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This is a small part of  the one I was stalled on for quite a while – full steam ahead now.


This is just a corner of the drop cloth I did in Rayna’s studio – just a tease for now.

AND, I’m working on another piece using what I did on that Saturday.  A collage.  Looking good (if I don’t say so myself).  I had a brainstorm and ripped up the prints I did on the white gessoed canvas square and TA DA it is all working out perfectly.  

I’m also working on the sketchbook pages I also screened  at the same time – stamping text and at the same time stamping the letter stamps on a piece of excess dropcloth – for future use.  
I’m having such a wonderful time that I’m purposefully slowing down so this feeling will last and last and last.



I forgot to say that these were pics that Rayna Gillman snapped. I was so happy that I slid them into iPhoto without thinking and then a couple of hours later forgot that they were taken by someone else. If anyone in the world reads this please check out her blog – great fiber art.

yesterday at the Thermofax workshop. Unbelievable how easy it is to screen print with this method – no hassle at all. Everything cleans up with warm soapy water.


Beyond my wildest expectations. The vague idea that was floating around my head just out of reach of my even thinking about it, managed to come out without my realizing it. Zowie.