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I overdo the caffeine



this is how things appear.

There is a backlog of journal spreads.  I don’t know how that happened.  I was keeping on top of things and then Whammo!, sometime this past summer things just started piling up so now I think I’ll post a few older spreads and soon I’ll catch up and be current.  Or current-ish.


Two Silkscreen monotypes using Caran d’Ache water soluble crayons.


After Modigliani.  Did I spell that right?


This one is After Me – I referred to one of my journal pages when I did this.


The next three were silkscreens using freezer paper stencils.


This is me deconstructing an “After Matisse”-ish silkscreen.  I’m pretty sure I posted the un-deconstructed proper one in late August or September.  



More deconstructing with the same screen.



Printed this one and then cleaned up for the day and tossed the stencils.  


This last effort was when I tried to print a third pass with a silkscreen monotype made with the crayons.  No luck.  Just muddy ghost of an image.  I went over it with Inktense pencils and then acrylic paint.  Another After Matisse from a journal spread made while museum going.




You still with me?  

This is just a drop in a bucket.  I’ve got lots more waiting in the wings.

Something I keep in a very safe/special place.


Matt’s Phone Number

I didn’t feel well today.  A sore throat and very light-headed and generally BLAH.  
Trying to amuse myself I came across this video

(edited May 23,2013: the video doesn’t seem to be there anymore. It was a demonstration on how to set up a zip line in the back yard.)

and I suggested it must have been mentioned by one of the JSGers that this would be a great thing to try. What followed was almost two hours of back and forth five-person e-mails discussing the feasibility of this in great detail.  
It didn’t take long for us to realize that getting from Point A to Point B would probably involve a lot of smashing and splatting on intermediate Points – particularly the large co-op on 85th and Madison.
There must be a way to make this work.  One of us was very excited by the possibility.

(this was done in Photoshop Elements, using photos of the friends)

a/k/a Eureka!


Highly Prized is the January theme for the Sketchbook Challenge.  This had me really befuddled.  I’ve found that if my brain doesn’t immediately “click” when I am confronted with a theme it is highly unlikely that one will occur to me.  And then, this morning, BOINGGGG, I came to my senses – it was as if someone had knocked me on the noggin’ and shouted “Hey! Snap out of it!”


As I’m writing this my highly prized list is expanding.  


1.  Retirement.  For the past year and four months I’ve been walking around smiling, laughing, whistling to myself, journaling, making things – lots of things.  I go where I want to, when I want to and see who I want to.  


2.  Blogs.  Yes, blogs – that big time wasting procrastination invention.  Because of Melly’s blog (I probably got there via Quilting Arts or Cloth Paper Scissors) which led me to Shirley’s blog which led me to the Central Park Sketching Meetup Group (which led me to other meetup groups but that’s for another day) which led me to Benedicte, Pamela and recently Teri – I’m now surrounded by people I really, really like and who seem to want to be with me also.  And, they are all happy, talented, interesting and positive – not a toxic note among them – we make art together regularly and laugh a lot.  We just had our First Anniversary of the Journal Study Group.  It was fun making things for them:

which held:


3.   Thermofax.  Oh boy, do I love screen printing.  What could be better than being able to do it in your kitchen and hardly making a mess.  You know what is better?  Printing all sorts of things and then giving them to people who understand.  


4.  Manhattan.  This past year I have been in the city more times than in the past 20 years.  Probably even 30 years.  Now I seem to have unlimited energy and love to join my friends for gallery/museum hopping, sketching and just soaking in the energy of the city.  Twice this week I took the train in.  Yesterday we had brunch and went to the Museum of Art and Design (first time for me ever).  Joining us were some special people – Gwen Diehn, her husband Phil and Vivian Swift.  Even more chatter and laughing than usual.  More show and tell – a Sneak Peek at something special and Gwen’s terrific tiny journal made out of a butter box(!).  Then later, coffee/tea, ice cream and a view.


And finally, my journal spread for the challenge which combines some of the things on the list above.


I’m going to stop now because my Highly Prized list can keep going on.  Even Scottdramatic is on it.

when you have seven zillion thermofax screens you totally wear yourself out printing on everything within reach.