I scheduled an early morning annual eye examination for yesterday since it was the  Monthly JSG get together and I could kill two city birds (sorry Melly) at once.  Afterwards the plan was to walk uptown and then west to the Met and kill a few hours there, pick up a cup of coffee and something to chew on at Hot & Crusty on Lexington Avenue and slip past the doorman when his back was turned.  But, I had a trying-to-fool-myself secret plan that the back of my brain knew about but the front was sort of ignoring.  When I left the ophthalmologist’s office I turned left instead of the proper right, and then left again at the corner, heading up Third Avenue.  


“Well, lookit this”, I told myself.  “I seem to be at 87th Street and Third Avenue.  Since I’m here I might as well just scope out the place.”  


Brain was still not communicating very well so the feet didn’t know the “scoping out” plan and just walked right up to the place, mouth started talking to Nobu, who was sweeping the steps, body followed Nobu down the stairs and through the door, feet shed the sneakers and then kept walking until butt was firmly in a chair and Ophthalmologist Induced Blurry Eyes stared in excitement at what was before them,




ears listened attentively to the 1 minute lesson and all the brain parts came together in a big Whoomp! 




I was told to select a fiber from the basket next to me and to use it for five minutes.  Of course, you all knew I would pick this color.  It was a very thin fiber and I was a bit iffy about it.




As soon as I added this next whitish one my heart rate upped a bit.  I was permitted to choose from a selection of fibers in about a zillion hues and textures and blends.  This must be part of the zen of Loop of the Loom.




By now I “knew” how to interlock two fibers (by “knew” I mean I was taught, did it, promptly forgot how I was doing it, tangled the shuttle in the warp, had to be untangled, needed to be re-taught interlocking, tangled again and finally was able to change the interlocking color all by myself – ta da). I learned how to leave holes on purpose.  Best of all was the addition of odd pieces of wool roving, short odd bits of left-over fibers and letting threads dangle off the selvage and in the body of the fabric – just my cup of tea.  Everything was permitted.


At the end of the two hours My Woven Fabric (zowie) was cut off of the loom and I was shown how to tie off the warp threads.


(Aside:  Today I had to take a quick trip to the store and I took it along for the ride so I could admire it in daylight.)

(continuation of yesterday):
Still blurry I left the weaving studio and headed westward, stopping for the coffee and nosh, slipping past the doorman and joining MellyShirleyBenedicte and Pamela (The Pamster) who is Melly’s student from California.  Ongoing chatter continued, show and tell – Melly demonstrated how to use the ruling pen on fabric as per her daily challenge;

Shirley showed and explained the samples she made at Quilt Fest-; and then we got down to the agenda.  Watercolor painting on Yupo.  Ohhhhhh.  We started with crayola crayon drawings which would serve as a barrier. I was using a mixture of watercolor and proper gouache, with no rhyme or reason because I didn’t have a clue.


I went on a wild ride with the first attempt.  No color control at all.  Just running all over the place.


Hmm.  My excuse:  Blurry Eyes.


After Picasso – one of his small portraits at the Met.  You knew that, right?


And then, the inevitable and necessary with the visitor bending under peer pressure:


So, it is now today and I tried to tweak a few bits on yesterday’s “paintings” and in the process I learned that if you try to go over the paint with a water filled brush to add more color – guess what – it liquifies and you can wipe off the offending parts with a paper towel and re-paint.  


A never-ending paper supply.