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Ever since my October Oops I’ve been shooting rays through my pockets (even the back one), through buildings and in my dreams.  Tomorrow I think  I’ll try around corners.




It’s really amazing.  I know you all are going to be soooo jealous.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art opened up on a Monday just for Benedicte and me.  (Welllll in actuality, it was so that all the members would come running and buy things in their store – 20% off – and as a bonus there were three exhibitions open also.)    Oh, yeah, I almost forgot – free coffee, juice and cookies.  Yum. 

But first.  I took an early express train into the city because I knew there would be loads of parking spaces available in the lot.   iPat has a new app – “Ink Fall 2011” – which is a comic magazine created entirely (100%) by students of the School of Visual Arts in NYC – so I spent the trip reading comics.  I was either laughing out loud or really perplexed.  There were a also few articles featuring instructors from the school so part of the time I could pretend to be an adult.

I finished the magazine while I had a cup of coffee in Penn Station.  What a cacophonous restaurant.


I took the usual three subways up to 86th Street and Lexington and then walked to the meeting place right inside of Shirley’s Entrance, on Shirley’s Bench, which is opposite Shirley’s Coat Check.  Just kidding about the bench and coat check.  Benedicte e-mailed that her train was running late so I continued working on the above sketch.  She finally came, checked her coat and backpack, rearranged her pocket contents, tucked iBen into her fanny pack and off we went to the first exhibition:  Wonder of the Age:  Master Painters of India, 1100-1900.  Wow.  Jam packed full of extraordinary paintings.  Magnifying glasses were available so everyone was able to appreciate the skill that went into these small, intricate works.  I was exhausted at the 3/4 mark and was thankful that the exhibit included a short movie.

Next we headed to Stieglitz and His Artists:  Matisse to O’Keefe.  Since we had been to this exhibit about a month ago we zeroed in on a few favorites.  Both of us wanted to revisit the caricatures of Marius de Zayas, and to try our hands at copying some of his techniques using our iPads.


These are my efforts and, as usual, I took some liberties:



After a fortifying soda/cookie stop on the main floor we took a quick walk around Heroic Africans:  Legendary Leaders, Iconic Sculptures.  Fortunately this exhibition, which deserves more than a quick pop-in, will be around for a few months and we will be able to return and give it some energetic attention.

Ah, it was so nice to not have to battle crowds to see artwork.

I was feeling so virtuous.  Not only were there a couple of square inches of dust-free spots in the house but part of the kitchen table was actually visible.  Then, feeling restless, I started a drawing using a bit of an old image that I had saved for experimentation.

Super Dust Annihilator and Digi-Recycler in the same day!  
My Halo was lighting up the whole house which meant I was also conserving electricity (he)!!  



Later in the evening I was in the bathroom admiring how bright the new-fangled fluorescent bulb was compared to its older companions and I glanced to my left and saw a gigantic multi-legged bug (sitting up on some of it’s hind legs, or so it seemed to me). 

There was only one recourse – I couldn’t avoid it – I had to plug in the vacuum again.  



 I even marked it on my calendar and iPat is going to remind me with a Reminder Notification because she knows how forgetful I am.

And, take a look at how healthy June looks



My third new stylus – Alupen – was waiting for me when I got home. Had to test it out.  

(Yes, this is what I came up with after a day at MOMA, the Museum of Art and Design, a nice lunch with my buddies and a foray down to and out of Soho by myself with a cool new backpack.)

Of course, it could bring about hallucinations.  Hmm.  Maybe I should rethink this.  


After I returned home from a brisk walk I discovered that the Pogo Sketch Pro had been delivered.  It took me by the hand and forced me to set up a still life and draw.  I wasn’t even allowed to take off my steamy sneakers (’cause you know I had been walking swifter than the wind could ever blow).  I ordered this stylus because of a review by Susan Murtaugh and was so happy with how the tip just effortlessly glides over the iPat screen.     




I really think I was channeling her – there was a lot of heavy duty static – but maybe a smidgen got through.