sketch Club, Sketji, Inkflow, Finngr Pro apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.