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During the final day of the MoMA Prime Time Portrait Photography workshop we were introduced to an app and everyone played around with their photographs for awhile and then shared the results via Air Drop on a giant screen. I was already familiar with the app and process so I just played around. This gentleman was also the subject of a later tiny acrylic painting (see “Day 22” blog post which I know you all remember from the 30x30directwatercolor2018 challenge).

Referred to a photo of mine.
iPadPro: Pencil
Apps Used: Tayasui Sketches Pro

We turned the corner on East 63rd Street and ran smack dab into Intrepid 24 Hour Radio Reporter Cone covering a Major Water Emergency.

Our destination was further up the block, closer to Fifth Avenue. We had to cautiously make our way past the Rescue Cone, ready to leap in if any of the Water Department Cones get swept away in the deluge. The tension in the air was palpable.

Fortunately, as we neared our destination, we spotted the EPA Special Unit Cones well underway with the cleanup. They paused to aid us as we crossed the street.

Inside Academy Mansion (google it, interesting how the other half spends money), 2 East 63rd, I discovered the bathrooms were out of order (ha! ) but I was able to see that the emergency was almost over, conveniently at end of shift, and Slacker Cone had already clocked out and was watching its buddy, Engineer Cone, shut down machinery.

We had a silly, fun filled day of art, tiny elevators, friendly gallery owners and dogs, and were exhausted.

These Cones were part of a film crew, working on “Oceans 8”, I think they are called Grips.

Another couple of Cone Grips charged with crowd control at the intersection. A thankless job at rush hour.

This Cone Grip was extremely busy – keeping wires untangled and guarding the Topiary. Behind it is an Apprentice Cone learning the ropes and watching intently.

I caught an extremely exhausted Cone Assistant Producer on it’s break.

We turned the corner at E63rd Street and ran into Cone Mayhem. Stay tuned.

Don’t jump to hasty conclusions. Just because Cones appear, at first glance, to be dumb and lazy – well, let me demonstrate the variety found along Madison Avenue and some cross streets as Shirley, Benedict and I went into gallery after gallery during Master Drawings New York 2017.

Phd candidate Cones proving scientifically,

and leaving no doubt, that climate change is real and the earth is heating up.

Cones hate it when people trip so they will go to extremes to ensure that Safety Prevails. OSHA loves them.

But, as with all life, there are bad apples such as this Cone which is obviously contemplating committing a Felony Grand Larceny. Disreputable looking fellow.

Traffic was horrible on Madison Avenue. It seemed to be louder and more chaotic than usual. We finally glommed onto the reasons.

Stay tuned.

My photo hanging on the wall at work. I entered three photos and, out of 300 (or was it 500?) this was one of the handful of photos chosen to adorn the workplace. Cool, huh?


Was it taken with my Canon point and shoot or with iPat? For the life of me I can’t remember.