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Remember that “girl”, Melly, that?EVERYONE?was looking for in June? ?Well. ?I saw her – she stood right in front of me and brazenly took a photograph without asking permission first. ?So rude.


What are you complaining about? ?We overheard her discussing our bottoms!!! ?


Tsk Tsk Tsk – nothing but drama around here. ?

Last week at my volunteer gig I joined the lunchers in the conference room after finishing what I had been working on.? There was a salesman talking to the office manager and as I sat down I heard him mention where he grew up.? ?Hey, I grew up there also!?? We exchanged neighborhoods and it turned out we went to the same high school – AND – we graduated the same year!!!!!? Our hang-out places were different though.? It was fun reminiscing with someone who had the same experiences and went to the same Drive-Ins (remember those?) and Kiddie City. ?
He mentioned that he was unable to find a copy of the yearbook.? ?You can have mine?, I promised.? ?I don?t remember anything from that time.?? His face lit up.
When I got home I went to the exact spot I expected the book to be.? I pulled it out and was flabbergasted when I saw it was the yearbook from college.? I had that?? When did I get it?? Why did I get it?? The high school yearbook was nowhere to be found.? I felt bad all day but before I fell asleep I thought of a place where it might be.? Second thing the next morning I went and rummaged through an upstairs cabinet and YES! there it was.? I spent about an hour thumbing through it and was surprised at how many faces I remembered.? I was also quite surprised at how many wrote about how ?sweet? I was.? Huh?


One of the people lunching at the conference room table was a 22-ish year old guy and we had to define ?Parking? for him.? Boy, parking took up a lot of my time back then.

I’m going to Cloth Paper Scissors’ Create in August. ?Loads of workshops resulted in a gigantic list of supplies. ?Much to my surprise I only need five items – one of which is a butter knife – it seems I have the other 672 items already. ?Of course, some of them are in those dust-collecting piles I have here, there and everywhere so I will be rooting through them long before the coolness of October. ?Oh well. ?

I went to my local art store a few hours ago to pick up one of the needed items and heard “art quilter” come out of ?the cashier’s mouth. ?”I’m an art quilter!” I piped up. ?The customer next to me said “I’m an art quilter, too”. ?At least that’s sorta how I remember the conversation. ?What followed was chat, chat, chat while my cashier stood patiently waiting. ?Turns out she knows Melly. ?Turns out she also has a felting machine and gave me some good tips on what can be felted – besides felt, that is. ?Turns out we had a lot of points in common – even Lesley Riley.?

In a previous post I mentioned that I was felting zillions of 5″x5″ squares – getting used to the machine and also using it as an excuse to try, try, try to un-wobble my free motion stitching. ?I now have 25 of these squares and an idea. ?There are only 25 because I went to Connecticut the other week to do some encaustic and since I was totally “artistically” depleted last week I just read mysteries and caught up on magazines. ?But, despite the heat, I’m back in the swing of things and trying a felting idea. ?Here’s a pic of my first two felting squares – the only ones scanned so far – somehow I get hotter scanning and fiddling with the computer so I’ve been avoiding the task.


Originally I was only going to do one for each thumbnail sketch but, since I have trouble with just one (that’s why there are no cookies in the house), I decided to reverse the colors and do a second one.

Why, oh why, do I need a Butter Knife? ?Do I really need one? ?Why?

There always seems to be one kind of pile or another of stuff that doesn’t really have to be dealt with but should be. ?None of these piles are difficult. ?Each one knows where it belongs and is just waiting for “someone” to come along and take the FIVE STINKIN’ MINUTES and do just that. ?Sigh. ? That’s all it would take – 5 minutes for each pile. ?One could be done each day without even the hint of a drop of sweat forming on that certain someone’s brow. ? Even if it was all done in one day we’re talking about an hour give or take. ?


While surfing and reading blogs I have discovered that this is a pretty universal problem and will therefore relax even more. ?I think I’ll revisit the issue when it is cooler – October sounds good.
Right now I’m watching my iPod and Mac sync. ?Phew. ?Exhausting.


I found a complementary ?copy of HandCrafted (Stampington & Company) in my mailbox this morning. ?There are “250+ of our favorite crafting projects” in this issue. ?My article, “Colorful Quilts”, and artwork from the 2007 issue of Sew Somerset is on pages 80-82. ?

This is cool. ?
The current issue of Cloth Paper Scissors has a picture of a pendant I sent as part of their Pendant Swap. ?It is #19 on page 81. ?That came as a complete surprise to me.
This too is cool.

And, because I was pleased with how the following turned out, I am also Cool.

“Rush Hour” (edition of 4)


Each one had a special wrapper.

All this coolness is having a tough time convincing me it is not 102 degrees outside right now.

I have had an unwavering compulsion the past couple of weeks. ?It doesn’t seem to matter how high the temperature is. ?I reconfigure fans to point wherever I’m working (or reclining). ?I’m having a lot of fun. ?

The perfect Hot Summer Afternoon activity – FELTING. ?Yep. ?Perfect timing to get an uncontrollable itch dontcha think? ?Well, we all know that sometimes things are very unpredictable and the only way to handle them is to go ahead and scratch. ?So, every day I’ve been felting small 5″x5″ squares systematically. ?I drew about a zillion small thumbnail sketches one day while I simultaneously counted chairs and bookcases at a volunteer gig I have. ?I’m using these thumbnails as a means for developing my “expertise” and style while I learn how to handle the materials. ?I’m not completely off my rocker – I got a nice felting machine at a good bargain. ?I have no interest in developing wet-felting muscles but now that I think of it – maybe splashing around in some water wouldn’t be such a bad idea this week. ?Hmmm.

Here’s a cool journal spread to remind us (me) that temps will drop eventually.


And when they do I’ll have zillions of little squares of felt to burrow under.