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Last Wednesday we were all at the Met for a Members’ Preview of the new Islamic Art.  Incredible drawings, incredible everything.  We were all inspired by what we saw, so, reminded of this drawing, by a Facebook post from the Met and a bit of foolishness between Benedicte and I, I felt inspired to try to draw a bat from my memory.  

Sigh……  This is where “sorry” comes in.  






Last Friday was Field Trip Day – a Major Excursion.  Teri showed off her New Jersey Train Abilities and flipped the back of one of the seats around and, like magic, we could all sit facing each other.  It’s easier to be a lot sillier if five “excited to be going to New Jersey” people can sit facing each other.  


We took two taxis from Newark Penn Station to the Newark Museum.  Huh?  Are we here?  It seems that there was the same reaction in each cab as the respective driver turned down a little street (alley) and stopped in front of an almost-ordinary-entrance-in-the-process-of-getting-snazzed-up.  When my taxi arrived at the museum Shirley and Bunny were already there chatting up a gentleman from the museum (was his name Charlie?) who was checking out the facade workmen.   We still had 15 minutes before the doors would open so “Charlie” (I think he was in charge of the facilities?) ran inside and brought out brochures for us and talked about the Patchwork Exhibition and the museum.  That turned out to be the tone for the day.  Everyone, from the ticket seller to the guards were all helpful and smiling and PLEASANT.  They called cabs for us (which came right away) when we were ready to leave!!

“Goodbye, come again”.  

We weren’t allowed to take pictures at the “Patchwork from Folk Art to Fine Art” exhibit so when a quilt with a very striking rooster motif caused Shirley to take out her sketchbook (check out the link and scroll down to the bottom of the post), Benedicte and I whipped out our iPads (iBen and iPat) and we did our own drawings.  Shirley’s post recounts how she records her days.  This is how I record mine:

Yeah, I know, I get carried away but I had a very happy day.

Next we headed up to the second floor.  Ha!  We didn’t notice how high the ceiling was on the first floor until we started to climb climb climb and climb flights of unending stairs just to get up one floor.  Phew.
Art of Africa.  OMG.  OMG.  OMG.  The Contemporary African Art they have in this place is among the most BEAUTIFUL I have ever seen.  One painting actually made my Heart Hurt.  I couldn’t stop looking at it.  And then moving around the displays it didn’t stop hurting from the incredible beauty.  

There were quite a few other exhibits (American Indian textiles, beading – zowie!) on this floor but I hung out in front of some tunics for awhile and did another drawing.  

See, I can show restraint.

Bet you all can’t guess how I occupied my time today.  Besides lunch.  


Don’t Judge.  I’m perfectly aware that my house is Mucho Dusty.




Tomorrow Benedicte and I are heading out on a road trip up to Rhinebeck so she can make googly eyes at llamas and goats – it’s her thing.  I’m going to fill up one of my pockets with cash and no plastic (this has been a Very Expensive Week, Very) and am going to practice self-restraint.  


I wonder if they will have frozen yogurt there?  Hmm.  I’ll save some money for that also just in case.