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Not the first time I’ve used this stamp
Small Moleskine Plain paper
Hand carved stamp, Stayz-On pigment ink

One day, when I was doing a Library Stealth Drawing, part of my camouflage was a Tremendously Big book filled with paintings by Milton Avery. What a wonderful book. Instead of leaving it on the table I checked it out and lugged it home (heavy heavy heavy) where I decided that it would be a very good idea to copy some of those paintings. On my journal spread was a stamp I carved of some people from a meeting I attended last year. They were waiting patiently on the page for something. I turned the library book and the sketchbook upside down and copied one of the paintings using a litho pencil. VoilĂ !

Copying this painting turned out to be such fun that I was instantly set off on another of those tangents that beset me.

Stillman and Birn Zeta Series sketchbook; litho pencil, acrylic paint; Speedball Speedy Cut and cutting tools; Akua Intaglio Ink.

I took a sheet of Black Canson Mi Tientes and tore it down following Teesha Moore’s 16 page journal instructions. You can google it – if I link it the video shows up and I don’t like that.

I monoprinted both sides of each sheet (3 sheets make up the 16 pages with flaps also counting as a page. I will do further printing on some later this week when I’m with my friends in the city.

I will also do more stamping. The white marks below are some preliminary marks made with fun foam stamps and acrylic paint. The blue circles are made with the end of a cork I found while walking.

At the same time I cleaned my brayer off on blank journal spreads in my small Moleskine.

After awhile I started monoprinting directly on the spreads by actually putting the open book facedown on the Gel Printing Plate.

I ended up with twelve-ish spreads and will try to do some stamping as another layer later this week.

All of this printing was to basically get an interesting background on which to do something or other one of these days. See “Underground Tales” and “Getting There Tales” from last month and the very beginning of this month.

(If anyone is curious about the process there are very good videos on line demonstrating monoprinting using the Gel Printing Plate. It is a very quick, easy and fun process.)

Page #7 (with flap) & #8

Page #10

Page #11

The End.

(background: gelli printing; images: stencils, black gesso)

Page 3

Pages 5 & 6. This is the center spread.

(background: gelli printing; images: stencils, black gesso)

Page 1 (inside front cover)

Page 2 and opened flap

(background: gelli printing; images: stencils, black gesso)

Remember back when I was describing the making of “Underground Tales” I mentioned that it all started while Gelli printing with my friends at Shirley’s place? How, after I spread the acrylic paint on the plate, I cleaned off the brayer not on a piece of random paper but on nine different spreads of my Moleskine sketch journal? Helter Skelter. Remember?

The proper printing was taking place on Arches 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper (this is what I found already in my stash) that I had torn down into smaller pieces with the intent to make a book following Teesha Moore’s 16 page journal instructions. I didn’t know if it would be too thick for this first adventure in gelli printing but it seemed to work just fine.

At home (boardonironingboard studio annex of teentytinytable studio) I worked on these pages in tandem with the Moleskine using the same self-made, very old, printing ink encrusted stencils, a brush and black gesso. Each page is 8″x10″ and there are four flaps. I had some text floating around inside the noggin but it just isn’t gelling (he he that just came out by itself) so, for now or forever, this is how they are. It seems that when I hit this kind of wall it is because there is still something I haven’t yet learned (really?) and it will come in good time – or not. The pages will be bound with a five hole pamphlet stitch. Probably. I seem to have come up with a different idea while I was walking yesterday.

Back cover. Front cover.

I was going to say they ARE bound but it seems I can’t even tell a stupid little temporary fib like this to the couple/few people who will actually read this. Sigh.


And that is The End of the little tale contained within my Moleskine sketch journal.