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I innocently attached the portable hard drive to my Mac and waited patiently while it backed up everything. Then, without realizing it I started to clean out my folder labelled “scans”.  This is where all my scanned sketchbook spreads, etc. have ended up living.  There was no need for these to to be there – at the time of scanning I tweak them in Photoshop Elements and move them to a special folder in iPhoto.  I tossed out zillions of things – just leaving a few important things untouched. 


Well, this led me to open a file I created when I bought my new Mac two years ago.  I call it “All My Stuff” and it was so that everything could be moved from the old Mac into the new one without me having to deal with sorting things – all I did was slide everything into this folder.  I went through every item and put everything where it belongs, even the trash.  I think I had the equivalent of 5 or 6 large trash bags by the time I was finished.


I got rid of the folder labelled “Temp Temp Desktop” and the one labelled “Desktop Temporary Files”.  These were the equivalent of the kitchen junk drawer.  Hmm.  I’m going to remember that.  Junk Drawer is a more interesting label.


Now my desktop is squeaky clean and in theory everything is logically (ha!) filed.  


On another topic:


I made five of these Penguin atc’s and two of them are in the Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts issue.




Anyone want to trade with me for the remaining three?

I scheduled an early morning annual eye examination for yesterday since it was the  Monthly JSG get together and I could kill two city birds (sorry Melly) at once.  Afterwards the plan was to walk uptown and then west to the Met and kill a few hours there, pick up a cup of coffee and something to chew on at Hot & Crusty on Lexington Avenue and slip past the doorman when his back was turned.  But, I had a trying-to-fool-myself secret plan that the back of my brain knew about but the front was sort of ignoring.  When I left the ophthalmologist’s office I turned left instead of the proper right, and then left again at the corner, heading up Third Avenue.  


“Well, lookit this”, I told myself.  “I seem to be at 87th Street and Third Avenue.  Since I’m here I might as well just scope out the place.”  


Brain was still not communicating very well so the feet didn’t know the “scoping out” plan and just walked right up to the place, mouth started talking to Nobu, who was sweeping the steps, body followed Nobu down the stairs and through the door, feet shed the sneakers and then kept walking until butt was firmly in a chair and Ophthalmologist Induced Blurry Eyes stared in excitement at what was before them,




ears listened attentively to the 1 minute lesson and all the brain parts came together in a big Whoomp! 




I was told to select a fiber from the basket next to me and to use it for five minutes.  Of course, you all knew I would pick this color.  It was a very thin fiber and I was a bit iffy about it.




As soon as I added this next whitish one my heart rate upped a bit.  I was permitted to choose from a selection of fibers in about a zillion hues and textures and blends.  This must be part of the zen of Loop of the Loom.




By now I “knew” how to interlock two fibers (by “knew” I mean I was taught, did it, promptly forgot how I was doing it, tangled the shuttle in the warp, had to be untangled, needed to be re-taught interlocking, tangled again and finally was able to change the interlocking color all by myself – ta da). I learned how to leave holes on purpose.  Best of all was the addition of odd pieces of wool roving, short odd bits of left-over fibers and letting threads dangle off the selvage and in the body of the fabric – just my cup of tea.  Everything was permitted.


At the end of the two hours My Woven Fabric (zowie) was cut off of the loom and I was shown how to tie off the warp threads.


(Aside:  Today I had to take a quick trip to the store and I took it along for the ride so I could admire it in daylight.)

(continuation of yesterday):
Still blurry I left the weaving studio and headed westward, stopping for the coffee and nosh, slipping past the doorman and joining MellyShirleyBenedicte and Pamela (The Pamster) who is Melly’s student from California.  Ongoing chatter continued, show and tell – Melly demonstrated how to use the ruling pen on fabric as per her daily challenge;

Shirley showed and explained the samples she made at Quilt Fest-; and then we got down to the agenda.  Watercolor painting on Yupo.  Ohhhhhh.  We started with crayola crayon drawings which would serve as a barrier. I was using a mixture of watercolor and proper gouache, with no rhyme or reason because I didn’t have a clue.


I went on a wild ride with the first attempt.  No color control at all.  Just running all over the place.


Hmm.  My excuse:  Blurry Eyes.


After Picasso – one of his small portraits at the Met.  You knew that, right?


And then, the inevitable and necessary with the visitor bending under peer pressure:


So, it is now today and I tried to tweak a few bits on yesterday’s “paintings” and in the process I learned that if you try to go over the paint with a water filled brush to add more color – guess what – it liquifies and you can wipe off the offending parts with a paper towel and re-paint.  


A never-ending paper supply.

Early last week, either Monday or Tuesday, there was a post from Tim Gunn’s fan page telling “me” that he will be taping some “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” shows as guest host on Friday, November 12.  Lickety Split I went to the show’s web page and requested three tickets for that day. Since there was a statement on the web site that tickets would come in about two weeks I had little hope, but, Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained, right?  The next day I received an e-mail from ABC saying three tickets were reserved in my name but we would have to be there by 11:30 because it was “first come, first serve”.  This is when I notified Melly and Shirley.  Surprise! ! (or not) they were both excited and eager to join me.  Yay.  We’re going to see Tim Gunn!

The day before I received a call from the studio and was told to expect a long line because of the “guest” host.  As a result I got there real early, expecting to see hoards lined up.  Hmm.  Only about seven or eight milling around and a blonde woman holding a clip board.  She checked for my name and gave me three – wait for it – TAGS.


Inside the studio we were shown how to clap, cheer with enthusiasm and gently moan.  Photography, even without flash was forbidden.  Our laps had to be empty because every time Tim entered we must stand and wave our arms and express our love and excitement which was no chore at all. Before the first taping (3 shows in all) began and while the comic Paul Mercurio was explaining the facts of millionaire life to us, Melly got scolded for having a book in her lap.  Of course, she was sketching the scene (as was Shirley and I [me?]).  Ha Ha but she got caught and called out about it.


I snuck two pictures of her when no-one was looking.  Since she expected to be drawing in the dark she pre-painted her pages black and brought along a white pen.  Always thinking is our Melly.
Shirley, as part of her “100 Faces” drew one of the pages (?) who was keeping close eye on us.  She asked the girl to sign her drawing which she did after telling Shirley “but I’m not famous”.  

Afterwards we went for Chinese food before splitting up and heading home.  Melly and I walked back along Broadway together for a few blocks and then I continued along by myself to Penn Station.


 I walked towards Times Square.  


The crowds were building up and


I had forgotten about the Friday Night party mood I would have to walk through.


Just like in the movies.



Tomorrow promises, (fingers crossed), to be exciting. No time for any more of that.

It’s 1:30 am


And I’m sewing.

I know, I know.  You got to go on an airplane.  Meet up with old friends.  Spend loads of money on cool things.  Get messy in workshops.  Look at some of the best quilts in the world.  Eat, drink and giggle way into the night.  I admit that I’m more than a little jealous.  

To snap myself out of the doldrums I drove to Molloy College this afternoon and spent an hour listening to Vivian Swift and then had a nice chat with her afterward.  Your name came up.  


She had several of her tiny watercolors with her.  


I spotted Top Cat.

I may or may not tell you all about it.  

Last Friday as Melly and I were walking to the subway, with the Masterpieces in our hot little hands, she told me about her woodblock class at Lower East Side Printshop.  There was a woman from Japan who helped her with the printing.  Our conversation was interrupted by the noise of the train so instead we just hung onto the pole and made faces at each other, studied the costumed children wrapped around the pole below us and eavesdropped on a peculiar conversation about violence.

Fast forward to this morning.  I got out of bed much too early and drove to Connecticut where I had volunteered to be a Press Assistant (gofer, cleaner-upper, and various miscellaneous duties as they arise) at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking Monothon 2010.  I was working with master printers Susan Rostow and April Vollmer.  We headed over to the building where we would be printing but the door was locked.  As we stood outside waiting while the key was fetched I heard the name “Yoshie”.  My head spun around and I looked at the woman standing next to me.  “Were you at the Lower East Side Printshop a couple of weeks ago?” I asked.    I mentioned Melly’s name and described her.  Turns out that Yoshie is the woman from Japan and April was the woodblock teacher.