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I’m wondering – is all this predicting the future, uh, making up stuff, exercising my brain?  Or is it just fun with no redeeming benefits at all?  Junk food a la iPat?



My immediate area was very fortunate.  So much flooding and power loss not very distant from here.  My friends are all OK (haven’t heard about Scott yet, though) and, even the one without power and flooded basement, will be able to take showers tonight.

I’m so glad it is over.  My thoughts go out to those affected by Hurricane Irene. 

Here I am, planning on when to strategically open the freezer and grab the frozen yogurt, and it seems there are other things to be worried about.


(What do you think?  Should I come out of retirement and try my hand at interior design?)


Un-earthed the beige Princess phone, plugged it in, heard a dial tone and checked that off the list.

Undertook a Scientific study:  Continuously used iPat today to see exactly how long the charge will last.  Difficult task but it is for the Benefit of Mankind and I volunteered.

I just arrived home from the city.

Shirley, Melly (partly) and I had lunch and then went to the outdoor figure drawing.  What a beautiful day. My drawings were pretty crappy and Shirley said we shouldn’t blame the model but…. 

At Penn Station I was in time to catch an express – first stop = mine.  I got a window seat, took out iPat, checked my e-mail (thanks Gwen for naming the flower), and started to read an old issue of Cloth Paper Scissors in PDF form.  Ahhh.  I felt good.  

But Then:  a girl sat next to me, thump thump thump boom bang thump screech thump


Remember?  I’ve decided I’m not shy any more so I closed GoodReader and opened Sketch Club and started drawing – – with my finger! in full view! that’s how annoyed I was!

I was immediately calmed down.  BFF iPat.  Smooch.  
And, the music volume seems to have been mysteriously lowered.  


(Hey!  I just remembered that I completely forgot to be concerned about earthquakes as I travelled under massive buildings in snake-like trains.)

But it turns out that I was the 

 Calm One 

surrounded by mysterious Dancing, Jumping, Swaying and Sloshing.


I don’t live with any dogs, nary a one.  I hardly know any dogs.  

They come popping out of my head.

Probably if I had a bunch of them this is what they would be doing when I pull up in the driveway.


I’m sure this is the way things would look when I stay up way too late – which is usually the case.


I don’t have any of these either.


(Sketch Club and iPad)

Today’s plan:


(kinda looks like Teri – must be subconscious stuff going on in my head – but she’s with the horses this week).

Since we arrived early to ensure that we would have seating we had loads of time to walk along the river. 

The model arrived and I took pen to paper but wasn’t really “feeling” it.  There were twenty 1-minute poses and I made twenty horrors.

I took out iPat and the stylus and things felt much better.   
Believe me – there was improvement.

Here are some unadorned, I kept my hands off of them (so far), i Pat life drawings.


Despite appearances, the next ones I consider unaltered.  The coloring was added while the model settled into the next pose.



Just about the second I arrived home I started finishing up the following drawing.  I can’t help myself.  This is so much fun and is so addictive.  


Yes, yes.  I know.  There is something seriously wrong with her face.  But it was still fun.



And I was so stoked and digging myself that I sat down in the train station waiting room, whipped out iPat and the stylus and just drew away with nary a thought or concern about who was watching me.  

Almost missed my train.

And then, on the train, I took up where I left off and was not even aware of the guy snoring next to me or the conductor reaching for the ticket that I stuck between the smart cover and the iPat.

Almost missed my stop.

Am I no longer shy?  

Melly e-mailed and asked all of us  to come over and help her with some projects because she CRAVED our company and NEEDED to giggle and chat.  At the same time Benedicte sent us pictures of some teddy bear and doll clothing she made.   This innocently triggered (Teri’s Fault) a whole slew of messages back and forth and back again and all around (remember the Zip Line Plan?).  Shirley was AWOL during this period but that did not mean she was not roped in anyway.  She was assigned a part.  And then, of course, I, under the caffeine and iPad addiction influences, decided to Predict The Future.


It was a close call.  

Melly showed off some esoteric (my word because I’d never seen them before) musical instruments belonging to David and that set off Benedicte.  She swirled the rod thing around the big bowl, she discovered the whosewhatsits for the percussion thingy and banged away and started Flinging Her Booty around in sync. Teri’s bare feet began sliding and shuffling and kicking in the air. 

But then, Benedicte stopped, put on her responsible adult face and looked at Melly:  “Ok, what do you want us to do?”  and we spent the afternoon sewing, soy wax dabbing, yakking, giggling and eating.  


And Melly had a big grin on her face all day long.