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Ta da! The very first drawing done on my brand new iPad. This has been a day of experimentation. I will admit that an extra large coffee did play a major role. If you felt a bit of earthly quivering this morning I will take the blame. The UPS driver was almost knocked over by the emanations of excitement coming off of me when I spotted THE BOX.


I’m also sending this post from the iPad. Fingers crossed.

It was 9 PM and dark when I set off to catch the train.  Usually I take a left turn and walk up very populated and still bustling 34th Street.  Glancing up ahead to the end of the next block I spotted something so New York City COOL that I walked straight toward it.


I kept snap snap snappin’ away.
NYC is full of steam –


our version of a volcano.

Yesterday was the first time in awhile that all five of us were together at the same time.  No art for us though.  We spent the Whole Entire Hours and Hours EATING and YAKKING.

First we went to Caffe Dante in SoHo and ordered four cappuccinos and one steamed milk.


It took us 1-1/2 hours to drink one cappuccino each and a bit longer for Benedicte to finish her steamed milk.

Stomachs growling we headed up Bleeker Street towards 8th Avenue.   A special place was searched for and was found  just in the nick of time.  People were complaining that they were faint from hunger.  Two little tables were pushed together in the crowded restaurant – even at 2 pm the place was jumping – we ordered and five humungous bread sticks were placed in front of us.  They lasted about 30 seconds and then five more appeared.  The unnamed piggies didn’t mind this one bit.


Don’t let the innocent look fool you – she had no trouble keeping up with the rest of us as we scarfed up our lunch.

Wiping off our mouths and greasy fingers we headed up the street for a few blocks.  There was a definite destination this time and we were walking with Purpose.


Yes, we stood in line to buy cupcakes!  Yummy.  The walk up to the 14th Street subway entrance was spent with three of us licking our lips and fingers and me picking chocolate sprinkles off of my coat.  Benedicte and I split off from the group and continued to walk to 35th and Madison, stopping along the way at an outdoor market and then a dog park.  We were beat – it’s all uphill from 14th to 35th – and since we had almost two hours to kill until the Textile Study Group meeting we hung out at Starbucks.  I pulled art supplies out of my bag and we spent the time sipping on coffee and chai and journalling.


It seems to me that to carve an entire alphabet out of erasers would take a long time.  Sure would be nice to have a Unique Set but sometimes (a lot of the time) Laziness Rules.  A caffeine induced compromise wedged itself into my head and Lo and Behold! a set of numbers emerged.  Pat’s Numerical Font in Rubber (all rights reserved copyright pat pending [he he] registered trademark etc). Well, right about now, those who know me, can picture me stamp stamp stamping away on every empty surface within reach.  Yep, that’s what I did and the resultant postcard and tags will have to remain unseen until I give them away.


Since my oven is used for storage and I only use one pot and one stove burner for soup, I came to a decision yesterday.


Cook & Carve a turkey?  Nope, not me.
Well, on second thought – I still have some erasers left.

This past week I met Shirley at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum on 91st Street.  She’ll tell you what we did there.   At one point we were in a solarium type of room and I spotted a very striking “older” woman wearing a dress with a Sonia Delauney type pattern (for all I know it could be the real deal).  “Quick, take that woman’s picture!”  Oops, the lady heard me and when Shirley said that she already did just that the woman laughed.  Hearing that sound a younger woman on the bench next to her turned around, exclaimed, and they both hugged, hugged, hugged, chattered and forgot all about us.   Seems Shirley can also bring strangers together.

Our next stop was on 57th Street and we decided to walk briskly down Madison Avenue.  The briskness was interrupted a few times: coffee shop lunch; a bit of chocolate from a $$ Madison Ave. shop; up an elevator to the Gagosian Gallery; into another shop filled with textiles, jewelry, etc – all artist made and original and, again, $$$;  and lastly we made it, limping and panting, to the Romare Bearden exhibit at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery.  

We loved the collages but, a point came, and, we looked at one another, mutually agreed that we’d had enough and went for coffee in a place not far up the street.  Since it was between lunch and dinnertime and there were tables, we took out our journals, pens, pencils, paints, drank our coffee and just chilled.  


Fully rejuvenated and re-energized we parted ways and I decided to resume walking down to 34th Street and the train.  Along the way I noticed an increased police presence and barriers being placed along the curb so I asked one of the officers and was told the President was coming by.  Uh Oh – I picked up my speed – last thing I needed was to get stuck behind a barricade.


Next week we’re (Shirley, Teri, Benedicte and I), headed for Chelsea (fiber art) and then down and across town for loads of watercolor.  

I usually have these items as part of my dinner.    

The only discipline I seem to have.