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I already sent this in an e-mail but everyone knows I’m lazy and since it was all written out why not use it here.  

I wasn’t a very dedicated student Wednesday at Shirley’s Watercolor Tutorial, , but Teri made up for that with Mucho Greeniosity* Dedication and I did enjoy myself as per usual.  I played with Teri’s iPad (I’m sending extra-special nice thoughts your way Teri.) while she was doing her first free-motion stitchery which turned out pretty nice and which she did lickety split.    When I get my iPad Teri and I are going to the figure drawing at Society of Illustrators with Shirley (and Melly if the moon is in the right place) and Benedicte if she wants to. We are going to do our drawings digitally and after each pose we are going to e-mail them instantly to Shirley, who will be right next to us, so her pocket will keep shouting “DROID! Answer Me! DROID!”  

Benedicte didn’t make it – her doggie had to go to the Cardiologist and needed her mommy with her.  Oh well.  That’s all I would need – two Mucho Greeniosity* Students sweating away at their Advanced Studies and me on the other side of the table farting around and being stupid and almost getting Detention for Inattention and Sloppy Technique and Colors that Do Not Blend Well.  Plus I kept sucking up paint into my water brush.  Teri and Shirley  didn’t.  Just me.  (Shirley sent an e-mail to Benedicte describing the Lessons and at one point she Actually Wrote the Word “kinda”.  From Shirley.  Of course it was describing my efforts but that’s besides the point. I think I was Very Close to sitting in the chair in the corner with a Pointed Hat on my Head – Very Close.)  I did manage to “paint” a magnetic bookmark though – maybe that gave me some points in my favor?

Hey Melly – when I got home I realized that in the process of Covering Up My Messes, I “abstracted” Shirley’s tabletop!  


*Greeniosity = Advanced Lesson Two.  Mix a variety of greens to match the hundreds of items Shirley places in front of the Advanced Student who must draw said items with permanent pen and match the green Exactly (or nearly).  Phew.  I missed that bullet.  I think I have to repeat Lesson One.  

And, I had permission to Play with Teri’s iPad while she was with Shirley in the studio.  Teri brought things with her to keep me occupied – a book, a DVD and the iPad.   Well, duh. 


(My first iPad painting.)


One of the unnamed members of JSG introduced us to this.  A very serious e-mail discussion ensued.  The result was that we pretty much ALL agreed that combined with previous brilliance it was a pretty nifty idea for getting around the city.  Five hours later – well, never mind – I don’t want to embarrass her anymore than I already did yesterday.

In all seriousness, you can’t go wrong hanging with the five of us.  We have a way of getting around.



We e-mail back and forth all the time.  Sometimes we are Deadly Serious (not that often) and sometimes we are Twelve Year Olds (usually).  When we are together there is a lot of laughing and show and tell and we each have something to teach.  During that time we feel light and happy and the heavy dramatic stuff is left behind.


Today I could tell that this particular friend was feeling good which made my walk through the slush and puddles effortless.