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iPad; Sketji, Sketch Club, ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

“Oh there’s nothing to draw”, I whined to myself as I flicked through facebook. One of the iPad artists caught my attention so I went to her timeline which led me to the blog of another digital artist and then downloading a new app “Sketji”.

This is where I went “loco”. All of a sudden everything I owned or that existed only in my head jumped out and screamed “Me! Me! Sketch Me!”.

During my recent aberrant behavior (i.e. dusting) I reacquainted myself with some framed monotypes which now sported nice shiny glass – especially a grouping of vases that were created using the reductive method and which I really love. Hmm. “I think I’ll see if a similar effect can be arrived at with this new app”, I muttered to myself. While I was at it I checked to see if the drawing can be exported into another app for further work. That’s when I added the text. A lot of my monotypes utilized textual chine collé.

The toilet has been on my mind lately. The one upstairs developed two! holes in the big pipe and yuck dripped through the ceiling. The plumber fixed it nicely ($$) but left a neat rectangular hole in the ceiling. The contractor came early this morning to look at it, etc. More $$.

For this drawing (we will not discuss perspective) I covered the canvas with the black – looks and acts like charcoal – and then took away the shapes as I used to do with the black printing ink. I would wrap my index finger in a piece of gauze and “erase” till my finger was sore. Hmm. Kinda full circle stuff going on here.

The previous drawings were done on the iPad. Vinegar bottle (what’s that doing in my kitchen?) was done on the iPod touch. The app reacts the same in both devices. It is very fast. There is absolutely no lag while drawing. It consists of a black brush, an eraser, undo, saves, trash. The speed at which you draw determines the line width, thin or fat. It is really nice to use.

iPad, iPod Touch; Sketji app (text behind vases added in ArtRage app); New Trent Arcadia stylus.

iPad, Finngr Pro, ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

I walked from the Rector Street subway stop to Wagner Park where the Central Park Sketching & Art Meetup Group was gathering for a few hours of sketching. The routine is that Jesse, the organizer, brings us to a location, everyone scatters and draws for about 45 minutes after which we all meet to display our sketches. This procedure is repeated two more times after moving to new locations. Our last site was in South Cove where Figure al Fresco takes place on Wednesdays.

For my first sketch I headed over to the clock tower that I saw for the first time last year after a ferry ride. I took photos of it then knowing I wanted to draw it someday. This was the day. Shirley has the story behind it and a more complete view of the building.

I finished with time to spare so I took advantage of the artist next to me.

This is the view of Jersey City and the Hudson River.

Again, if you’re going to sit next to me…..

They were sketching the view across the river. It wasn’t until everybody was gathered together again that I realized he was a young teenager and she was his mother.

iPad, Sketch club and ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus. I tweaked the colors later when I was in the Recliner Studio Annex. It is hard to judge the colors when outside, even in the shade. Things were just too pale/pastel-like for my taste. Just couldn’t live with them like that. Nope.

I caught an early train Into the city last Saturday. Not a very early one, just earlier than necessary and went to my usual haunt in Penn Station, had a big bowl of oatmeal, a large cup of coffee, read a book that lives in the iPod Touch and sketched the crowds outside the window as they either scurried or stood waiting.

Oops. It’s time to catch the downtown #1 subway.
To be continued…..

iPod Touch for drawing and color. Sketch Club app, New Trent Arcadia stylus. Paper texture from ArtRage in iPat.

Last Thursday Shirley, Judy and I took a road trip on Metro North to the Katonah Museum of Art for “Remix: Selections from the International Collage Center”. Benedicte drove up and met us there. From their brochure: “Remix features work created during the last 70 years by over 100 artists. It includes traditional…and unexpected approaches in a range of materials.”. We all agreed that this was a an exhibition worth the hour-long train ride.

I won’t mention that we spent a great amount of time in the learning center making our own collages while sitting at low tables and on small stools and using child size scissors. Nope, not going to mention this at all.

We had a nice Italian lunch in the quaint town and then Benedicte drove herself home and we hopped on the 2:33 train back to the city.

I didn’t feel like sketching until I discovered that I would have to wait a long time for my train home.

Lots of preoccupied subjects in the waiting room.

There is always someone glued to the phone playing games.

This guy was unbelievably intent on his scratching, looking for a jackpot.

iPod Touch for sketches. iPad for adding color. Sketch Club app. ArtRage for textured background.
New Trent Arcadia stylus.

These are the last bits and pieces from the other week.

It felt like such an effort to catch up.

Next: more current hangers-on.

Sketched from life on iPod Touch. Colored in iPat. Sketch Club app, New Trent Arcadia stylus.

I didn’t have much of an appetite the past few days.
I had a cold (oh woe is me).
So I ate Cheerios, nothing but Cheerios.
And Dunkin’, of course.

iPad, Finngr Pro, ArtRage apps, New Trent Arcadia stylus

The wind kept fighting with the mats.

Simple solution.

I despaired at the last pose, moved around looking for a good angle, found one and promptly butchered it. Oh well. I opened Finngr Pro and used that app instead.

Sketch Club, Finngr Pro, ArtRage apps; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Third sketch was imported into Sketch Club for colors and then into ArtRage for texture.

(this is a continuation of the day described in the posts “People Of The 7:18” and “Après Les Train People”)

As mentioned earlier, it was a cool and absolutely beautiful day. I loved being at Figure al Fresco in this fall-like weather.

Today Ms Twisty was very colorful. Her sweater had multiple buttons sewn on the front. Tomorrow you’ll see what they sort of looked like since I just noticed them in passing about a couple of dozen times and forgot to sketch them in.

Not only was she still Very Flexible, but was being blown about by the fierce cold winds coming off of the Hudson River.

She’s a tiny little thing but you can’t tell that from the legs I’ve given her.

While the approximately 30 other artists were struggling with the wind’s penchant for attacking sketch pad sheets and knocking over water cups, iPat and I were simply struggling with Twisty Girl.

iPad, Sketch Club app for drawing, ArtRage app for paper texture, blank page from Finngr Pro app for mottled color applied in ArtRage. New Trent Arcadia stylus.