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Usually when I?m working, either at teenytinytablestudio or boardonironingboard studio annex I have a piece of scrap paper next to my work.  It is on these bits of paper that I make sure a stamp prints properly or the paint color is what I want.  In this spread the balloons are made of these scraps – I just used a big circular hole punch.  It has become very difficult to toss things in the trash.


Lots of snow on the ground but it is so mild I had to pull down my hood while I walked and even managed to extend it for a bit.  I find that listening to WNYC?s Radio Lab podcasts while walking makes all sense of time and distance just vanish.  Amazing show.
Last week I received the Spring 2010 issue of Stampington?s Somerset Digital Studio in which I have four digital pieces.  Here?s the last page of the article because these are my favorites and were a lot of fun to digitally paint.  I used ArtRage 2.5 for most of the work and then tweaked, poked and prodded them a bit in Photoshop Elements 6.






The other, bookmaking, side of me made a small book with my chair images.






And, not being able to stop there I made an envelope for this book and for the Tut small book made earlier this month.  The envelopes were made out of tyvek which was painted with acrylics on both sides, assembled and then stamped to fit the themes of the books.  The tyvek takes the paint wonderfully, no warping at all.  It makes a very strong, supple container.


The images are the fronts and backs of the envelopes (I also decorated inside of them).








And backs:




He was obedient.

I put off posting this tag book until  I showed it to my friends at our Journal Study Group yesterday.  This prompted each of us to make some tags so we each went home with a bit of everyone?s art.  It?s funny how something so simple can be so much fun and the cause of lots of smiles.  It might even start a ?tradition?(!).






AND – to top off a very good day – when I arrived at the train station, my train was there already and it was an express and the first stop was MINE.


Now I’m waiting for the snow.  I have a list of “stuck-in-the-house-snow-day” art stuff to do which will help me pass the time.



I just finished packing my supplies to take into the city tomorrow.  Scott and I are having an art day in his apartment and then we are going to the gallery, 303Grand, to see the Sketchbook Project.  I, because I no longer seem to pay attention, thought that we could go in the daytime but when I rechecked the times I realized the gallery wouldn?t be open until evening.  I thought that this would quash the outing but Scott surprised me and we are still going.  I?m looking forward to the whole day.  I just realized that I?ve never been to Brooklyn by train at night.  Never.  

Anyway, I warned him – this is what he is to expect tomorrow as we fling pencils, paint, ink, scissors at each other for hours:


the other day as I walked through the neighborhood.  There was all the room in the word available but every time he ran past me from behind he would brush against me.  Really messed with my walking day dreams.  A very happy, enthusiastic pooch.


I just woke from a nap.  I?m feeling so dopey and peculiar today.  I feel feverish but don?t have a fever.   I have to get my tax papers organized but all I?m really doing is finishing my library book.  Ugh.  I hate when my head is so foggy.  I can tell you what will happen – at 10 pm I will suddenly get a spurt of energy.

Who really believes that this will be the last of it?


This is a photo of my mixed media screen print ?Wait For It? which is hanging in the members? show at Center for Contemporary Printmaking.  It is acrylic on canvas which has been torn and sewn back together and screen printed with Thermofax screens.   Torn bits of gessoed canvas, which were also screened on, were machine and hand stitched on top of this base piece.  Text was stamped and a few brads added.


The close-up was taken from a distance because it was too high up for me.  The angle is because it was covered with plexiglass and I was trying to avoid glare.


And here is another journal page – kitchen therapy.  Instead of cooking.


I’m heading out for a drive up to S. Norwalk, CN – I have a piece in the Center for Contemporary Printmaking members’ show titled “Wait for It”.  It is mixed media with screen printing (thanks Rayna!).   The theme of the show is “Echo-Repetitive Marks” and something else I can’t remember right now.  Any exhibition they have is worth seeing – it is a place chock full of ideas and inspiration.  Plus, of course, I want to see my piece hanging.  I’m going to try to remember to take a picture of it in situ.

But, now for more of my usual kitchen art.


Yes, even I have succumbed to the holiday.  I just couldn’t help myself.



It’s a good thing I couldn’t find a doily or lace.