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Remember, last week, the white flags that appeared on the Brooklyn Bridge mysteriously in the middle of the night? They flashed a shot of the bridge on the news and I was compelled to draw it.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro,iColorama, Glaze, ArtRage

The weekday coterie of NYC Urban Sketchers boarded the tram (my first time) that crosses over, way up high, the East River from next to the 59th Street Bridge (feelin’ groovy and all that) and ends up at Roosevelt Island.

Four Freedoms Park has spectacular views of Manhattan but it was quite awhile until I got MY groove on. My first effort.

And then another.

I wasn’t comfortable where I was sketching so I left the others and walked back to an area next to the old leper hospital where there were a group of tables under a canopy. Ahh. Shade, a nice breeze and an unobstructed view.

I took out my $1.00 Staples gridded notebook and Pitt brush pen and sketched, then took a picture of it with iPat and imported it into ArtRage where I proceeded to paint. The following three drawings were done this way – paper and marker followed by digital painting.

I emailed Benedicte, yes! she was with us, because I realized no one knew where I was. Pretty soon she showed up followed shortly by Kaye and Stefanie. Anyone who sits in front of me is fair game and that includes visiting sketchers from Germany.

I left some of the grid marks on purpose. It’s easy to get rid of them but I decided not to.

All this Groovin’ wore me out.


iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
#1&2: Apps Used: Pen & Ink, Finngr Pro and then ArtRage

#3,4&5: Pitt Brush Pen, gridded notebook followed by painting in ArtRage .

This is the stamp Teri e-mailed to me.

After my version was completed I googled “Guyana 2.55 stamp” and discovered the image is a portrait painted by Joan Miró.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus
The stamp was imported and all work was done around it.
Apps Used: Sketch Club, ArtRage, iColorama

This is not “officially” postage since it is just a snippet of a painting but since the idea of the challenge hasn’t changed it is filed under that category in my mind.

Here is the entire image Teri sent in an e-mail with strict instructions not to look for or investigate the painting. Ok.

Last evening she sent a link to the original painting. Of course Benedicte knew who the artist was as soon as she saw the fragment.

And, when the idea was first introduced to us by Teri, I sent her an email asking for clarification.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
I worked around the image I was given.
Apps Used: Sketch Club, ArtRage, iColorama, Glaze
(The b/w image was just a quick tracing done in Finngr Pro and a serendipitous brush from iColorama was added).

(I can’t show you all #1 yet.)

My friend Teri challenged us and I had so much fun doing it that I asked her for more. Now, I’m not showing you the finished official challenge piece because we are supposed to reveal it to each other later today.

This is the second one I did.

Teri e-mailed the picture of the postal stamp shown below, (Republica de Guinea Equatorial), with the instructions to complete it. She glues them to paper and then uses paint, etc. iPat and I automatically jumped in and went crazy.

Just a few minutes ago I googled and found out the image was painted by Picasso. Well, duh on me.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Imported postal stamp image and worked around it to create a new story.
Apps Used: Sketch Club, ArtRage, iColorama, Glaze

That’s it.

The End.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro, iColorama, ArtRage, Glaze

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro, iColorama, ArtRage, Glaze

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro, iColorama, ArtRage, Glaze

The weekday NYC Urban Sketchers met Monday morning near the intersection of Hudson and Barrow Streets. Our first sketching site was on the other side of the brick walls in the gardens of St. Luke of the Fields.

Surrounded by Nature I set off to reconnoiter and was relieved to spot the above statue on the other side of a gate. There was no need for the groundskeeper to unlock it, I could see just fine.

Walking around some more I decided to ease my way into the spirit of the gardens with the next drawing.

It was now almost time for all of us to meet up so I sat down next to Suzanne and, against my better judgement, sketched some flowers. Yikes. It actually worked! To compensate for this lapse on my part and because I didn’t like the empty white background I added some “subtle” pizzazz with iColorama.

This was a super beautiful, peaceful and comfortable place. A messy-tame garden with winding roundabout back and forth pathways, benches, zillions of fearless birds flying, singing and just hanging around. Some of us went across the street and brought back lunch and we all ate in the shade of the trees and talked.

After lunch we hit the streets. Since the narrowest house in NYC (9-1/2 feet wide) (Edna St. Vincent Millay), our next sketching spot, was behind scaffolding, we just stopped, gawked, and moved on to the Cherry Lane Theatre. The pigeons made a special appearance so I included them, thinking of Barbara, a facebook iPad Painter friend who joined us today. Since this was my drawing, which was done on site, I decided to add a smidgen of pizzazz with Glaze to distract from the total lack of proper perspective.

I was tired of standing so I moved a bit farther along and sat on a stoop. Well, well. Super observant me just noticed Shirley, sitting right in front of where I plopped down. I don’t know how she ended up so chubby. Shirley is very thin and svelte. Sorry Sorry Sorry.

We all (9 or 10 of us) dithered around about where to go next. Which direction? Well, we picked the dullest and hottest direction. “Lemonade!”, someone suggested. Did you ever see a crowd simultaneously perk up?

Ahh. Lemonade, tea and sharing sketchbooks. Perfect.

I decided to walk back to Penn Station and was a few blocks on my way when I noticed I was by the M20 bus stop and the bus just pulled in and the door opened. I succumbed and enjoyed the air conditioned ride without guilt.

When I got off the train at home it must have been 10° cooler than in the city so I resumed my walking later on through my neighborhood.

I had time to kill before driving to the train station yesterday. An imaginary city abstract.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Pen & Ink, ArtRage.