I’m in Panera right now.  Waiting for my next “subject”.  I managed to draw two faces already from life – only one more to go for my daily self-imposed requirement.  I have a very strategic spot.  My back is against the wall and I’m at a small table so the computer has to be right in front of me and the only place I can draw is right in front of it.  This way I can sketch shamelessly because my paper and pen are blocked.  I’m still very shy about sketching people in public.

Today is a sad and lonely day  and I’m drowning my sorrow in an iced tea.  One of them is in France (again!) and the other is either over the Atlantic or in Spain.  These time zones have me befuddled but I think they are approximately 6 hours ahead, give or take an hour here or there.  We’re asleep and awake at different times.  Might as well be on different planets.
Ah – the French one just e-mailed me.  Her last line is “going to sleep”. See what I mean?
Now I will slip back into the near past – to screen printing in Connecticut in August.  This is a blind contour drawing I did in my journal while looking at a photograph, still in the camera, that I took while walking through some woods with a group one Sunday.
I enlarged the image and, using drawing fluid and screen block out stuff (I forget what it is called), reproduced the drawing on a screen and this is how it printed:
Notice that the black and white of the images are reversed with this technique which I liked much better than the photo emulsion.  It seems quicker and more direct.  Of course, its quite possible that both techniques take the same amount of time and it is just my skewed perception.  When I decided that I was finished printing this image (an edition of six) I tossed my journal under the screen and printed (not scanned yet) and then arranged the following and printed one last time.
Yep.  More tags.  And I don’t care what Scott says because he’s just JEALOUS.